The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

Merton-Related Periodicals

Copies of published articles by Merton are filed by title in Sub-Section D.1, and articles about Merton are filed by the last name of the author in Sub-Section D.4. Extra copies of the periodicals containing these articles are filed by the name of the publication below, Sub-Section D.7. Some titles below list the exact volume and issue of each publication, but in most cases the holdings only contain Merton-related materials and not complete runs of a particular title.

AB Bookman's Weekly90.20 (1992 Nov. 16) 
AD (Anno Domini)December 1994Czech
Adena: history and culture of the Ohio ValleyFall 1977, Fall 1978, Spring 1981 
Aevum [Milan, Italy]39.3-4 (1965)Italian
America108.21, 120.1, 128.9, 137.5, 159.11, 161.11, 163.12, 194.17, 195.20, 199.4 
American Benedictine Review  
American Catholic Studies  
American Heritage  
American Studies  
Anglican Digest  
Antigonish Review  
Approach [Rosemont, PA]  
Arte y Rebelion [Baires, Argentina] Spanish
Atualidade Teologica [Rio de Janeiro]  
Ave Maria  
Baker's Plays  
Bible and Church History  
Bible Today, The  
Biography [Honolulu, HI]  
Blue Cloud Quarterly [Marvin, SD]  
Book Review, The [San Francisco]  
Book-of-the-Month Club News  
Boston College  
Brethren Life and Thought  
Bridge, The [EAPI, East Asian Pastoral Institute]  
Bulletin of the Christ Church Art Gallery [New Zealand]  
Bulletin, The [The Woman's Club of Louisville]  
Burning LightVol. 1 through 3 (full) and Vol. 4.1 
Cahiers de la Réconciliation  
Canadian Catholic Review  
Catholic Action  
Catholic Asian News  
Catholic Digest  
Catholic Library World  
Catholic Mind  
Catholic World  
Center Magazine  
Centro Pro Unione Bulletin  
Chapter [Surrey, UK]  
Chelsea Journal [Saskatoon, SK]  
Chemins de dialogue [Marseille, France] France
Chesterton Review8.4 (Eric Gill issue), 9.2 (Christopher Dawson issue) 
Chicago Studies  
Chimes Quarterly  
Chinese Culture: a quarterly review  
Christ to the World [Rome]  
Christianity and literature  
Cimarron Review  
Cistercian Studies  
Cistercium195, 212, 214-217, 219-current volumeSpanish
Clarion Journal  
Clergy Review  
Collectanea Cisterciensia1934-40, 1946-53, 1956-67, 1970, 1975, 1977-78 (some unbound)French
Columbia Forum  
Columbia Library Columns  
Commonweal89.13, 101.14, 107.1 (1968, 1975, 1980) 
Concord Saunterer  
Contactblad Mertonvrienden5 boxesDutch
Contemplative Review1.2, 2.1, 10.3, 10.4, 11,4, 12.1, 14.3, 14.4, 15.1 
Contemporary Literature  
Continuum1.4, 2.2, 3,4, 4.3, 5.1-3, 6.3, 7.1, 7.2 
Cord [St. Bonaventure, NY]  
Cornu emplumado Spanish
Cresset [Valparaiso, IN]  
Crisis [Washington, DC]  
Critic [Chicago, IL]29.3, 31.6, 35.3, 43.2, 44.4, 46.2 
Cross and Crown  
Cross Currents12.4, 31.3, 33.1, 35,1, 40.4, 43.3, 58.4, 59.1 
Cultura e fe [Porto Alegre, Brazil] Portuguese
Current [Cambridge, MA]  
Delta Epsilon Sigma Bulletin [Effingham, IL]  
Der Christ in der Welt German
Desert Call [Sedona, AZ]  
Dialogal Catalan
Dieu vivant [Paris] French
Dominicana [Washington, DC]  
Dublin Review  
Eco contemporaneo [Buenos Aires] Spanish
Encounter [Indianapolis]  
Epiphany [San Francisco]  
Erbe und auftrag [Beuron, Germany] German
Explicator [Richmond, VA]  
Exploration [Normal, IL]  
Famiglia Cristiana Italian
Fellowship34.7 [with Merton on address label], 35.3, 60.11-12 (July 1968, March 1969, and Nov-Dec 1994) 
Fellowship in Prayer  
Filson Club History Quarterly  
Flame [London]  
Flannery O'Connor Bulletin  
Florida Quarterly  
Forefront [Crestone, CO]  
Forum for Correspondence and Contact1.1 [partial, photocopy only], 1.2-1.5 [originals] 
France-Asie/Asia French/English
Franciscan Studies [St. Bonaventure, NY]  
Free Lance (also "Freelance") [St. Louis, MO]6.1 moved to Sub-Section D.3 
Frères du Monde [Bordeaux] French
Frontier [London]  
Furrow [Maynooth, Ireland]  
Gamut [Ontario]  
Gandhi Marg [New Delhi]33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41, 46 
Geist und Leben [Würzburg, Germany] German
Genesis [Elmira, NY]  
Genesis: Grasp Quarterly [New York]  
Glenmary's Challenge  
Good Work  
Grail [Waterloo, ON]  
Grande Sinal [Petrópolis, Brazil] Portuguese
Greater St. Louis Chapter: Catholic Library Association Newsletter  
Green River Review [Owensboro, KY]  
Hallel: a review of monastic spirituality and liturgy  
Harper & Row (September-December 1984) Catalog  
Harper's Magazine  
Harvard Theological Review  
Herademing [Groningen, The Netherlands] Dutch
Heythrop Journal [London]  
Hogar Arquitectura [Madrid] Spanish
Horizon [London]  
Horizons [Villanova, PA]  
Human Voice [Homestead, FL]  
Humanidades [Santander, Spain] Spanish
Humanist [Amherst, NY]  
Humanitas [Brescia, Italy] Italian
Humanitas [Burnaby, BC]  
Image: a journal of the arts and religion  
Informations catholique internationales [Paris] French
Inner Directions Journal  
Integrity [New York]  
International Philosophical Quarterly [New York]  
ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment  
Jahresbriefe der Abtei Vom Heiligen Kreuz zu Herstelle German
Japanese Religions [Kyoto]  
Journal of Communication and Religion  
Journal of Dharma [Bangalore]  
Journal of Ecumenical Studies  
Journal of Religion [Chicago]  
Journal of Religious Thought [Washington, DC]  
Journal of the American Academy of Religion  
Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa [Washington, DC]  
JubileeVolumes 1-16 
Kairos [New York]  
Katallagete: Be ReconciledW/Sp '70, W '71, F/W '72, Su '73, Sp '74, W '74, Su '75, Su '76, Sp '77, Sp '78, F '79, W '79, Su '82 
Keeneland [Lexington, KY]  
Kentucky Alumnus [Lexington, KY]  
Kentucky Monthly  
Kentucky Poetry Review  
Kentucky Review  
Kenyon Review  
Kultura [Paris]5.139Polish
Kyoto Journal: perspectives on Asia  
Lake Oconee Area [Greensboro, GA]  
Lamp: a Christian unity magazine69.1, 70.12 
Laurel [St. Bonaventure, NY]  
Leaflet Missal  
Lettre de ligugé [Vienne, France] French
Liberation [New York]  
Liturgical Arts  
Liturgy OCSO6 boxes 
Living Prayer [Barre, VT]20.1, 21.2&6, 22.5, 23.1&6, 25.6, 26.2, 27.1&4-5 
Logos: a journal of Catholic thought and culture  
Loretto Magazine  
Louisville Magazine  
Loyola Magazine  
Lugano Review  
Lumen Vitae [Brussels, Belgium]  
Malahat Review [Victoria, BC]  
Mardis de Dar El-Salam [Paris] French
Marianist [Dayton, OH]  
Mensaje [Santiago, Chile]  
Merton Annual  
Merton Journal3 boxes 
Mid-Stream: an ecumentical journal  
Military Chaplains' Review  
Monastic ExchangeNearly full set - missing 5.3 and 8.1 
Monastic StudiesVolumes 1-15 [irregular] 
Monde des religions [Paris] French
Monos [Tulsa, OK]3.4, 4.2-3&10, 5.5&7&9, 6.2-7&9, 7.1-2&4-6, 8.1-3, 9.2&4-5, 10.2-3, 13.5, 14.6, 15.3-17.2 
Month (New Series) [London]  
Mountain Path (see 1.2 with marginalia in Sub-Section D.7)1.4, 3.2 
Muslim World: A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Study and of Christian Interpretation Among Muslims51.1-4 
MVC Bulletin [Mississippi Valley Collection]  
My Friend: the Catholic magazine for kids  
Mystics Quarterly  
Negro Digest  
New Blackfriars  
New Book ReviewOctober 1969 
New Catholic World  
New Lazarus Review  
New Mexico Magazine  
New Oxford Review  
New People [Pittsburgh, PA]  
New Republic  
New Review of Books and Religion  
New South [Atlanta]  
New Vision [Chichester, UK]  
New York Quarterly30 (Robert Lax interview) 
Newman Journal  
Newsletter/Communiqué de la societé theologique canadienne  
Notes et documents: Institut international J. Maritain French
Notre Dame English Journal: a journal of religion in literature  
Notre Dame Magazine  
NYSSCA Speech Communication Annual  
O: the Oprah magazine  
Oblates: Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate  
Orion Magazine  
Orthodox World [Platina, CA]  
Other Side [Philadelphia]  
Oxford American  
Pastoral Review [London]  
Pax Bulletin / Pax Christi Bulletin87-90, 97, 119 
Pax Bulletin [bound volume]67, 75, 79-87 
Pax Christi USA  
Peace Quarterly [American Pax Association]  
Perkins Journal [Dallas]  
Pez y la serpiente1-3, 5 
Poetry Magazine60.1, 65.5, 103.6, 112.4, 207.3 (Robert Lax) 
PostAmerican [Chicago]  
Praying [Kansas City]1, 27, 57 (1983, 1988, 1993) 
Presence: an international journal of spiritual direction  
Priest [Huntington, IN]  
Priests & People  
Psychotherapy Patient  
Queen's Work  
Quest [Colombo, Sri Lanka]  
R. M. Bucke Memorial Society Newsletter-Review1.1, 1,2, 2.2, 3.1 
Reader's Digest  
Reflections: a Merck Sharp & Dohme publication for the psychiatrist  
Regional Mailbag235, 255, 265, 267, 271 
Religion & Intellectual Life  
Religionen unterwegs [Vienna] German
Renascence [Milwaukee]2.2, 6.1, 9.4, 10.1, 10.4, 24.1, 28.4 
Resources for American Literary Study  
Response: United Methodist Women  
Retort [Birmingham University Chemical Society]  
Review for religious36.5, 39.2, 44.6, 45.1, 45.4, 48.1, 49.2, 51.6, 52.4, 59.4, 61.4 
Revista de teologia [La Plata, Argentina] Spanish
Revue de littérature comparée [Paris] French
Revue d'histoire et de philosophie religieuses French
Risk [Geneva]  
Roundtable [St. Louis]  
Saint John's [Collegeville, MN]  
Salt [Chicago]  
Salve [Prague]  
San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal  
Santa Clara Magazine  
Saturday Review  
Scarboro Missions [Scarboro, ON]  
Schule und Leben German
Science et esprit [Montreal] French
Season [Oakland, CA]  
Seckauer hefte [Austria] German
Seeds of Peace [Bangkok]  
Sewanee Review71.3, 73.1, 74.4, 75.2, 75.4, 76.4, 77.3 
Sewanee ReviewBU library's holdings only catalogued 
Shambhala Sun  
Sheed Andrews and McMeel, Inc. [SA&McM]  
Sign [Union City, NJ]44.3, 48.7, 54.2 (1964, 1969, 1974) 
Signum [London]  
Signum [Stockholm] Swedish
Sisters Today42.1-5, 42.7-8, 50.4, 53.2, 59.10, 62.1 
Sobornost [London]  
South East Asia Journal of Theology  
Southern Living  
Southwest Review [Austin, TX]  
Spirit & Life [San Diego, CA]  
Spirit: a magazine of poetry [New York]8.2, 15.2, 15.3 
Spiritual Life13.4, 14.1&3, 20.1&4, 22.1, 24.1&4, 25.4, 26.4, 27.2-3, 28.3, 29.1, 31.1-3, 33.4, 34.1-2, 35.1, 36.4, 38.2&4, 40.4, 41.4, 42.1-2, 43.3-4, 44.3, 47.2 
Spirituality & Health  
Spiritus: a journal of Christian spirituality  
Spokesman [Dubuque, IA]  
Sponsa Christi [Petropolis, Brazil] Portuguese
Sprituality Today  
St. Anthony Messenger73,5, 82.3, 82.8, 99.1, 104.8, 105.4 (1965, 1974, 1975, 1991, 1997) 
St. Mary's Messenger  
St. Paul's Printer  
Stroker [Tokyo]  
Studia Monastica [Bulletin de théologie monastique]10.1French
Studia mystica  
Studies in Comparative Religion  
Sufi [London]  
Sur [Buenos Aires]256, 275, 298/299, 306Spanish
Svensk Teologisk Kvartalskrift Swedish
Sword [Joliet, IL]  
Tablet [London]  
Tematy [London] Polish
Tennessee Poetry Journal  
Testimonianze [Florence] Italian
Texas Quarterly  
Theoria to Theory [Cambridge]  
This Rock [San Diego]  
Thought [Fordham University]115, 121, 135, 168, 183, 209 
Tricycle: the Buddhist review1.1-2, 1.4, 3.1, 3.3, 4.3, 5.1-2, 8.2-3 
Two Chairs [Vancouver]  
U.S. Catholic  
U.S. Catholic Historian  
Unicorn Journal [Santa Barbara, CA]  
Unity [Benedict Labre House, Montreal, Quebec, Canada]19.2 (April 1974) 
Utne Reader  
Vie Spirituelle French
Vita Monastica [Rome] Italian
Voyages [Washington, DC]  
Way of St. Francis: Catholic viewpoints [San Francisco]21.4, 29.6, 30.7&9, 31.2&5&7, 32.5, 34.10, 43.3 
Way: a review of Christian spirituality published by the British Jesuits  
WeavingsVol. 16-20 bound + 21 loose #1-6 
Western Kentucky University Faculty Research Bulletin  
What Is Enlightenment?  
Wilson Quarterly  
World Mission: an Asian Catholic monthly  
Worldview: a journal of religion and international affairs  
Worship [Collegeville, MN]31.6, 34.1, 37.2, 37.9, 46.1 
Znak [Kraków]31-34, 36, 85-86, 180, 568Polish