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Merton: Mystic at the Center of America

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01 I am not sure how Merton would have reacted to being called a 'mystic' but that is rather a trivial point becauseEastman, Patrick Monos 4.10 (Nov/Dec 1992): 11.
02 The author of this work had his work cut out for him.  The Furrow, 45. 1 (Jan. 1994): 63-64.
ANNUAL This book on Thomas Merton as a mystic at the center of North America reveals the unity of hisCallahan, Annice, RSCJ Merton Annual 6: 205-208 [online].
CSQTrappistianaThis volume by jesuit theologian Thomas M. King, from Georgetown University in WashingtonHart, Patrick, OCSO Cistercian Studies 28.1 (1993): 34-35.
SEASONALPrelude of MysticismThomas Merton referred to the subject matter of his book, The Ascent to Truth, as "the prelude toVoiles, Kenneth M. Merton Seasonal 17:4 (Fall 1992): 25-28.