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List of Full-Text Articles from
The Merton Annual

The full-text articles below are hosted by the Merton Center. Some academic institutions and public libraries might additionally have access to recent full issues of The Merton Annual through an online journal provider such as Ebscohost.

Vol. 29 (2016) "Introduction: Thin Places and Thick Descriptions." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 29 (2016) "Relevance and Ambivalence: A Bibliographic Review of Thomas Merton’s Centenary (2015).” Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 28 (2015) "Introduction: Celebrating the Questions (and Answers)." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 28 (2015) "Address of the Holy Father to a Joint Session of the United States Congress – September 24, 2015." Pope Francis.
Vol. 28 (2015) "Thomas Merton’s Conversatio Morum 2014 Bibliographic Review Essay." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 27 (2014) "Introduction: An International Centenary Celebration of Merton’s Vision of the World Redeemed by Christ." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 27 (2014) "2013 Bibliographic Review Essay: The Grandeur of God in a Picture of Hell." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 26 (2013) "Introduction: Sophia’s Romancing." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 26 (2013) "James Laughlin and Thomas Merton: 'Louie, I Think This Is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship'." Fox, Peggy L.
Vol. 26 (2013) "An Interview with James Laughlin about Thomas Merton," conducted by Paul Wilkes, transcribed and edited by Paul M. Pearson. Laughlin, James.
Vol. 26 (2013) "More Than Scribe: James Laughlin, Thomas Merton and The Asian Journal." MacNiven, Ian S.
Vol. 26 (2013) "From Downtown Louisville to Buenos Aires: Victoria Ocampo as Thomas Merton's Overlooked Bridge to Latin America and the World." Meade, Mark C.
Vol. 26 (2013) "2012 Bibliographic Review Essay: Thomas Merton, Escape Artist." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 25 (2012) "Introduction: The Ineffable Desert and the City or What We Call Home." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 25 (2012) "2011 Bibliographic Review: Pointing Fingers at the Calm Eye of the Storm." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 24 (2011) “2010 Bibliographic Review: Fire Watch When the Web Goes Down.” Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 23 (2010) "‘A Dedication to Prayer and a Dedication to Humanity’: An Interview About Thomas Merton with James Conner, OCSO.” Conducted and edited by Paul M. Pearson. Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 23 (2010) "2009 Bibliographic Review: Beneath the Habit of Holiness.” Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 22 (2009) "Bibliographic Review: The Mystic's Hope: Thomas Merton's Contemplative Message to a Distracted World." Matthews, Gray.
Vol. 21 (2008) "The Myth of the Fall from Paradise: Thomas Merton and Walker Percy." Collins, John P.
Vol. 21 (2008) "Standing to the Side and Watching: An Introduction and Remembrance about Interviewing Walker Percy." Kramer, Victor A., and Dewey Weis Kramer.
Vol. 21 (2008) "An Interview with Walker Percy about Thomas Merton." Conducted by Victor A. Kramer and Dewey Weis Kramer in May 1983. Edited by Paul Pearson. Kramer, Victor A., and Dewey Weis Kramer.
Vol. 21 (2008) "A Vow of Conversation: Past, Present & Past-Present Thomas Merton Bibliographic Review 2007." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 20 (2007) "Week of a Stranger: Thomas Merton Bibliographic Review 2006." Grayston, Donald.
Vol. 19 (2006) "Return to Sources, Holy Insecurity and Life in a Tiny House: 2005 Bibliographic Essay." Matthews, Gray.
Vol. 18 (2005) "A Monk With the Spiritual Equipment of an Artist: The Art of Thomas Merton." Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 18 (2005) "Do I Want A Small Painting? The Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Ad Reinhardt: An Introduction and Commentary." Lipsey, Roger.
Vol. 18 (2005) "Reading Merton from the (Polish) Margin: 2004 Bibliographic Survey." Poks, Malgorzata.
Vol. 17 (2004) "'A Very Disciplined Person' From Nelson County: An Interview with Canon A. M. Donald Allchin about Merton." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 17 (2004) "An Obscure Theology Misread: 2003 Bibliographic Review." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 16 (2003) "Merton's 'True Self' or a Calculated 'Official Pedestal'?" The Merton Annual 16 (2003): Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 15 (2002) "'Contemplation's Shadow and Merton's Act: Becoming a Saint Through Words': 2001 Bibliographic Review." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 14 (2001) "Inertia, Idiosyncrasy and Incubation: The Range of Current Merton Studies." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 13 (2000) "Connecting the Spiritual and the Cultural: Patterns Within Merton's Writings. 1999 Bibliographic Review." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Thomas Merton: Seeder of Radical Action and the Enlightened Heart." Chittister, Joan D., OSB.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Compassion and the Unspeakable." Douglass, James W.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Merton and Time." Labrie, Ross.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Merton and Mysticism of the Mind." Faricy, Robert, SJ.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Merton and Camus on Christian Dialogue with a Postmodern World." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Merton's 'True Self' and the Fundamental Option." O'Keefe, Mark, OSB.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Thomas Merton in Search of His Heart: The Autobiographical Impulse of Merton's Bonaventure Novels." Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 3 (1990) "The Tension Between Solitude and Sharing in the Monastic Life of Thomas Merton." Conner, James, OCSO.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Thomas Merton and Hannah Arendt: Contemplation After Eichmann." Plank, Karl A.