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Monastic Observances: Initiation into the Monastic Tradition 5

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 No doubt there are even loyal readers of Merton who will raise their eyebrows at notice of yet anotherRippinger, Joel OSB American Benedictine Review 62.3 (September 2011): 358-59.
ANNUAL Thomas Merton left numerous manuscripts and notes that remained unpublished at the time of his deathBamberger, John Eudes, OCSO Merton Annual 24: 329-331.
JOURNAL I would hesitate to recommend thisReeve, Derek Merton Journal [UK] 18.2 (Advent 2011): 46-47.
SEASONALA Window on TraditionI entered the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance in July of 1994, after having served forBehrens, James S., OCSO Merton Seasonal 35:4 (Winter 2010): 37-39.