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Illusions of Freedom: Thomas Merton and Jacques Ellul on Technology and the Human Condition

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03 In the context of the growing interest that has developed in recent years on the topicO'Connell, Patrick F. Catholic Books Review [online].
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ANNUAL Some years ago, on a plane trip from New York to San Francisco, authorMatthews, Gray Merton Annual 28: 251-254.
JOURNAL A hamster roaming the kitchen in his plastic ball, a consumer eyeing theStoddart, Eric The Merton Journal 22.2 (Advent 2015): 20-22.
SEASONALFostering Freedom, Transcending TechniqueIn our globalized culture, bombarded with digital images and mesmerized by gushing streams ofOyer, Gordon The Merton Seasonal 40.2 (Summer 2015): 34-36.