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Merton and Sufism: the untold story: a complete compendium

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 Merton understood the essence of the world's great spiritual traditions and explains themWilson, Louise New Vision 82.1 (Jan.-Feb. 2003): 32.
02Merton and SufismFollowing the Second Vatican Council, monks were encouragedHart, Patrick, OCSO Courier Journal (June 18, 2000): I-5.
ANNUAL Thomas Merton is recognized in the field of religious studies for his immense contributionsHuda, Qamar-ul Merton Annual 13: 266-268.
CSQ During the 1960s monks and nuns were encouraged to enter into dialogue with other religious traditions.Hart, Patrick, OCSO Cistercian Studies Quarterly 36.2 (2001): 277-278.
JOURNAL In an era when everyone from MadonnaMacSeonin, Mara Merton Journal [UK] 13.2 (Advent 2006): 47-49.
JOURNAL The appearance of Merton and Sufism: The Untold Story marks a long overduePearson, Paul M. Merton Journal [UK] 6.2 (Advent 1999): 52-54.
SEASONALTelling the Untold Story"For the servant of God," wrote Thomas Merton in a poem based on the teachingsGraham, Terry Merton Seasonal 24:4 (Winter 1999): 20-25.