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The Art of Thomas Merton

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01Thomas Merton: Four more 'storeys'In his preface to the Japanese edition of "The Seven Storey Mountain," Thomas Merton wrote:Patnaik, Deba P. Courier-Journal [Louisville (2 July 1979): D5.
01 Professor Labrie's book, hewing to its title announcement, offers "a general literary introductionShaughnessy, Edward L. American Literature 53.3 (November 1981): 529-530.
02 Thomas Merton once said, "An author in a Trappist monastery is like a duck in a chicken coopCorr, Thomas J. College Literature 8 (1981): 203-204.
04A kinsman to manyA decade ago, when I took the first tentative, frightened step toward an evalutaion of the lifeBaker, James T. Commonweal 108 (19 April 1981): 214-216.
05 Thomas Merton's life was a work of art. It contained all the conditions ofScott, Kieran Cithara XX.2 (May 1981): 71-72.
XREF1Merton's Affirmation and Affirmation of Merton: Writing about SilenceThomas Merton chose to be a cloistered contemplative within one of the most austere religious orders in the United States.Kramer, Victor A. Review [Charlottesville, VA] 4 (1982): 295-333 [see review author file].