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'Something of a Rebel': Thomas Merton, his Life and Works. An Introduction.

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 The title of this book comes from a description by his English Headmaster at Oakham School  Monos 10.3 (May/June 1998): 9.
02Books for LentAbout this time of year I usuallyGriffin, Emilie America 178.5 (21 February 1998): 22, 24.
03Two of many Mertons.Well conceived and executed, this book focuses information for readers who need an overview of Merton'sKramer, Victor A. Cross Currents 48.4 (Winter 1998/99): 557-556.
04 Yes another book on Merton? The author, Father William Shannon,Hammett, Peter, OSB American Benedictine Review 52.1 (March 2001): 106-107.
ANNUAL It is a delicate and daring task to attempt to tell the story of a person's life.Kocka, David Merton Annual 11: 206-208.
CSQ William H. Shannon, undisputed dean of Merton Studies, has written a new book on Thomas Merton.Daggy, Robert E. Cistercian Studies 33.4 (1998): 522-523.
JOURNAL I wish I had had this little book to hand a few months ago when a woman priest came to see meMatthews, Melvyn Merton Journal [UK] 5.1 (Easter 1998): 64-66.
SEASONALThe Rebel in MertonIf there were a contest to find the living person who knows the most about Thomas Merton and theThurston, Bonnie B. Merton Seasonal 22:4 (Winter 1997): 35-37.