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Individual Series View, Merton's Correspondence with:

Graham, Aelred, Dom, O.S.B., 1907-1984

Series 3, Articles and Statements from Dom Aelred and Fr. Louis file kept by Dom James Fox (added Aug. 2014)

Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1953, 1956, 1963-1964, 1968, 1983
Volume: 48 item(s); 77 pg(s)

Scope and Content

Aelred Graham wrote one of the first negative reviews of Merton's work in 1953. Merton kept in touch with Graham and later wrote praise for Graham's book


Dom Aelred Graham was a Benedictine monk from Ampleforth Abbey in England. From 1951-1967, he served as superior of the Portsmouth Priory in Rhode Island. All letters by Graham are addressed from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, except the 1968 letters and oth

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See also published letters from Merton to Graham in The School of Charity, pp. 48-49, 167, 181-182, 187-

Series List

Series NumberSeries NameTotal Records
1 Correspondence between Merton and Dom Aelred Graham. 30
2 Correspondence from Dom Aelred and Fr. Louis file kept by Dom James Fox (added Aug. 2014) 7
3 Articles and Statements from Dom Aelred and Fr. Louis file kept by Dom James Fox (added Aug. 2014) 11

Container List

Series#DateFrom/ToFirst LinesPub ✓Notes
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Series 3 #1.
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1953/01/no other   THOMAS MERTON [-] A Modern Man in Reverse by AELRED GRAHAM [-] 1 [-] It is high time that somebody [two copies of articles from the "Books and Men" section of Atlantic, January 1953 (Vol. 191, #1), pp. 70-74] «detailed view»
Series 3 #2.
«All Series«
1953/02/02 other   Benedictine v. Trappist [-] Ever since the publication four years ago of his bestselling [a copy of an article from the "Religion" section of Time magazine, February 2, 1953] «detailed view»
Series 3 #3.
«All Series«
1953/02/09 other   Merton's Newest [-] Thomas Merton's "The Sign of Jonas"* is easily his best and most readable book [a copy of an article from the "Religion" section of Newsweek magazine, February 9, 1953] «detailed view»
Series 3 #4.
«All Series«
1953/03/09 other   The World & Thomas Merton [-] Sir: In your Feb. 2 article "Benedictine v. Trappist" I was very [a copy of an article from the "Letters to the Editor" section of Time magazine, March 9, 1953, p.8-9] «detailed view»
Series 3 #5.
«All Series«
1953/03/no (#01) other   In the Atlantic Monthly, a local literary sheet not usually given to the publicizing [a copy of an article from the "Pointers" section of The Point magazine (Cambridge, MA), March 1953, p. 2] «detailed view»
Series 3 #6.
«All Series«
1953/03/no (#02) other   In Defense of Thomas Merton [-] Sir: When Thomas Merton's Seven Storey Mountain was first [a copy of an article from the "Repartee, Letters to the Editor" section of Atlantic magazine, March 1953, p. 20] «detailed view»
Series 3 #7.
«All Series«
1953/04/no (#01) other   William Davey: Dom Aelred Graham's distressing article "Thomas Merton, A Modern Man in Reverse" [a copy of an article "Thomas Merton and Dom Aelred Graham" and one copy of the full journal Integrity (New York), April 1953, p. 34-42] «detailed view»
Series 3 #8.
«All Series«
1953/04/no (#02) other   Dear Oblates, Those of you who read this column regularly (there must be very few left by this time! [a copy the article "Brother Samson on: The Merton-Graham Controversy" from a full issue The Oblate (Atchison, Kansas), April 1953 (Vol. 5, #4), p. 25-27] «detailed view»
Series 3 #9.
«All Series«
1953/05/13 other   To judge from the Catholic press, the Church's activity today is as vigorous as it has ever been. [a copy of an article "The Mysticism of Thomas Merton" by Aelred Graham from The Commonweal, May 13, 1955, p. 155-159] «detailed view»
Series 3 #10.
«All Series«
1953/no/no? (#01) other   Dom Aelred Graham had been invited to lecture at Notre Dame a month before his article appeared [anonymous defense, or transcript of such a statement - could possibly be by Dom James Fox because Fox was at Notre Dame for Graham's referenced lecture / one typescript and three carbon copies] «detailed view»
Series 3 #11.
«All Series«
1953/no/no? (#02) other   The word is out to "get" Tom Merton. His name has been marked down for slaughter by sons of Belial [anonymous statement, defense of Merton against Graham, titled "A Perverse Son of St. Benedict" / two carbon copies] «detailed view»

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