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New Seeds of Contemplation

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01New Seeds of ContemplationAt first glance, it seems almost a superfluity to review such a well-known book. However, thePenrose, Sr. M. Romanus Review for Religious (Summer 1972): 889. Sr. M. Romanus Penrose
02Fusion and Fission: Two by MertonWhat is likely to strike the general reader first is the heterogeneity of this collection. ItGilbert, Mary, SNJM Sewanee Review 72.4 (Autumn 1964): 715-718. Sister Mary Gilbert SNJM
03 In the preface of his latest book, Merton explains that he wrote his first Seeds of Contemplation 12Vianney, Mary SSJ Ave Maria (3 March 1962): 27-28.
04 Thomas Merton wrote Life and Holiness, a simple sketch (perhaps too sketchy) of the Christian lifeFitzGibbon, G., SJ Month [London] 31 (January 1964): 57-58.
05The Spritual LifeTo a Catholic Simone Weil, the young Jewess died at the age of thirty-four, remains an enigmaticSchlegel, Desmond OSB Tablet [London] 216 (15 December 1962): 1225-1226.
06 This is undoubtedly one of the most read books of Thomas Merton apart from his autobiographyEastman, Patrick Monos 17.1 (Jan/Feb 2004): 7.
07 New Seeds of Contemplation orginally appeared in 1961, and it was itself a major reworking ofCentner, David J., OCD Spiritual Life 54.3 (Fall 2008): 185-86.
08'New Seeds of Contemplation' Reflects on Man's Inner LifeThis new edition is a much-enlarged and revised versionWhite, Stepheny F. Jeffersonian (May 18, 1972).
09 New Seeds of Contemplation is a revision and amplification of the author's well-known  The Furrow , 14.7 (Jul. 1963): 473.