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Swimming in the Sun: Discovering the Lord's Prayer with Francis of Assisi and Thomas Merton

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 Franciscan Albert Haase turns to two great spiritual masters to illustrate the central themes of the Lord's Prayer.Eastman, Patrick Monos 7.1 (Jan-Feb 1995): 8.
JOURNAL In his first book the Franciscan Albert Haase has turned to two great spiritual mastersPearson, Paul M. Merton Journal [UK] 1.2 (Advent 1994): 54-55.
SEASONALFranciscan Commentary on Thomas MertonAt the First General Meeting of The International Thomas Merton Society in 1989, I sat down forO'Connell, Patrick F. Merton Seasonal 19:2 (Spring 1994): 22-24.