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Merton's Correspondence with:

H. Stuart Hughes; Henry Stuart Hughes; Hughes, Stuart; Hughes, H. Stuart

Hughes, H. Stuart (Henry Stuart), 1916-1999  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1962-1963, 1967
Volume: 6 item(s); 6 pg(s)

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H. Stuart Hughes was a scholar of the intellectual history of Europe, author, and professor at Harvard University at the time of writing to Merton. His first letter to Merton is written shortly after a failed bid for United States Senator of Massachusetts on an Independent ticket, losing to Ted Kennedy in 1962. Previously, Merton had been contacted by the group Artists and Writers for Hughes, to whom he sent a reply with some contributions of his writing. Hughes was involved in the Massachusetts Political Action for Peace, which awarded Merton their Pax Peace Prize in 1963. His 1967 telegram is written while Chair of the SANE, "A Citizens’ Organization for a Sane World", which called for worldwide nuclear disarmament. (Sources: "H. Stuart Hughes: In Memoriam." Perspectives: March 2000. American Historical Association website. ‹›, Accessed: 2005/04/28.)

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See also, "Thomas Merton and the PAX Peace Prize" by John P. Collins, The Merton Seasonal (Spring 2008) 33:1, pp. 3-14 [].

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1. 1962/11/23 TLS to Merton It was so good to hear from you again. Letters such as yours have completely lifted me out of my «detailed view»
2. 1962/no/no? TLS[x] from Merton In reply to your request I am sending three small things which may be of some use in an auction [to Walter Grossmann of Artists and Writers for Hughes] «detailed view»
3. 1963/05/25 TL[c] from Merton I hope you have not come to regret having offered me a peace prize. When such things happen down «detailed view»
4. 1963/10/20 other   Massachusetts Political Action for Peace and Mrs. Copley Amory, Jr. [-] Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Baskin [invitation to honor Merton with the first annual Pax Peace Prize] «detailed view»
5. 1963/10/22 other[x]   First Pax Peace Prize Is Awarded To Author [-] By Gustave Jacobson [-] Massachussetts is know as [newspaper article regarding H. Stuart Hughes awarding the first annual Pax Peace Prize to Thomas Merton "[i]n recognition of inspired writings in which he has impressed on the consciences of men of good will the moral imperative of opposition on thermonuclear war."] «detailed view»
6. 1967/10/20 telegram to Merton TODAY'S NEW YORK TIME STORY GROSSLY MISREPRESENTS SITUATION WITHIN SANE. [from Stuart Hughes, Chairman of SANE; and Lenore Marshall and Norman Thomas] «detailed view»

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