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Merton and the Protestant Tradition

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01 The book “Merton & the Protestant Tradition” is about the intellectual and spiritualMukonyora, Bella Bowling Green Daily News (June 4, 2017) [online]. [Accessed June 5, 2017]
02 Thomas Merton’s pioneering engagement with a wide spectrum of global religiousO'Connell, Patrick F. Spiritus 20.1 (Spring 2020) 121-24.
ANNUAL Merton and the Protestant Tradition is the sixth volume in the Fons VitaeScruggs, Ryan The Merton Annual 30 (2017): 253-265.
SEASONALEcumenical Bridge to an Integrated LifeSome books are meant to be read at least twice. Merton & the Protestant Tradition is one ofApel, William The Merton Seasonal 42.2 (Summer 2017): 31-37.