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Merton's Palace of Nowhere

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01 These three new Merton books arrived in the tenth anniversary year of his death, 1978.O'Hanlon, Daniel J., SJ Spirituality Today 31.3 (September 1979): 270-273.
02Not the Last of the ProphetsA prophet is a person of neither vague ideas nor ready-made solutions. He or she is a person who, byHoover, Conrad C. Sojourners 9 (May 1980): 28-30.
ANNUAL Much like the work of Thomas Merton, James Finley’s Merton’s PalaceHall, Cassidy The Merton Annual 32 (2019): 282-285.
CSQ Since the centenary of Thomas Merton's birth in 2015 and the fiftiethWeis, Monica Cistercian Studies Quarterly 53.3 (2018): 353-357.
JOURNAL A new edition of this now-classic and highly recommended book has beenGardner, Fiona The Merton Journal 26.1 (Easter 2019): 24-25.
JOURNAL The late Dom Aelred Graham, aEastman, Patrick Merton Journal [UK] 14.1 (Easter 2007): 53-55.
SEASONALA Happy AnniversaryThis 25th Anniversary edition of Merton's Palace of Nowhere reads as well today as it did when theBochen, Christine M. Merton Seasonal 28:4 (Winter 2003): 20-22.
XREF1Merton's Affirmation and Affirmation of Merton: Writing about SilenceThomas Merton chose to be a cloistered contemplative within one of the most austere religious orders in the United States.Kramer, Victor A. Review [Charlottesville, VA] 4 (1982): 295-333 [see review author file].