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Reviews of:

Authenticity, Passion, and Advocacy: Approaching Adolescent Spirituality from the Life and Wisdom of Thomas Merton.

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 The book Authenticity, Passion, and Advocacy by Thomas MalewitzHuttmeyer, Robert Catholic Library World 92.1 (September 2021): 40.
ANNUAL “Trust the process” is a rather vague phrase that we often hear when it comes to the discomfort inherent in personal and social changeCaldwell, Tony The Merton Annual 34 (2021): 242-245.
CSQ The ongoing relevance of a religious figure who spent half his life sequesteredO'Connell, Patrick F. Cistercian Studies Quarterly 56.3 (2021): 365-370.
SEASONALA Mertonian Lens on Teen Life.Soon after I started teaching religion in 1975 at Notre Dame High School in FairfieldKiernan, Jeffrey T. The Merton Seasonal (Winter 2020): 30-32.