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Encounter: Thomas Merton and D. T. Suzuki

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01Encounter With MertonA spiritual pilgrim, so the story goes, went to an elder and asked for a word to explain the world.Crews, Clyde F. Courier Journal (16 February 1991): A14. Clyde F. Crews
02Book ReviewsThe correspondence between Thomas Merton and Dr. D.T. Suzuki was a noteworthy event of itself in theBarrow, Helen, OSB North American Board for East-West Dialogue 34 (January 1989): 12. Helen Barrow OSB.
ANNUAL The first volume of Merton's collected letters showed us how extensive and how diverseO'Hanlon, Daniel J., SJ Merton Annual 2: 311-314.
SEASONALA Meeting of HeartsOf all the friendships formed in the last decade of Thomas Merton's life, the one with DaisetzMacCormick, Chalmers Merton Seasonal 13:4 (Fall 1988): 6-7.