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Thomas Merton: Prophet in the Belly of Paradox

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01 This volume, yet another in a continuing series of published works on Thomas Merton sinceKountz, Peter J. Catholic Historical Review 66.2 (April 1980): 270-272.
02 Paradox indeed. Cosmopolitan in background and education, gifted writerRule, Philip C. Christianity and Literature 28.4 (Summer 1978): 66-67.
03 It was inevitable that the tenth anniversary of Thomas Merton's deathO'Brien, Pat The Furrow 30.3 (March 1979): 198-99.
04Not the Last of the ProphetsA prophet is a person of neither vague ideas nor ready-made solutions. He or she is a person who, byHoover, Conrad C. Sojourners 9 (May 1980): 28-30.
05The Emergence of the Real Thomas Merton: An Essay-ReviewIt is still disconcerting to realizeMcDonnell, Thomas P. The Pilot Boston Mass (16 February 1979): 8.
06Thomas Merton: Man and MonkIn the 6th century AD, St. Benedict of Nursia set forth the three monasticGray, Francine de Plessix New Republic (May 26, 1979): 23, 26, 28-30.
07 1968 seems like a long way back. Its recollectionDesharnais, Richard P. 586-587.
08Thomas Merton: Four more 'storeys'In his preface to the Japanese edition of "The Seven Storey Mountain," Thomas Merton wrote:Patnaik, Deba P. Courier-Journal (December 2, 1979): D5.
XREF1Merton's Affirmation and Affirmation of Merton: Writing about SilenceThomas Merton chose to be a cloistered contemplative within one of the most austere religious orders in the United States.Kramer, Victor A. Review [Charlottesville, VA] 4 (1982): 295-333 [see review author file].