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Merton and Judaism: Holiness in Words - Recognition, Repentance, and Renewal

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 Fons Vitae are providing us with a most wonderful collection of material in the Merton Corpus.Eastman, Patrick Monos 17.1 (Jan/Feb 2004): 7-8.
CSQ This volume is part of a series published by Fons Vitae, which assemblesCunningham, Lawrence S. Cistercian Studies Quarterly 39.3 (2004): 354-355.
JOURNAL The most daunting thing about thisScott, David Merton Journal [UK] 13.2 (Advent 2006): 50-51.
SEASONALGraced by Passion and CompassionWho was Thomas Merton? I don't know. I know only what I've pieced together from theSherwin, Richard E. Merton Seasonal 29:1 (Spring 2004): 29-32 [online].