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Zen and the Birds of Appetite

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01 Thomas Merton's death last year by a traveler's accident in Thailand was bitter news toSweeney, Francis New York Times (30 March 1969): 46.
02 Three splendid books. Two are the work of Thomas Merton, who a year ago was electrocuted by a fanCarruth, Hayden Colloquy (December 1969): 40-42
03 The multitudes of Thomas Merton's avid readers will find his fifteenth book a rather loose  Publishers Weekly (9 September 1968): 59.
04 Except for a volume of poetry this is the last work authorized by Merton before his  Choice 6 (May 1969): 382
05 'If one reaches the point where understanding fails, this is not a tragedy:Lobstein, Anne The Middle Way (May 1970): 46.