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Praying with Thomas Merton

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 This is the second book in the "Companions for the Journey" series.Eastman, Patrick Monos 6.9 (Oct/Nov 1994): 7.
02 This book is one of a series that includes such charmers as Catherine of Siena, both Clare and Francis of Assisi,McCaffery, Hugh Hallel [Ireland] 20.1 (1995): 70-72.
JOURNAL These books add to an increasing body of literature about Merton's life and spiritualityPetch, Lawrence Merton Journal [UK] 1.2 (Advent 1994): 55-56.
SEASONALPraying With a Seasoned TravelerThomas Merton spent his first twenty-five years like a ship without a rudder, the last twenty-five lRichardson, Jane Marie, SL Merton Seasonal 19:3 (Summer 1994): 22-24.