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[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 188]
Therese Lentfoehr S.D.S.I Sing of a Maiden I would like to assure you that I was very glad to get that beautiful big book, I Sing of a Maiden & the only ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 188]
Therese Lentfoehr S.D.S.Give Joan a Sword It would be inhuman for a person to resist the temptation to answer such a beautiful letter as your last one, ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 188]
Therese Lentfoehr S.D.S.I Sing of a Maiden It would be inhuman for a person to resist the temptation to answer such a beautiful letter as your last one, ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 192]
William of St. ThierryGolden Epistle I am busy trying to learn how to say Mass. My health is all right, except that I have a vile cold at the momen..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 213]
Max PicardFlight from God Have you read Max Picard? I like his stuff very much and am currently in the Flight from God which is very per..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 218]
Rudyard KiplingJust-So Stories However, there is one thing which I treasure and which you also will like. It is an old magazine containing an..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 220]
Evelyn WaughOfficers and Gentlemen Have you read a wonderful book called Pictures from an Institution by Randall Jarrell? It is perfect, in its w..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 220]
Randell JarrellPictures from an Institution Have you read a wonderful book called Pictures from an Institution by Randall Jarrell? It is perfect, in its w..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 229]
Karl AdamChrist of Faith Reading"”I try to do some. A fair amount here and there. I love Karl Adams' new book, The Christ of Faith. And..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 231]
Boris Leonidovich Pasternakdocteur Jivago : roman / Boris Leonidovic Pasternak ; trad. du russe Have you heard of the new book of the Russian poet Pasternak? Dr. Zhivago. It is a tremendous thing and a lot ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 231]
Louis BouyerNewman: His Life and Spirituality In the refectory they are reading Newman's life by Louis Bouyer, a splendid book "¦ I think it is the wisest a..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 235]
Justus George LawlerCatholic Dimension in Higher Education Thank you for the new Qumram book which looks solid and interesting. I hope to enjoy it. At the moment I am pl..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 236]
Richard HughesHigh Wind in Jamaica I have lately read some Joseph Conrad and he is always a Master. Did you ever read anything of Richard Hughes,..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 237]
Pierre Teilhard de ChardinDivine Milieu Did you mention something about Teilhard de Chardin? I have had some trouble there too. Ed [Rice] sent me a re..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 239]
Denise LevertovWith Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads One new poet I am very happy about is Denise Levertov. New Directions has done a book of hers, With Eyes in th..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 242]
Hans KüngCouncil, Reform and Reunion [Hans] Kung of course I read as soon as I could get my hands on him. I thought it a noble, straight and courag..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 242]
James Farl PowersMorte d'Urban I finished the new Powers novel [Morte d'Urban] which got to me from the publisher, before publication. It is ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 244]
Ignace LeppChristian Failure Good job, moving up Ignace Lepp to the front of the shelf in the book mart. I did a review of the book [The Ch..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 244]
James BaldwinFire Next Time One of the things I did read was a manifesto by the Negro writer James Baldwin on the race situation. It is po..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 244]
Aelred GrahamZen Catholicism Correspondence gets bigger all the time, and things one must answer right away, very often. For instance, this..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 244]
John Howard GriffinBlack Like Me Have you read John Howard Griffin's books? You ought to get hold of Black Like Me. It will floor you. He is a ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 246-47]
Morris WestShoes of the Fisherman I read the Shoes of the Fisherman in the hospital & thought it rather naive & after all timid & passive. Pope ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 247]
Julien GreenEach in His Darkness There is a new magazine starting up at the University of Iowa [Charlatan ], run by Episcopalians. I don't know..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 248]
Konstantin PaustovskyStory of a Life Time for a class, so I must stop. Later I will write more. There have been a lot of interesting books around, ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 249]
John A. T. (John Arthur Thomas) RobinsonHonest to God Honest to God is causing a bit of a stir in Protestant circles. He [John A. T. Robinson] gives the impression ..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 250]
Daniel CallahanHonesty in the Church You mention Daniel Callahan. I have just got through reading proofs of his book, Honesty in the Church. You mu..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 251]
John HeureuxQuick as Dandelions Many thanks for your note from Georgetown. I am glad you had such a good time. You deserve it, and I am sure i..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 257]
Edwin MuirEstate of Poetry We have had some nasty weather, very hot, but lately it has been much better. I am going along with work, main..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 257]
Douglas BushJohn Milton: A Sketch of His Life and Writings "¦ I have Douglas Bush's new book on Milton and like it. I think I will finally get back to some Milton and gi..
[Ltrs: RtoJ p. 257]
William Carlos WilliamsSelected Essays "¦ I thought of you and your work on Marianne Moore the other day when I was reading some excellent stuff on h..

Abbreviations ▲ Source of Merton's Quotation and Citation
Ltrs: CforT The Courage for Truth: Letters of Thomas Merton to Writers.
Ltrs: Giroux Letters of Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton.
Ltrs: Hammer The Letters of Merton and Victor and Carolyn Hammer.
Ltrs: HGL The Hidden Ground of Love.
Ltrs: Laughlin Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters.
Ltrs: Leclercq Survival or Prophecy? The Letters of Merton and Jean Leclercq.
Ltrs: RtoJ The Road to Joy: Letters to New and Old Friends.
Ltrs: Ruether Letters of Merton and Rosemary Radford Ruether.
Ltrs: SofC The School of Charity. Letters on Religious Renewal.
Ltrs: WtoF Witness to Freedom: The Letters of Merton in Times of Crisis.