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Up and Down Merton's Mountain / by Gerald Groves

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 I have been making personal retreats at the Abbey of Gethsemani for over 30 years,Paulsell, William O. Mid-Stream 28.3 (July 1989): 325-326.
02 An autobiography of a one-time Trappist monk who, in 1948, at the age of 23Stuttaford, Genevieve Publishers Weekly 234 (23 September 1988): 74.
ANNUAL The communication failure of the Groves book is not due to the absence of data and information asTuoti, Frank X. Merton Annual 2: 339-343.
SEASONALNo Thomas MertonGerald Groves teaches English and Latin at the University of South Carolina.Shannon, William H. Merton Seasonal 14:2 (Spring 1989): 20-22.