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Recent Manuscript Additions to the Merton Center Collections

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#MANUSCRIPT & PUBLISHED copies of the following titles:# added
1.Answers for Hernan Lavin Cerda [Article (Essay)]1
2.Ascent to truth, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]3
3.Basic principles of monastic spirituality [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
4.Bread in the wilderness [Book (signed or inscribed)]3
5.Breakthrough to peace : twelve views on the threat of thermonuclear extermination. Edited with an introduction by Thomas Merton. [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
6.Christmas sermons of Bl. Guerric of Igny, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]4
7.Clement of Alexandria. Selections from the Protreptikos. Translated by Thomas Merton. [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
8.Conjectures of a guilty bystander [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
9.Exile ends in glory. German. [Von der verbannung zur herrlichkeit : das leben der Trappistin, Mutter M. Berchmans] [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
10.Gethsemani customs (dormitory rules, clothing and supplies, bathing and shaving) [Miscellaneous]2
11.Great men of former times, The [Poem]1
12.Hagia Sophia [Poem]1
13.History of the Cistercian order [Notes]1
14.Life and holiness [Book (signed or inscribed)]3
15.Mystics and Zen masters [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
16.Nativity kerygma [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
17.New seeds of contemplation [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
18.Newscast [Poem]1
19.No man is an island [Book (signed or inscribed)]3
20.Notes on sacred art [Article (Essay)]1
21.Original child bomb [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
22.Poesia e la vita contemplativa, La [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
23.Round and a hope for Smith girls, A [Poem]1
24.Saint Robert : founder of Cîteaux [Article (Essay)]1
25.Schedule of work days, Sundays, and feast days at Gethsemani Abbey choir noviate (ca. 1963) [Miscellaneous]1
26.Seasons of celebration [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
27.Secular journal of Thomas Merton, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
28.Seeds of contemplation [Book (signed or inscribed)]3
29.Seeds of destruction [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
30.Selected poems of Thomas Merton, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
31.Seven Storey Mountain, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]4
32.Seven Storey Mountain, The. Catalan. [La muntanya dels set cercles] [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
33.Seven Storey Mountain, The. Danish. [Den store stilhed] [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
34.Sign of Jonas, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]3
35.Silent life, The [Miscellaneous]1
36.Solitary life, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
37.Solitary life, The : a letter of Guido [I, Prior of the Grande Chartreuse, 1083?-1136] [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
38.Soul of the apostolate, The / by Jean-Baptiste Chautard, O.C.S.O. Translated into English with an introduction by a monk of Our Lady of Gethsemani [Thomas Merton] [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
39.Spiritual direction and meditation [Article (Essay)]3
40.Tears of the blind lions, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]3
41.Thomas Merton Reader, A [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
42.Thoughts in solitude [Book (signed or inscribed)]5
43.Three founders of Cîteaux, The [Article (Essay)]1
44.Tower of Babel [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
45.Tower of Babel [Poem]1
46.Waters of Siloe, The [Galley / Other proof]1
47.Waters of Siloe, The. Dutch/Netherlandic. [De Wateren van Siloë] [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
48.What are these wounds? : The life of a Cistercian mystic, Saint Lutgarde of Aywières [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
49.What ought I to do? Sayings of the Desert Fathers. [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
50.Wisdom of the desert, The [Article (Essay)]1