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01News of the Thomas Merton IndustryDuring 1988-89, innumerable twentieth anniversary events commemorated the death of ThomasKilcourse, George A. Mid-Stream 30.1 (January 1991): 35-49.
02 This inaugural volume of The Merton Annual is a splendid tribute to its subject;Rule, Philip C. Christianity and Literature 39.2 (Winter 1990): 214-216.
03 The poet Marianne Moore observed that a good writer needed humility (by which she meant anLabrie, Ross Canadian Catholic Review 7.6 (June 1989): 230-231.
04 The reviewer of The Merton Annual is confronted with a wide variety of tributes,Kramer, Kenneth P. Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies 5 (Fall 1989): 105-107.
CSQ First Merton Annual: not to be confused with the staple-bound quarterly, The Merton Seasonal,Quenon, Paul, OSCO Cistercian Studies 24.1 (1989): 269.
SEASONALThe Maturity of Merton StudiesIt is, perhaps, a significant sign of the maturity of Merton studies that The Merton Annual has nowPadovano, Anthony T. Merton Seasonal 13:4 (Fall 1988): 14-15.
SEASONALA Rich Merton Album"Great persons are not soon learned, not even their outlines, but they change like the mountainsBiddle, Arthur W. Merton Seasonal 13:4 (Fall 1988): 16-18.