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1. Poems on Solitude / Transl. from the Chinese by Jerome Chen and Mike Bullock (Date: 1961/12/12) - ""¦ Someone has recently sent me a marvelous book, Poems of Solitude, a collect.."
2. John Donne - Poems of John Donne / ed. H.J.C. Griesron (Date: 1940/11/03) - "The other thing I have just understood for the first time is Donne's Ecstasy. .."
3. Allen Ginsberg - Kaddish and other poems 1958-1960 (Date: 1961/07/11) - "It has taken me a long time to get to be able to follow your advice and read K.."
4. Herbert J.C. Grierson - Methaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the 17th C. (Date: 1939/12/14) - "The books on my bed are Grierson's Metaphysical Poets, Bossuet (whom I haven't.."
5. Herbert J.C. Grierson - Methaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the 17th C. (Date: 1939/12/21) - "I opened up Grierson's Metaphysical Poets and saw on the page Donne's "Nocturn.."
6. David Ignatow - Rescue the dead : poems (Date: 1968/02/29) - "Tried some books. Carlos Fuentes' Change of Skin, new, from Farrar, Straus & G.."
7. Robinson Jeffers - Selected Poems (Date: 1968/09/09) - "And then (10:15) for some unknown reason Is it up late reading Robinson Jeffer.."
8. James Laughlin - Poems : selections : a small book of poems / James Laughlin (Date: 1948/08/04) - "Yesterday Father Abbot gave me your package of books on St. John of the X from.."
9. James Laughlin - wild anemone & other poems (Date: 1960/12/17) - "Bob [MacGregor] sent me your Wild Anemone [& Other Poems], which I reproach yo.."
10. D.H. Lawrence - Selected Poems / edited by J. Reeves (Date: 1968/11/27) - "I got Lawrence's Twilight in Italy in Darjeeling and now, here in Madras, a li.."
11. Gabriela Mistral - Motivos de San Francisco : poems en prosa / por Gabriela Mistral ; seleccion y prologo de Cesar Diaz-Munoz Cormatches (Date: 1966/10/04) - "Today, feast of St. Francis, I am reading a book you would like and ought to h.."
12. Eugenio Montale - Selected Poems / introduction by Glauco Cambon (Date: 1966/08/15) - "I walked in the woods (D[erby] D[ay] place) for a while; read some bits in a s.."
13. Edwin Muir - Collected Poems (Date: 1966/08/00) - "By the way I am reviewing the collected poems of Edwin Muir, and incidentally .."
14. Edwin Muir - Collected Poems (Date: 1966/07/30) - "Can you help me with some more books? I have to review Edwin Muir's collected .."
15. Kenneth Patchen - Selected Poems (Date: 1949/11/19) - "Thanks for the Rilke. I am still entranced with Kafka's diaries [Note: Kafka's.."
16. Coventry Patmore - Poems (Date: 1941/09/26) - "In spite of a stupid, pompous, inanity stuck in the front of the Phoenix Libra.."
17. Saint-John Perse - Excile: and other Poems (Date: 1957/09/22) - "I wonder if it is a sin against poverty to read the poems of St. John Perse. T.."
18. Saint-John Perse - Excile: and other Poems (Date: 1957/09/22) - "Tremendous religious power and purity of St. John Perse's Rain. Four lines lik.."
19. Kenneth Rexroth - Collected Shorter Poems (Date: 1967/02/17) - "Thanks for the Rexroth Collected [Shorter Poems] which is very nicely done. I .."
20. Kenneth Rexroth - Natural Numbers: New and Selected Poems (Date: 1963/12/07) - "The new Rexroth is very good too. I certainly like his poems. They are clear a.."
21. Jerome Rothenberg - Gorky Poems (Date: 1967/04/30) - "Very good to get your letter and all the books: also your own ms. of Cuba poem.."
22. Stephen Spender - Collected Poems (Date: 1956/07/18) - "Spender's Collected Poems-a most satisfying book. He has done a better job of .."
23. Rabindranath Tagore - One Hundred Poems of Kabir / translated by Evelyn Underhill (Date: 1964/06/26) - "I finished the old Jundt book on Les Amis de Dieu which I borrowed from the Co.."
24. Dylan Thomas - 18 Poems (Date: 1941/02/09) - "I've got a book of poems by Dylan Thomas and I can't put the book down. I read.."
25. Thomas Trahern - Centuries, Poems and Thanksgivings (Date: 1960/04/16) - "Excellent book by Scholem Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism and Traherne's Cent.."
26. Thomas Trahern - Centuries, Poems and Thanksgivings (Date: 1960/11/17) - "Some important books which I recommend to you can be obtained from Harper Brot.."
27. Thomas Trahern - Centuries, Poems and Thanksgivings (Date: 1965/10/03) - "Now that I go to answer your letter I find that I have misplaced it, but I thi.."
28. Bhakta Tukaram - Poems of Tukaram (Date: 1968/11/24) - "Outside of the window of a Jesuit scripture scholar's cell, which has been loa.."
29. Mark Van Doren - Collected and New Poems, 1924-1963 (Date: 1963/08/18) - "Thanks for the letter and above all for the book [Van Doren's Collected and Ne.."
30. Mark Van Doren - Narrative Poems: Jonathan Gentry (Date: 1964/12/19) - "Which reminds me that the Narrative Poems came, and I like best The Mayfield D.."
31. Mark Van Doren - Selected Poems (Date: 1954/10/16) - "At last it is raining and I not only have the time to write a letter but am mo.."
32. Mark Van Doren - Spring Birth and Other Poems (Date: 1953/04/07) - "It was wonderful to get the letter and the book [Spring Birth and Other Poems].."
33. Louis Zukofsky - The Collected Short Poems,1923-1958 (Date: 1967/03/11) - "And now to your books [Bottom: On Shakespeare; All: The Collected Short Poems,.."
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