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Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and the Greatest Commandment

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01 In his recently published memoir, WalkingPeters, Benjamin Houston Catholic Worker 41.1 (Jan.-March 2021): 5.
02 Julie Leininger Pycior's engaging and insightful bookForest, James H. The Catholic Worker LXXXVIII.2 (March-April, 2021): 4.
03 In the prologue the author shares a story of what led up to twentyBelcastro, David J. American Catholic Studies 132.1 (2021): 83-85.
ANNUAL Julie Leininger Pycior’s book on the friendship of Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton is clearly a labor of loveO'Connell, Patrick F. The Merton Annual 34 (2021): 245-254.
SEASONALAn Apostolate of FriendshipJulie Leininger Pycior opens her Prologue to Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and the GreatestPynkoski, Paul The Merton Seasonal 46.3 (Fall 2021): 32-34.