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Thomas Merton: A Bibliography

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01A Thomas merton BibliographyThis bibliography is the definitive reference work on all the writings of the famous Trappist monkHabich, William Courier Journal (9 December 1956). William Habich
02 The enervating paradox in Merton studies of late centers on the banal renderings ofKilcourse, George A. Thought 51 (March 1976): 104-107.
03Merton IndexedIt is rare not only that an author with as brief a professional writing span as the Trappist monk,Lentfoehr, Therese, SDS Renascence 10.1 (Autumn 1957): 38-41.
04 Dell'Isola's book is a revised and expanded edition of the workWeber, Richard [Columban], OCSO Citeaux 26.4 (1975): 363-364.
05 A number of books on various aspects of religion, philosophy  America 96 (12 January 1957): 428.
CSQ This updated bibliography continues theHart, Patrick, OCSO Cistercian Studies 9.4 (1974). Bulletin of Monastic Spirituality # 214. [127].