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Merton's Correspondence with:

Justus George Lawler; Justus Lawler; George Justus Lawler; Lawler, George

Lawler, Justus George, 1927-  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1962-1968
Volume: 84 item(s); 100 pg(s)

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Justus George Lawler was an editor with Herder and Herder. He lived near Chicago and edited the journal Continuum. He has since written books on Church history, ethics, and Catholic literature and art.

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See also Cold War Letters #47, #60 and #70 published in Witness to Freedom, pp. 39, 46 and 50.

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1. 1962/02/15 TLS to Merton I have just finished your article in the current Blackfriars, and was overwhelmed by it as by its «detailed view»
2. 1962/02/no? transcript from Merton Naturally your letter was very gratifying. I am sorry I have delayed in making a reply, but as you [Cold War Letters #47 - copy from bound set] «detailed view»
3. 1962/03/22 TLS to Merton Even at the cost of overdoing my appreciation, I would like to express by this greeting my very real «detailed view»
4. 1962/03/no? transcript from Merton I appreciate whatyou [sic] mean about the series "Quaestiones Disputatae". The few articles I have [Cold War Letters #60 - copy from bound set] «detailed view»
5. 1962/04/12 TLS to Merton Thankyou [sic] for the mimeo copies of your articles. I had just read the Batchelder book before «detailed view»
6. 1962/04/16 TLS to Merton I just read the exchange in the Commonweal re your bomb article. It is more and more apparent «detailed view»
7. 1962/05/28 TALS from Merton Your article looked fine in print and I enjoyed that whole issue. I was happy to have been to some «detailed view»
8. 1962/05/no? transcript from Merton Thanks for your good letter of last month and for the article. I liked the latter a lot and thought [Cold War Letters #70 - copy from bound set] «detailed view»
9. 1962/07/19 TLS to Merton I hope your mailing list hasn't been fouled up, as I didn't receive a copy of your disarmament book. «detailed view»
10. 1962/07/30 TLS[x] from Merton The purpose of this letter is to bring up the subject of the English course, on tape, which you said «detailed view»
11. 1962/08/07 TLS to Merton I am having copies of the better tapes made, and will send them on as soon as possible. «detailed view»
12. 1962/09/17 TLS to Merton This is good news which more than compensates for the bad word from NY that H&H has «detailed view»
13. 1962/09/27 TLS to Merton Thanks for the Breakthrough book; it is a very good collection, and I will order some extra «detailed view»
14. 1962/10/15 TLS to Merton I received the Introduction; it's great; a fit prelude to Delp. I will send two copies on for «detailed view»
15. 1962/10/18 TL[c] from Merton Here is the book: all ship-shape, I hope. I have added more than I first planned, and I think this «detailed view»
16. 1962/11/16 TAL[c] from Merton First, unfinished business. I did not yet thank you for the Stalingrad letters. They are very «detailed view»
17. 1962/11/20 TLS to Merton I did not want to write until I had some word re the contract. The Abbot's letter was very gentle, «detailed view»
18. 1962/11/24 TAL[c] from Merton Evidently the FOR thinks you are a Supreme Court Justice. I think the explanation is that one «detailed view»
19. 1962/12/18 TL[c] from Merton This contract is turning into quite a picnic, I see. Father Abbot has passed the latest version on «detailed view»
20. 1962/12/20 TLS to Merton Concerning the contract, by all means strike out no. 14, and as for the people in no. 16, they can «detailed view»
21. 1962/12/29 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks very much for the wire and letter, fixing up the contract, as I said in my letter the other «detailed view»
22. 1963/02/07 TAL[c] from Merton Copies of the book have arrived and I find them very handsome. Thanks very much. «detailed view»
23. 1963/05/27 TL[c] from Merton Here is a little piece which I first thought might be a letter to the editors of the Commonweal, «detailed view»
24. 1963/06/24 TLS to Merton The summer issue is finally all at the printer. I sent you a couple of photocopies, mainly with «detailed view»
25. 1963/07/01 TALS to Merton Here is a pile of things you may use. I don't know what order they are in. The tape is of the Delp «detailed view»
26. 1963/07/06 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your good letter and all the material, which arrived this morning. Everything is most «detailed view»
27. 1963/08/11 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks for the new tape, which I have not yet played. But I did get to the other one, the Delp «detailed view»
28. 1963/09/25 TLS to Merton I tried to call your agent yesterday and couldn't get her, so I have decided to skip the liturgy «detailed view»
29. 1963/11/01 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks for Hocchuth []. I had read your bit on it, which sounded fair and Merton's review of Rolf Hochhuth's The Deputy (Der stellvertreter), "The Trial of Pope Pius XII" «detailed view»
30. 1963/11/05 TLS to Merton The NY people are sending you the wrong books; Seasoltz and Westow are both pretty mediocre, «detailed view»
31. 1963/12/16 TAL[c] from Merton Here is the Journal material. I have an over all title, "Truth and Violence"[.] It ought to do. «detailed view»
32. 1964/02/20 TLS to Merton Enclosed is a pretty good issue of Minority of One you may not have seen. I imagine W. H. Ferry «detailed view»
33. 1964/02/25 TAL[c] from Merton It was good to get your letter and the copy of "Minority of One" which I had not seen. «detailed view»
34. 1964/02/no? TPCS to Merton We had a fire here during the holidays that dislocated things for the past couple of weeks; «detailed view»
35. 1964/03/17 TLS to Merton Father Bernard Collins of Holy Cross Abbey has written me about the Monastic Studies series «detailed view»
36. 1964/03/30 TAL[c] from Merton Yes, the latest issues arrived and I am grateful. Since you mention it, I could use three or four «detailed view»
37. 1964/04/17 TALS to Merton Here is the copy of the reflections you sent; I have made some comments here and there, but I don't «detailed view»
38. 1964/05/11 TLS to Merton The gals were disappointed, but they will recover Okly. Concerning the reflections on violence, «detailed view»
39. 1964/05/22 TAL[c] from Merton Here is your piece on non-violence etc, deliberately selective and scattered. I have not included «detailed view»
40. 1964/05/no? TNS to Merton This has been on my desk for a couple of weeks; I noticed a very critical review somewhere «detailed view»
41. 1964/08/11 TAL[c] from Merton First, thanks for sending the Teaching of Contempt. To begin with I am afraid I will not have time «detailed view»
42. 1964/08/no? TNS to Merton Things have been hectic as usual. You should have received the copies of the summer issue by now. «detailed view»
43. 1964/10/17 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks for all the new books. Yes, I especially liked Peterson on the Angels and Liturgy. «detailed view»
44. 1964/11/17 TAL[c] from Merton Here is the Zen article. I have completely rewritten it and you will see that I have brought «detailed view»
45. 1964/11/no? TLS to Merton Hope your back is not too much trouble. Minor problems on the bomb book have developed which «detailed view»
46. 1964/12/01 TLS to Merton The Flannery O'Connor piece in Jubilee was very good, and (naturally) set me to wondering if you «detailed view»
47. 1964/12/07 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for the good letter. I will try that article, or hope to. The material is in my mind «detailed view»
48. 1964/12/28 TLS to Merton This will require no reply. I hope you can do the poetry-prayer piece. I hadn't seen the Ramparts «detailed view»
49. 1965/01/17 TL[c] from Merton I am very happy that you saw fit to dedicate to me, together with Archbishop Roberts, your book «detailed view»
50. 1965/02/09 TLS to Merton Here is the Christianity and Race article. It is too long for a chronicle piece, so we couldn't «detailed view»
51. 1965/04/14 TLS to Merton I don't know if you see this magazine, but I thought you might be interested in the S. American «detailed view»
52. 1965/04/18 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for the Motive. I was interested to see some Nicanor Parra translated including one «detailed view»
53. 1965/05/12 TL[c] from Merton That batch of letters in the Commonweal rather annoyed me. Certainly they did not really see what «detailed view»
54. 1965/06/no? TLS to Merton I am sorry I have to return the article; there is no way I can squeeze it into the next issue on «detailed view»
55. 1965/07/06 TLS to Merton A short note which I hope won't interrupt things in the hermitage. We are quite committed to doing «detailed view»
56. 1965/07/10 TL[c] from Merton If I do write anything for the Regamey book it will have to be awfully short, because I have a whole «detailed view»
57. 1965/09/24 TLS to Merton Could I ask a large favor? On the spur of the moment I decided last week to apply for a Guggenheim: «detailed view»
58. 1965/11/18 TLS[x] to Merton No need to read the book; you have probably heard it all before, and most of it appeared [copy found in file kept by Dom James Fox, see "Fox, James" file in Series titled, "Publishers Correspondence: Herder and Herder"] thoughts on his book with references to Milton [likely The Christian Image: Studies in Religious Art and Poetry] / respect for James Forest, Philip and Daniel Berrigan, and individual Catholic Workers, but collective criticism of the Catholic Peace Fellowship and their thoughts on Vietnam - articles for Continuum «detailed view»
59. 1965/12/24 TL[c] from Merton I have been a bad correspondent, and am just trying to catch up. This will therefore have to be «detailed view»
60. 1966/02/18 TL[c] from Merton I think you asked me about this ms, as a possibility for material for Continuum. I am sending «detailed view»
61. 1966/03/03 TLS to Merton Sorry about the delay in writing; the ms. came safely, and I looked through it very fast last week «detailed view»
62. 1966/03/08 TL[c] from Merton Please don't mind if I use up this red ribbon. Glad you can use a bit of the Church-world ms «detailed view»
63. 1966/06/09 TLS to Merton I should have written you on this sooner, but the baby takes more time that [sic] I would have «detailed view»
64. 1966/07/25 TL[c] from Merton As far as I am concerned the Spring Continuum is the best yet: the most interesting «detailed view»
65. 1966/08/18 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for passing my letter along to Rosemary Ruether. She wrote to me. I will read her book, «detailed view»
66. 1966/10/04 TL[c] from Merton First of all I want to thank you for the Archbishop Roberts volume which has arrived. I am very «detailed view»
67. 1966/10/17 TLS to Merton Sorry to be so late in replying about the Camus piece. There is really no way we can use it in any «detailed view»
68. 1966/10/no? HNS to Merton By all means send the piece on Albert. It's too late for the fall issue so anytime before January «detailed view»
69. 1966/11/08 TPCS to Merton Can use the Dario piece in the next issue, fall. If you have any other short pieces, for Chronicles «detailed view»
70. 1966/12/no? TPCS to Merton Just back from California; the chronicle piece is fine, and will appear in the next issue; anything «detailed view»
71. 1967/01/17 TL[c] from Merton Yes, I did like your last issue, the hard hitting one on anti-semitism. I thought it one «detailed view»
72. 1967/01/25 TLS to Merton Thanks much for the kind words about the last Continuum; it peeved Gregory Baum, but otherwise «detailed view»
73. 1967/01/27 TL[c] from Merton I have got someone looking into the question of what happened to the letter about and ms of Isaac «detailed view»
74. 1967/04/03 (#01) TL[c] from Merton I have owed you a letter for a long time: but since my last writing I have been in the hospital «detailed view»
75. 1967/04/03 (#02) TL[c] from Merton As a post script: I had finished my letter and even sealed it when I got busy on some texts «detailed view»
76. 1967/04/28 TLS from Merton Do you have anything planned for our next issue? I'd like to continue the short pieces on the poets «detailed view»
77. 1967/05/17 TL[c] from Merton I don't know if this bit on Malcolm X will be of any use to you. I am sending it along, anyhow. «detailed view»
78. 1967/09/29 TLS to Merton I'm trying to get some copies of the poetry of David Jones off to you, but the books are a little «detailed view»
79. 1967/10/31 TL[c] from Merton I already have Sophrony. Don't worry about "Unseen Warfare". One other book turns up however. «detailed view»
80. 1967/11/14 telegram to Merton JUBLIEE [sic] WILL HONOR MARITAIN WITH EXTRACT FROM BEST OF PAST WRITINGS. WILL USE [asking Merton to write 1,000 words on Maritain and photograph of Merton and Maritain for the cover of a book - Merton writes in pen "No. Nov 16"] «detailed view»
81. 1967/no/no TPCS to Merton More or less desperately, I could use a chronicle or two if you could happen to turn one up. «detailed view»
82. 1968/04/23 TLS to Merton Thanks much for the copy of Monks Pond. I don't see how you get time to do all this, but I «detailed view»
83. 1968/05/05 TL[c] from Merton Sorry I have delayed over your letter of April 23rd. The usual problem-- too much mail and no help «detailed view»
84. undated/no/no TLS to Merton A request I forgot in my earlier note. Herder international is preparing some kind of immense xmas «detailed view»

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