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Signs of Hope: Thomas Merton’s Letters on Peace, Race, and Ecology

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 Across ten exhaustively researched and deftly narrated chapters, Gordon Oyer illuminatesPramuk, Christopher Theological Studies 83.2 (June 2022): 347-348.
02 Numerous books about the Trappist monk Thomas Merton continue to be publishedKincaid, William B. Encounter 83.2 (2023): 93-95.
ANNUAL The word “hope” is like a dark room in which one sits, waiting. One isMatthews, Gray The Merton Annual 35 (2022): 250-253.
JOURNAL A reader may have to wait for a book to be published on Thomas Merton’s writings on social concernsCronin, James G. R. The Merton Journal 29.2 (Advent 2022): 29-34.
SEASONALBeneath the Varnished SurfaceThe prolific nature of Thomas Merton’s writings is even more revealing when considering hisSpencer, Thomas T. The Merton Seasonal 47.2 (Summer 2022): 47-49.