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Thomas Merton and the Education of the Whole Person

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01 Thomas Del Prete draws on a variety of Merton sources--published and unpublishedCarr, Anne E. Horizons 18.1 (Spring1991): 176-177.
02 In 1968, Thomas Merton wrote to a college student: "My grandmother was one of theDaggy, Robert E. America 163.12 (27 October 1990): 308.
03 This work results from a deficiency which Thomas Del Prete perceived in his studies in education.Heiser, William Charles, SJ Theology Digest 37.4 (Winter 1990): 356.
04 It is hardly surprising that we should have waited so long for a book of Merton and education.Buchanan, William C. Choice 28.1 (September 1990): 136.
05 Thomas Merton wrote very little explicitly about education. What Thomas Del PreteEastman, Patrick Monos 4.10 (Nov/Dec 1992): 10.
06 This stimulating book discusses the educational significance of Thomas MertonDevitt, Patrick M. Irish Theological Quarterly 59.2 (June 1993): 159-160.
ANNUAL Thomas Del Prete's book on Merton, a version of his 1987 doctoral thesis at the Harvard School ofO'Connell, Patrick F. Merton Annual 4: 284-288.
SEASONALMerton on EducationThomas Del Prete's Thomas Merton and the Education of the Whole Person is a welcome additionRice, Daniel Merton Seasonal 16:1 (Winter 1991): 19-21.