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Thomas Merton and the Individual Witness: Kingdom Making in a Post-Christian, Post-Truth World

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 David Orberson, author of a well-received earlier work entitled Thomas Merton: Evil and Why We SufferO'Connell, Patrick F. American Benedictine Review 75.1 (March 2024): 114-116.
ANNUAL At the outset of a key chapter of Thomas Merton and the Individual Witness, theologianGolemboski, David The Merton Annual 36 (2023): 265-268.
SEASONALPosthumous Prophet in the Post-Christian Era.David Orberson previously published Thomas Merton – Evil and Why We Suffer: From PurifiedPlekon, Michael The Merton Seasonal 48.2 (Summer 2023): 32-33.