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Walking with Thomas Merton: Discovering His Poetry, Essays and Journals

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 Robert Waldron takes a long, loving look at the question of contemplation  Spiritual Life 58.2 (Summer 2012): 124-125.
02 Looking at my three very full shelves of Merton books already I wonder whether we need yet another one.Eastman, Patrick Patrick Monos 15.3 (May/June 2002): 6.
JOURNAL Robert Waldron is becoming a familiarPearson, Paul M. Merton Journal [UK] 9.1 (Easter 2002): 38-39.
SEASONALExploring the Bridge that is PoetryAt the outset of this little book, the author tells us that he hopes the reader will get to knowFairaday, Brenda F. Merton Seasonal 27:2 (Summer 2002): 31-32.