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The Merton Annual Vol. 07

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 Continuing the tradition of publishing articles about Merton or on topics in which Merton wouldEastman, Patrick Monos 7.4 (Jul/Aug 1995): 7.
02 This volume focuses on and themes around the statement, "Solitude leads towards Apostolate in and for the world."Eastman, Patrick Monos 7.5 (Sep/Oct 1995): 12.
CSQ Since its appearance in 1988, The Merton Annual has successfully fulfilled its missionMontaldo, Jonathan Cistercian Studies 33.2 (1998): 237-239.
SEASONALTurning the Other Cheek: A Celebratory Second Reception for The Merton Annual's "New Critical Turn"As the dark blue suit I had brought with me no longer fit, I approached Hayes Dining Hall on theMontaldo, Jonathan Merton Seasonal 20:3 (Summer 1995): 22-23.