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Author QuotedGregorius the Great
Title QuotedHomiliae in Evangelia
Date (Year/Month/Day)1940/05/26
Quotation"It shall happen to you for a testimony" (Luke, xxi. 13) and Saint Gregory the Great makes the comment that all these tribulations merely point to the Last Judgment and the tribulations in eternity for those who never consent to love God, but willingly cut themselves off from Him. "Ultima tribulatio multis tribulationibus prevenitur; et, per crebra mala quae preveniunt, indicantur mala perpetua quae subsequentur." ["The final tribulation is preceded by many tribulations; and by the frequent evils which go before are shown the perpetual evils which are to follow."]
Quotation SourceRun to the mountain: The Story of a Vocation. The journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 1, 1939-1941.; Edited by Patrick Hart, O.C.S.O. / San Francisco : Harper Collins. 1995, p. 222
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