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The Waters of Silence

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01The Cistercian VocationUnlike his earlier books, Thomas Merton's lastest contains no personal history.Sackville-West, Edward Month [London] 4 (November 1950):347-348.
02Cistercians in the Modern WorldThe success of Elected Silence has won for Thomas Merton an immense audience that will be eager to read what isEvans, Illtud OP Tablet [London] (5 August 1950): 10.
03 Waters of Silence follows as a welcome sequel to Elected SilenceWalker, Bruno, OCR. Life of the Spirit 5.55 (January 1951): 323-324.
04The Contemplative LifeTwo of the most significant religiousBattiscombe, Christopher Francis Times Literary Supplement [London] 2532 (Aug. 11 1950): 505.