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Thomas Merton: The Daring Young Man on the Flying Belltower

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01Four on MertonIt is nearly thirteen years since the death of Thomas Merton. The interest in his life and thoughtTerry, James S. Cross Currents 31.1 (Spring 1981): 102-105.
02Four BiographiesThe truth in a biography hangs on a slim thread.Yolen, Jane New York Times Book Review (2 May 1976): 34.
03Spirituality as Embodied Prayer: More Signs of LifeI hear from so many who say they are spent, worn out, and have lost track ofSaliers, Don E. Quarterly Review 1 (Summer 1981): 99-102.
04Looks at BooksPerhaps the myth of Thomas Merton is wearing thin and the man is showing through.Sabbath, Peter Restoration 29.7 (July 1976): 8.
05 On May 23, 1949, Thomas Merton wrote  Publishers Weekly (8 March 1976).