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Thomas Merton's Dark Path

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 A chronological survey of what Thomas Merton had to say about comtemplation.  Choice 19 (October 1981): 294.
02 Still another book about Thomas Merton? Yes, and it won't be the last.Christopher, Michael U.S. Catholic 46 (November 1981): 49-50.
03Pilgrimage to CompassionThe contemporary spate of "spirituality" books which continue the vogue in booktrade housesKilcourse, George A. Commonweal 110 (18 November 1983): 634-637.
04 Critical interest in Thomas Merton has grown steadily since his deathKaftan, Robert Christian Century 98 (2 December 1981): 1266-1267.
05Random NotesThomas Merton's Dark Path: The Inner Experience of a Contemplative, is an excellent  National Review 33 (3 April 1981): 368.
06 Books on Merton will continue to be written. Even if he is not quite,Hewett, William Heythrop Journal [London] 24.3 (July 1983): 353-355.
07Merton and the Monastic IdeaThe literature of exploration appeals. TheCurtin, Timothy A. America (August 8, 1981): 57.
XREF1Merton's Affirmation and Affirmation of Merton: Writing about SilenceThomas Merton chose to be a cloistered contemplative within one of the most austere religious orders in the United States.Kramer, Victor A. Review [Charlottesville, VA] 4 (1982): 295-333 [see review author file].