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Merton's Correspondence with:

Robert MacGregor; Bob MacGregor; MacGregor, Bob; Robert M. MacGregor

MacGregor, Robert M., d. 1974  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1952-1972
Volume: 314 item(s); 429 pg(s)

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Merton and Robert MacGregor is primarily about publishing concerns. However, in their long correspondence, a rapport develops and they discuss more personal and political matters, including the issue of racism and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s leadership in the civil rights struggle. At other times, they discuss eastern religion and Latin American poetry. Much of the correspondence is carbon copies or photocopies of letters to publishers and other parties involved with Merton's book. MacGregor often sent copies of related correspondence to Merton. Note: records marked as "Gethsemani Tadié Files" are in the "Tadié, Marie" correspondence file in the regular sequence of chronology.


Robert MacGregor was writing on behalf of New Directions Publishing. He was Vice President of New Directions during much of this time. He died in 1974 at the age of 63.

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See also the "Tadié, Marie" file; and see also Cold War Letters #75, published in Witness to Freedom, p. 53. One letter between Merton and MacGregor was published in David N. Cooper's Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters, pp. 132-134.

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1. 1952/04/28 TLS[x] from Merton Please rush this new copy to Jay in England. I have had to rewrite the whole first section. «detailed view»
2. 1952/04/no TNS[x] from Merton Here are the galleys and ten pages of new matter. I am beginning to think I am just making «detailed view»
3. 1952/05/01 TL[x] to Merton If you will forgive my most uncertain typing, I will try to tap this out, although it is late, proofs for Bread in the Wilderness - MacGregor expresses although he is not a Catholic, the first part of the book is "beautiful and moving" and he has "always found something attractive about the monastic life" / Laughlin's delay in finding distributors for "Perspectives" «detailed view»
4. 1952/05/02 TLS[x] from Merton Here is another new section for BREAD IN THE WILDERNESS. I enclose the galley of the matter into «detailed view»
5. 1952/05/21 TALS[x] from Merton Here are the corrected galleys, all except the last two which I am keeping because I want to write «detailed view»
6. 1952/05/30 TALS[x] from Merton Here, in haste, are the last proofs and the final added copy, the Epilogue, for BREAD IN THE «detailed view»
7. 1952/06/06 TLS[x] to Merton Well, I have rewritten the prologue, and now, I think, that is everything. Looking forward «detailed view»
8. 1952/08/26 TL[x] from Merton Here are the proofs and footnotes of Bread in the Wilderness. Of course the censors will «detailed view»
9. 1952/09/06 TLS[x] from Merton This is a hasty answer to your letter, in the hope that we can catch those corrections before [verso: message (short typed note) of 1952/09/09] «detailed view»
10. 1952/10/06 TL[x] to Merton The enclosed came in the late mail Thursday from Monseigneur [sic] Fearns. censor reader's serious objections to certain parts of Bread in the Wilderness / MacGregor in center of a row between Naomi Burton and James Laughlin «detailed view»
11. 1953/01/20 HLS[x] from Merton Thanks for your letter and please forgive my delay in replying. First, about the censors: the New approval of New Mexico censor but no answer yet from Abbot General of Trappists in Rome / deleting sentence about St. Augustine and Mediator Dei to which New York censor Monsignor Fearns objected «detailed view»
12. 1953/02/04 TLS[x] from Merton Your letter of Jan. 28th just reached me yesterday. I can understand why you and J. want to take responds to pressure to hurry release of Bread in the Wilderness to continue publicity generated by The Sign of Jonas - mentions troubles with The Sign of Jonas being release before Trappist abbot general could approve «detailed view»
13. 1953/04/22 TL[x] to Merton I don't believe that I have written you since we received your consent to have Dell make on Seeds of Contemplation being picked up for thrift paperback reprint by Dell publishers - "This is certainly the first time that a devotional book of this sort will have been offered in large quantity and at a low price." / MacGregor enjoying The Sign of Jonas «detailed view»
14. 1953/05/15 TL[x] to Merton Mr. Kyrill Schabert, who is the president of Pantheon Books, the publishing house that shares «detailed view»
15. 1953/05/26 TL[x] to Merton This is the proposed cover for the twenty-five cent edition of SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION. asking Merton's approval for the cover design for the Dell paperback edition of Seeds of Contemplation by Stefan Salter «detailed view»
16. 1953/05/30 telegram[x] from Merton COVER OK= =MERTON= «detailed view»
18. 1953/06/05 TL[x] to Merton Thanks very much for all the trouble you took over the cover for the twenty-five cent edition last-minute changes for paperback edition of Seeds of Contemplation - "pure love" / proofs of Bread in the Wilderness in England - consultation with a theologian and possible changes for later ediitons / Naomi Burton Stone's idea of selected writings - MacGregor's suggestions / Garcia Lorca «detailed view»
19. 1953/06/20 TLS[x] from Merton If there is anything important I haven't answered, please forgive me. I haven't had much time «detailed view»
20. 1953/06/27 TLS[x] from Merton Still mulling over in my mind the theological problems involved by Bread in the Wilderness, «detailed view»
21. 1953/08/13 TL[x] to Merton I'm sorry not to have written for so long. I was three months out in India and had a great time. «detailed view»
22. 1953/09/02 TALS[x] from Merton I was glad to hear some news of the book, sorry that you had such a time with it. harvesting tobacco / request to send some of his books to Samuel Reese on Missouri's death row «detailed view»
23. 1953/10/08 TL[x] to Merton This is probably an unusual request to you, and from us, but since it is in a good cause and both asking Merton to write a letter stating that he was pleased with the cover design for the paperback edition of Seeds of Contemplation in support of the designer Stefan Salter and the effort to use better cover designs on paperbacks / printing problems with the edition of Bread in the Wilderness in England «detailed view»
24. 1953/10/28 TLS[x] from Merton After all our telegrams, I hope everything is now settled with Mgr Fearns and that the book on not having made an original carbon for a book and the ensuing troubles Bread in the Wilderness? / praise for Stefan Salter - criticism from Dom James Fox for publically supporting causes / prayers in honor of St. John of the Cross written for the pastor of a parish in Pennsylvania «detailed view»
25. 1953/12/21 TLS[x] from Merton This letter will bring you my thanks for Bread in the Wilderness and my best wishes for Christmas praise for printed book of Bread in the Wilderness, including design by Alvin Lustig «detailed view»
26. 1953/12/31 TL[x] to Merton I can't tell you how pleased your letter has made me feel. Almost everyone who has seen BREAD pre-publication orders from book clubs and book stores for Bread in the Wilderness «detailed view»
27. 1954/01/30 TLS[x] from Merton Your letter has lain idly by for a month during which I have been busy with a lot of things. Merton in favor of a thrift edition of Bread in the Wilderness / St. John of the Cross - Merton book on "Dark Night of the Soul" «detailed view»
28. 1954/04/30 TL[x] to Merton I thought you would be interested in the enclosed catalog of the "50 Books of the Year." manuscript submission from Sr. Miriam of the Holy Spirit (Jessica Powers) - asking whether Merton had recommended her «detailed view»
29. 1955/08/16 TL[x] to Merton I thought you would be interested to know that we have just reprinted SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION, corrections made and new jacket for reprint edition of Seeds of Contemplation / idea about a volume of Merton's collected poems «detailed view»
30. 1955/09/23 TL[x] to Merton I see by a carbon copy from yesterday that James has written you and at length, so I will content idea about a volume of Merton's selected poems - collected poems "could wait a while" / MacGregor envies Merton his fire tower «detailed view»
31. 1956/12/10 TALS to Merton Here are the proofs on THE STRANGE ISLAND AND OTHER POEMS, which, as you know, we are «detailed view»
32. 1956/12/26 (#01) TLS to Merton I waited in order to write you to get the other set of proofs back from our copyreader, who had gone «detailed view»
33. 1956/12/26 (#02) other   CORRECTIONS Page proofs, "THE STRANGE ISLANDS". [-] Preface; Insert after line 5: The "Prelude «detailed view»
34. 1957/01/09 TALS to Merton Here is a set of the page proofs of THE STRANGE ISLANDS, without the front matter, which is only «detailed view»
35. 1957/01/17 TALS to Merton Your letter with the corrections for THE STRANGE ISLANDS came in the knick of time. The proofs «detailed view»
36. 1957/08/28 TLS to Merton You will be receiving, I hope, within a very short time the signatures of the limited edition «detailed view»
37. 1957/09/03 TALS to Merton On my return from a conference in Boston, I found a letter from von Sichowsky indicating that he is «detailed view»
38. 1957/10/28 HLS[x] from Merton Forgive me for having delayed so long in answering your letter of the 6th about the New York censor. «detailed view»
39. 1957/11/07 TLS[x] from Merton I have not yet thanked you for the three books. The Pound will be very much treasured. thanking for books by Ezra Pound, Rimbaud and Fowlie / he and novices installing telephone poles at Gethsemani Abbey «detailed view»
40. 1957/11/18 TALS to Merton How very nice to hear from you and to have gratitude for the books we sent in the form of deeply «detailed view»
41. 1957/12/11 TLS[x] from Merton It has taken a little time to get around to your letter of Nov. 19 which found me in the hospital thanking MacGregor for the Latin American literary anthology, "I think I am essentially a Latin poet" / Jorge de Lima, Pablo Neruda, Jorge Carrera Andrade, Adolfo Bioy Casares / Ezra Pound - "For all his brilliant gifts, he is mentally ill." «detailed view»
42. 1957/12/29 TALS to Merton I was moved greatly by your long letter of December 11th and it [sic] many facets reflecting what «detailed view»
43. 1958/01/20 TL[x] to Merton I presume that I have you to thank for the handsome calendar with pictures of your life as a monk «detailed view»
44. 1958/02/26 TLS to Merton Along the lines of our correspondence about Latin-American poetry, I thought you might be interested «detailed view»
45. 1958/03/06 TLS[x] from Merton For a long time I have owed you and J. letters. This will have to pay you both. What I have been [Cooper #69 in Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters] Adolfo Bioy Casares's Plan de Evasión / Pablo Neruda / Merton in contact with sculptor Jaime Andrade from Ecuador / Andres Bello / possible study on Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz «detailed view»
46. 1958/08/08 TALS[x] from Merton It is a long time since I have written you or heard from either you of J. How are all getting along? asking if there is still a photo of the art piece "Le Devot Christ" as used in Bread in the Wilderness - Merton wants to use it for manuscript of book "Art and Worship" / translating Nicaraguan poet Pablo Antonio Cuadra's treatments of Central American Indian themes / Ecuadorian artist Jaime Andrade «detailed view»
47. 1958/08/12 TALS to Merton I am sorry, too, that so much time has lapsed since I have written you. Actually, I was waiting «detailed view»
48. 1958/08/22 TALS[x] from Merton Many thanks for your good letter, the news, and the promise of books. Thanks especially Boris Pasternak's Dr. Zhivago - sent letter in Cyrillic to Pasternak but sending another letter to MacGregor to forward to him through Pantheon Books / poems of Pablo Antonio Cuadra / "Letter to an Innocent Bystander" / Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz / Prometheus, a Meditation by Merton «detailed view»
49. 1958/11/13 TLS to Merton I think that your last letter to me was not answered, at least by me. I had passed it on to J «detailed view»
50. 1958/11/28 TALS to Merton I am addressing you this way, because that's the way you signed your name, but I must admit that «detailed view»
51. 1959/05/29 (#01) TALS to Merton As you know I've been in Japan, so that things are a little vague in this poor mind, particularly «detailed view»
52. 1959/05/29 (#02) other[x]   SUGGESTIONS FOR SELECTED POEMS. by Thos Merton. [-] Thirty Poems: 1944. «detailed view»
53. 1959/05/29 (#03) other   MDS. Song from CPP. - p. 15. [-] Man in the Wind. 17. [-] Ariadne. 18 [-] Tropics. 21 «detailed view»
54. 1959/06/16 TALS to Merton It was good to get your letter and its various details for the paperbound "Selected Poems of Thomas «detailed view»
55. 1959/07/10 TALS to Merton In the scramble just before J Laughlin left for the West early this week - to build a ski touring «detailed view»
56. 1959/08/10 (#01) TALS to Merton The enclosed note to Mark Van Doren explains itself. As you may have heard from Naomi, «detailed view»
57. 1959/08/10 (#02) TL[c] to Van Doren, Mark I have your postcard to J. Laughlin, and was going to write you anyway. J. is on his way to Europe «detailed view»
58. 1959/08/26 (#01) TALS to Merton I guess the enclosed explains itself. I've forgotten if I've sent you a carbon of my letter «detailed view»
59. 1959/08/26 (#02) TL[c] to Stone, Naomi Burton Thanks for your note about "Atlas and the Fat Man". I'm delighted that you want to offer it around, «detailed view»
60. 1959/10/06 (#01) TALS[x] from Merton In cleaning out my files I came across this ms of a translation from Claudel which J. had left «detailed view»
61. 1959/10/06 (#02) HNS[x] from Merton As I expected, in cleaning the place out I found this ms. of the poem by Herbert Mason which I «detailed view»
62. 1959/10/08 TLS to Merton Mark Van Doren didn't indicate if he had sent you a carbon of his "foreword" for your SELECTED POEMS «detailed view»
63. 1959/10/13 (#01) TLS to Merton I expect that our last letters crossed. Thanks very much for sending the translation from Claudel, «detailed view»
64. 1959/10/13? (#02) HNS[x] from Merton +These are the best - I have marked them on the back. «detailed view»
65. 1959/10/23 TALS to Merton We had already sent the introduction by Mark Van Doren, together with the proofs of your "Selected «detailed view»
66. 1959/12/10 TLS to Merton Your letter of December 2nd seemed to have gotten delayed a few days possibly because it was «detailed view»
67. 1959/12/16 TALS[x] from Merton The book came and is very fine. The picture turned out well on the cover and I am very happy Selected Poems - thoughts on other books of poetry / Wisdom of the Desert - problem of adding D.T. Suzuki material on Zen / Merton's Problems and Pardons (later renamed The Behavior of Titans / Mina Loy / Salvatore Quasimodo / Merton does not send Gethsemani calendars «detailed view»
68. 1959/12/23 TLS to Merton This will be brief. The Christmas activity of our world is swirling around me. I think it's a good «detailed view»
69. 1960/01/06 TLS to Merton The letter in which sometime ago you outlined the Table of Contents for WISDOM OF THE DESERT- Giovanni Mardersteig design for Wisdom of the Desert - typeface not available in this country / Buddhist art at the Freer Gallery in Washington, D.C. «detailed view»
70. 1960/01/27 TAL[x] to Burns, T. F. I was delighted to get your letter of 22nd January with its hint that you would perhaps be [from MacGregor to T. F. Burns of Burns & Oates publishers in London - copied to Merton with handwritten note, "Hope this is all right. In haste, but with my very best"] cooperation on publication of Wisdom of the Desert - help in getting it printed in Verona by Giovanni Mardersteig «detailed view»
71. 1960/01/29 TLS[x] to Merton It occurred to me, before I sent the manuscript of Part II of THE WISDOM OF THE DESERT «detailed view»
72. 1960/02/05 TLS to Merton J is up skiing with his daughter and he won't see your letter to him of January 29th until Monday or «detailed view»
73. 1960/02/09 TLS to Merton As you will know from my letter to you of Friday I saw your letter to J. actually before I did, The Wisdom of the Desert / Merton's manuscript for "Problems and Pardons" (later called The Behavior of Titans «detailed view»
74. 1960/02/17 TLS to Merton I had a note from Perry Knowlton this morning saying that things were all right for the contracts problems in making any changes for reissue of Bread in the Wilderness - typesetting by Eric Gill's print shop - Perpetua font sold to others / troubles in locating out of print book, The Secret Country, by Jorge Carrera de Andrade / Ananda Coomaraswamy and information about the state of publishing him «detailed view»
75. 1960/02/19 TLS to Merton Thanks very much for the further manuscripts for THE WISDOM OF THE DESERT. The carbon I had «detailed view»
76. 1960/03/02 (#01) TLS to Merton The dedication for PROBLEMS & PARDONS is already on its way to Peter Beilenson, manuscript of "Problems and Pardons" (The Behavior of Titans) / decision to make no changes to Bread in the Wilderness / Ananda Coomaraswamy's widow, Doña Luisa Coomaraswamy, and her work in preparing some of his writings for publication / Ars Islamica «detailed view»
77. 1960/03/02 (#02) other[x]   Chileans Shouted 'Bravo' When the Beats Read Poetry by Fernando Alegria [San Francisco Sunday Chronicle article sent by MacGregor to Merton] «detailed view»
78. 1960/03/16 TLS to Merton I enclose our two proposed sample pages from Peter Beilenson for PROBLEMS AND PARDONS. «detailed view»
79. 1960/04/22 TLS to Merton Unaccountably I seem to have mislaid your two short letters of about two weeks ago. «detailed view»
80. 1960/05/24 TLS to Merton I had thought from the way he referred to two letters which arrived at Norfolk that you had replied «detailed view»
81. 1960/06/01 TLS to Merton This is a hasty note to thank you both for replying to my note and then sending me the sample copy «detailed view»
82. 1960/06/10 TLS to Merton Evidently J is agreeable that we send "Letter to the Innocent Bystander" over to our friends «detailed view»
83. 1960/06/17 TLS to Merton J spoke of writing you yesterday about this, but I see that in his letter dated yesterday there is «detailed view»
84. 1960/06/20 TLS to Merton When I wrote you that hurried note on Friday I didn't have your June 13th letter at hand, but in any «detailed view»
85. 1960/06/24 TLS to Merton I find that EARLY GREEK PHILOSOPHY by J.B. Burnet - I expect this is the same book as "Early Greek «detailed view»
86. 1960/06/29 TAL[c] to Swanson, Albert D. In a book by Thomas Merton which we almost have in production, to be called "The Behavior of Titans [to Albert D. Swanson of the Macmillan Company in New York City - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
87. 1960/07/06 TALS to Merton As you may have noticed from my postscript to Macmillan's on last Friday, I had just gotten your «detailed view»
88. 1960/08/04 TALS to Merton By phoning I was finally able to get things straightened out with Macmillan for the use of 149 lines «detailed view»
89. 1960/09/09 (#01) TALS to Merton I have been silent only because there has been no definite news and of course because things «detailed view»
90. 1960/09/09 (#02) TL[c] to Mardersteig, Hans I thought I should let you know that there has been no sign here of the proofs of Thomas Merton's [to Hans Mardersteig of Stamperia Valdonega in Verona, Italy - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
91. 1960/09/12 TL to Merton Here are the proofs of WISDOM OF THE DESERT just in airmail from Mardersteig. You will remember «detailed view»
92. 1960/09/21 TL[x] to Merton Sorry to have cost you an extra letter in regard to the promised proofs of WISDOM OF THE HEART proofs for book, Wisdom of the Desert - Mardersteig «detailed view»
93. 1960/09/23 (#01) TLS to Merton A quick note in my own incredible typing. The Jewish New Year has us without secretaries, «detailed view»
94. 1960/09/23 (#02) TL[c] to Rice, Edward I had missed seeing the September issue of "Jubilee," but when Thomas Merton mentioned that it [dated 1960/09/14 - to Edward Rice of Jubilee magazine and Merton's friend from Columbia University - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
95. 1960/10/21 TLS to Merton I've been rushed and then under the weather since I got back, or you would have heard from me «detailed view»
96. 1960/10/24 TLS to Merton Here are the page proofs of THE BEHAVIOR OF TITANS, missed the title page and the half-title page «detailed view»
97. 1960/10/27 TALS to Merton There were several odds and ends I didn't have time for the other day when I was sending you «detailed view»
98. 1960/10/31 (#01) TLS to Merton Thanks very much for the proofs of BEHAVIOR OF TITANS which came today. Thanks also for making «detailed view»
99. 1960/10/31 (#02) TLS[x] from Morris, Alice S. Thank you so much for letting me see "The Ox Mountain Parable." I have enjoyed it, but our [from Alice S. Morris, Literary Editor of Harpers Bazaar to MacGregor - photocopy to Merton] «detailed view»
100. 1960/11/02 TLS to Merton There were a couple of things I failed to comment on yesterday in my hurry to get the proof «detailed view»
101. 1960/11/03 TALS to Merton We find that Frank Zimmerman's translation of the BOOK OF TOBIT was published in 1958 by Harpers «detailed view»
102. 1960/11/22 TLS to Merton It was good to get your letter picking up various items from our correspondence. I won't try «detailed view»
103. 1960/11/30 (#01) TLS to Merton The two copies of letters that are enclosed explain themselves. I note that you feel that if one «detailed view»
104. 1960/11/30 (#02) TL[c] to Kabir, Humayun Inquiries about the rights to the writings of Gandhi led us to a Mr. Heinman, who distributes here [to the Hon. Dr. Humayun Kabir, Minister of Science and Culture, New Delhi, India - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
105. 1960/11/30 (#03) TAL[c] to Lynes, Russell I don't know who passes on poetry at your emporium these days, but I thought I'd like to send [to the Russell Lynes of Harper's magazine - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
106. 1960/12/09 (#01) TLS to Merton I don't think I gave you all the information I. A. Richards passed on to me. He says: «detailed view»
107. 1960/12/09 (#02) TL[c] to Urgoiti, Julián Thomas Merton had already written me that I would be hearing from you in regard to BEHAVIOR [to Julián Urgoiti, publisher of Editorial Sudamericana in Buenos Aires, Argentina - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
108. 1960/12/20 TLS to Merton You did so marvelously and so quickly with the jacket flap for BEHAVIOR OF TITANS that I'm sending «detailed view»
109. 1961/01/13 (#01) TALS to Merton I've been embarrassed that the mat which was coming to you at the end of December with my «detailed view»
110. 1961/01/13 (#02) TL[c] to Urgoiti, Julián We are delighted now to be able to send you a bound copy of BEHAVIOR OF TITANS without the jacket. [to Julián Urgoiti, publisher of Editorial Sudamericana in Buenos Aires, Argentina - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
111. 1961/01/14 other to Merton NEWS FROM THE COMMITTEE FOR NON-VIOLENT ACTION [-] 158 Grand Street [-] New York, N.Y. [news release RE John Beecher] «detailed view»
112. 1961/01/16 HLS to Merton A propos of our Tobit translation, I thought you might be interested in this that came to me from «detailed view»
113. 1961/01/18 TL[c] to O'Gara, James As you may know, Thomas Merton's work is no longer being handled by Curtis Brown Ltd., [to James O'Gara, editor of Commonweal in New York City] «detailed view»
114. 1961/01/19 (#01) TLS to Merton The enclosed letter to Miss Mowat at Curtis Brown explains itself, by inference, at least. «detailed view»
115. 1961/01/19 (#02) TLS to Mowat, Elizabeth Perry Knowlton asked me yesterday to write you a note letting you know the details of any dealings [to Elizabeth Mowat of Curtis Brown in New York City] «detailed view»
116. 1961/01/23 TAL[c] to Rao, Mohan His Excellency, Dr. Humayun Kabir, wrote me on December 19th that he had made inquiries for us about [to Mohan Rao, Director of the Publication Division in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the Government of India, New Delhi, India] «detailed view»
117. 1961/01/25 (#01) HNS to Merton Dear Mr. Merton - This clears it up. I can see why you decided to leave CB. In haste, Bob. [handwritten note by MacGregor to Merton on the top of Mowat's letter to MacGregor - MacGregor using Mowat's address to Merton of "Mr. Merton" facetiously] «detailed view»
118. 1961/01/25 (#02) TLS[x] to Merton I have your letter of January 19th regarding English and foreign rights on two Thomas Merton books, «detailed view»
119. 1961/02/17 TLS to Merton I hope you've now seen the copy of BEHAVIOR OF TITANS and like it as much as I do. It seems to me «detailed view»
120. 1961/02/24 TLS to Merton I couldn't be happier that you like BEHAVIOR OF TITANS so well. Please disregard my apologies «detailed view»
121. 1961/03/03 (#01) TLS to Merton They were asking me every day or half-day if I'd heard from you about the publication date of WISDOM «detailed view»
122. 1961/03/03 (#02) TANS to Merton Ad copy - for 5-8 magazines [-] Tom - left out of envelope [-] Bob [-] THOMAS MERTON [-] BEHAVIOR «detailed view»
123. 1961/04/04 TALS to Merton A quick note, since we are deep in royalty figuring and that annual overwhelming Labor of Hercules. «detailed view»
124. 1961/04/14 (#01) TAL to Merton I did find an opportunity to talk to Bob Giroux about their plans, and I find that they plan to have «detailed view»
125. 1961/04/14 (#02) TL[c] from Rao, Mohan Please refer to your letter dated 23.1.1961. We have now heard from Navajivan Trust who hold [to MacGregor from S/U.S. Mohan Rao of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting of the Government of India] «detailed view»
126. 1961/04/14 (#03) TL[c]  from Desai, Jivanji / to Mohan Rao We have your letter No. DPD/61 dated 15.3.61. Thanks. We request you to write to Mr. MacGregor [on same page as 1961/04/14[2] - to Shri U.S. Mohan Rao from Shri Jivanji D. Desai, Managing Trustee of the Navajivan Trust] «detailed view»
127. 1961/04/18 TL[c] to A. & C. Black Ltd. Thank you very much for your note of 11th April and I am glad that the advance copy of BEHAVIOR [carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
128. 1961/04/20 TL[x] to Merton I trust that the enclosed explain themselves. We are planning some advertising of WISDOM sending Marie Tadié [French translator] a copy of Selected Poems / attempting to find Taoist Notebook for Merton / Laughlin has a copy of manuscript on Gandhi / selection of aphorisms of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy for printed by Victor Hammer - permission from Doña Luisa Coomaraswamy «detailed view»
129. 1961/05/10 (#01) TLS to Merton I very much liked your poem "The Moslem's Angel of Death". It seems to me to be both moving «detailed view»
130. 1961/05/10 (#02) TAL[c] to Burns, T. F. I have been in Canada or you would have had an answer earlier to your letter of 19th April. [to T. F. Burns of Hollis & Carter Ltd. in London - carbon copy to Merton] «detailed view»
131. 1961/06/08 (#01) TLS to Merton I think I owe you several letters and this one will not be a proper answer to any of them. «detailed view»
132. 1961/06/08 (#02) TLS[x] from Desai, Jivanji We have your letter of April 20. Thanks. We note that we shall hear from you in the near future «detailed view»
133. 1961/06/09 TL[c] to Taplinger, Richard Thomas Merton, whom we publish as you know, and who is a Trappist Monk at Abbey of Gethsemani, [to Richard Taplinger of Taplinger Publishing in New York - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
134. 1961/06/29 (#01) TLS to Merton I thought you would like to know that the Vedanta Society of Southern California has «detailed view»
135. 1961/06/29 (#02) TLS to Merton I am carrying on at the point at which my letter broke off to you and of course the enclosed problem «detailed view»
136. 1961/06/29 (#03) TL[c] to Burns, T. F. I don't seem to have answered your letter inquiring about NEW SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION. [to T. F. Burns of Hollis & Carter in London - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
137. 1961/07/03 TALS to Merton NEW SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION is ready to go to the compositor and there are about four points, «detailed view»
138. 1961/07/11 (#01) TLS to Merton As I said in my penned note on J.L.'s letter to you of last Friday, I of course understand about «detailed view»
139. 1961/07/11 (#02) TL[c] to Sih, Paul Thomas Merton has written us of your interest in publishing the Chuang Tsu translations he is [to Paul Sih of the Asian Institute of St. John's University in New York] «detailed view»
140. 1961/07/17 TALS to Merton Dr. Paul Sih of St. John's University called me up Friday and we had quite a long conversation «detailed view»
141. 1961/07/26 TLS to Merton I thought you would be greatly amused by Tashi Tshering's letter. Perhaps he wrote to you too. «detailed view»
142. 1961/07/28 TL[c] to Fine, Donald Sorry to have been slow in returning to you signed agreement to the contract between New Directions [to Donald Fine, Editor-in-Chief of Dell Books in New York] «detailed view»
143. 1961/08/01 (#01) TL[c] to Delage, Florence I am sorry about the confusion in regard to the Thomas Merton's THE BEHAVIOR OF TITANS and [to Florence Delage of Agence Hoffman in Paris - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
144. 1961/08/01 (#02) TL[c] to Hoffman, Michael It was very sweet of you to sit down and write me that long letter by hand while on holiday. [to Michael Hoffman of Agence Hoffman in Paris - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
145. 1961/08/09 TLS to Merton I never thought I'd become a priest by way of China and Brooklyn, but I guess there is no persuading «detailed view»
146. 1961/08/22 TLS to Merton I think I can explain the mix-up between Hoffman's office and Marie Tadié in Paris, and perhaps «detailed view»
147. 1961/09/05 TLS to Merton Thank you for your good letter, and I am glad that you feel that Hoffman at least is not completely «detailed view»
148. 1961/09/08 TALS to Merton J. has sent me a little note about "The Last Words of Everybody", and I think that this is just «detailed view»
149. 1961/09/12 TL[x] to Merton Gilda Kuhlman, our Production Manager, talked to me about the scheduled NEW SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION short time frame for the publication of New Seeds of Contemplation and the need for changes to be minimal and delivered quickly «detailed view»
150. 1961/10/09 (#01) HLS to Merton It pleased me so that Miller was taken by the Suzuki exchange that I wanted you to see too. «detailed view»
151. 1961/10/09 (#02) HLS[x] from Miller, Henry Just got yours of Oct. 2nd with enclosures. You speak as though I had given you two [from Henry Miller? (signed Henry with no last name - Miller, no first name, mentioned above) - letter dated 1961/10/08 - copied and sent to Merton] «detailed view»
152. 1962/01/22 (#01) TLS from Desai, Jivanji Please refer to our letter of 10th May 1961 in reply to your kind letter of April 20. [to Jivanji D. Desai, Managing Trustee of the Navajivan Trust in India - originally dated 1961/12/22 - forwarded to Merton with the following note (1962/01/22[2])] «detailed view»
153. 1962/01/22 (#02) TNS to Merton I think that what they want is some sort of table of contents, and then we can sign a contract «detailed view»
154. 1962/04/03 TALS to Merton We are paying royalties, and the question arose as to whether or not we should pay Curtis Brown Ltd. «detailed view»
155. 1962/04/27 TALS to Merton I held up answering your good letter of April 15th till I could meet with Tom Burns of Burns «detailed view»
156. 1962/05/22 TLS to Merton As you may have heard I have had several long telephone conversations with Mr. Muller of Harcourt «detailed view»
157. 1962/05/24 (#01) TALS[x] from Merton Jovanovich, of Harcourt, wrote to me about the situation. Clearly Farrar Straus deliberately «detailed view»
158. 1962/05/24 (#02) transcript from Merton As to the Tibetan monks [who had established a monastery in New Jersey], if you have any influence [Cold War Letters #75 - photocopy from published letters - listed Witness to Freedom as "early June 1962" but now identified with the later part of the May 24 letter] «detailed view»
159. 1962/05/29 TAL[x] to Merton I am glad that everything seems to be straightening itself out for the anthology. Dalai Lama's brother [Thubten Jigme Norbu] in New York and the Buddhist monks in his care / Geshe Wangyal «detailed view»
160. 1962/06/26 TL[c] to Editorial Sudamericana Thank you for your June 15 letter. The contracts between you and the Abbey of Gethsemani with New [to Editorial Sudamericana S.A. in Buenos Aires, Argentina - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
161. 1962/06/27 TL[c] to Editora y Distibuidora Hispano Americana Thank you for your letter stating that you have heard from your colleagues Editorial Sudamericana [to Editora y Distibuidora Hispano Americana S.A. in Barcelona, Spain] «detailed view»
162. 1962/06/28 TLS to Merton Here is a great batch of contracts: The new basic one for New Directions for NEW SEEDS OF «detailed view»
163. 1962/06/29 TL[x] to Merton Our agent in Italy, Erich Linder, of Agence Letteraria Internazionale, writes "Garzanti (Thomas Italian rights and royalties for New Seeds of Contemplation «detailed view»
164. 1962/07/03 TLS to Merton Here is the proposed basic agreement for NEW SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION. It is an exact replica «detailed view»
165. 1962/07/09 TAL[x] to Merton The enclosed letter to Linder, I guess, explains itself. I will forward the contracts when they report on Geshe Wangyal and the monks of Freewood Acres, New Jersey «detailed view»
166. 1962/07/20 TL[x] to Merton The enclosed explains itself. Thanks very much for getting all those contracts back to us by Foreign rights in France for most books by New Directions to be handled by Michael Hoffman - asks about Marie Tadié and if she is still handling French translations and if she is interested in a French translation of "Original Child Bomb" «detailed view»
167. 1962/07/26 TL[x] to Merton My letters these days seem to be filled mainly with business. Well, it is all business that must be «detailed view»
168. 1962/07/30 other[x] from Merton EMBLEMS FROM A SEASON OF FURY. Contents: Prologue (to be written) Letter to an Innocent Bystander [proposed table of contents, typed with a handwritten note, by Merton, for book that would be Emblems of a Season of Fury] «detailed view»
169. 1962/08/10 TL[x] to Merton I think that the enclosed carbons of letters explain a couple of the points you raise in your July rejection by Editorial Sudamericana of The New Man and the possibility of finding another publisher in Spain or South America / Emblems of a Season of Fury / Tibetan monks who are learning English - odd experiences with English instructor - suggestion that they should visit Gethsemani Abbey «detailed view»
170. 1962/08/29 TL[c] from Merton This will have to be briefer than I would like, as I have to get a lot out of the way this morning. «detailed view»
171. 1962/09/05 TAL[x] to Merton We are sending review copies of "Breakthrough to Peace" to all the people whose names and addresses sending Breakthrough to Peace to Doña María Luisa Bastos at SUR in Buenos Aires «detailed view»
172. 1962/09/06 TL[x] to Merton On cleaning things up after a secretary of mine left-- we had great hopes that she was going to take Spanish publishers for New Seeds of Contemplation - Editorial Sudamericana - Ernesto Cardenal and a Spanish translation of New Seeds of Contemplation / "Poetry and the Contemplative Life" - old royalties statement from Edizioni Morcelliana of Brescia «detailed view»
173. 1962/09/14 TL[x] to Merton How is your legal Portuguese? I could probably get a full translation of this photocopy contract for Editora Vozes Limitada in Brazil for a Portuguese language edition of Merton's Selected Poems / "The Tower of Babel horror enough without business babble." «detailed view»
174. 1962/11/08 TL[x] to Merton I seem to have flubbed, in that I failed to ask you about an offer from Raeber Verlag of Luzern New Seeds of Contemplation - publishers vying for German lanugage rights in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland - Editorial Sudamericana (Spanish rights) / Portuguese Selected Poems / "I hope that Tower of Babel in France over Original Child Bomb got torn down." / Breakthrough to Peace «detailed view»
175. 1962/11/19 TAL[x] to Merton Thanks much for your run-down of various business details. I am writing to Dagmar Henne to proceed Spanish and German rights for New Seeds of Contemplation / publication controversy regarding "Original Child Bomb" / MacGregor asks some detailed questions about the organization of a monastery and tax status in the USA because of the Tibetan monks he is helping in New Jersey / George Zournas «detailed view»
176. 1962/12/11 TAL[x] to Merton I finally did get to the Brazilian contract, and realized that without a complete translation «detailed view»
177. 1962/12/12 TL[x] to Merton Do you know what these black book editions look like? Would it be something that we should pursue? negative opinion of the religious book market «detailed view»
178. 1962/12/24 TL[x] to Merton I guess the enclosed from Tom Burns will mean that the black book possibility for NEW SEEDS George Zournas and instruction in the English language for Tibetan Buddhists «detailed view»
179. 1963/01/04 TL[x] to Merton I've only just been able to read JL's letter to you of December 18th, with its wonderful description plans for new paperback / Laurence Pollinger's idea about what to include in Breakthrough to Peace / discussing Merton with a Marionist brother «detailed view»
180. 1963/01/12 TL[x] to Merton I evidently overlooked asking you about Dagmar Henne's letter of January 9th, a copy of which was new offer from Raber Verlag, Lucerne, Switzerland, in regard to New Seeds of Contemplation / MacGregor reading the Thomas Merton Reader «detailed view»
181. 1963/01/16 TL[x] to Merton I would gather that JL did not have time to send you a copy of this enclosed magnificent article article on Breakthrough to Peace by C. Rajagopalachari in India «detailed view»
182. 1963/01/17 TLS[x] from Merton I was glad to get your evaluation of the Macmillan picture. Sorry to hear the lady is drinking sending poem "Hagia Sophia" to Ramparts magazine / reading Rachel Carson's Silent Spring «detailed view»
183. 1963/01/23 TAL[x] to Merton Thanks for your January 17th letter. We will keep our fingers crossed about the MacMillan situation sending Henry Miller a copy of "Clement of Alexandria" - already has the Thomas Merton Reader / "Original Child Bomb" read on WBAI FM radio and announcement in Cue magazine «detailed view»
184. 1963/02/09 HLS to Merton Here is the other Tibetan "autobiography." Khanlemp did his first and then I think young Sherpa «detailed view»
185. 1963/02/12 TL[x] to Merton I evidently overlooked asking you about Dagman Henne's letter of January 9th, a copy of which was «detailed view»
186. 1963/06/05 TL[x] to Merton As you may have gathered I have been rather burned in business affairs which needed urgent attention royalties dispute over various publishers' anthology rights in A Thomas Merton Reader / asking about Merton's participation for an anthology of Tibetan poetry - George Woodcock and Jackson Matthews, and Lobsang Lhalungpa «detailed view»
187. 1963/07/02 TL[x] to Merton J tells me that you are giving your manuscripts and papers to the University of Louisville Library «detailed view»
188. 1963/08/28 (#01) TALS to Merton Re: THOMAS MERTON READER [-] On June 5th I seem to have sent you a long and involved «detailed view»
189. 1963/08/28 (#02) TL[c] to Burns, T. F. As you know we are publishing this Fall a new volume of poems by Thomas Merton called EMBLEMS [to Thomas F. Burns of Burns & Oats in London - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
190. 1963/09/13 TL[x] to Merton This seems to be my week for flooding you with carbon copies of letters. Please excuse, but I hope article about ex-monk Gerald Groves and his fourteen years at Gethsemani Abbey with Merton (published in Catholic Digest) / on meeting Marco Pallis - Tibetan Buddhism - mutual friend George Zournas / New Jersey monastery of Dalai Lama's brother Thubten Norbu - visit of Tibetan monks to Gethsemani «detailed view»
191. 1963/10/03 TLS to Merton Sorry to hear about your back. I hope it is one the mend. Last Friday I had a visit from «detailed view»
192. 1963/11/08 TL[x] to Merton Enclosed explain themselves. If this doesn't work would you allow us to have our agent in London, idea of Laurence Pollinger, agent in London, could look for a place to publish some of Merton's poems / thinks Robert Giroux should send a book published by Farrar Straus to Merton, The Cold War and the Income Tax by Edmund Wilson «detailed view»
193. 1963/11/15 TAL[c] from Merton Of course I would be very glad to have your agent in London push the poems, and get his right «detailed view»
194. 1963/12/03 (#01) TALS to Merton I hope the enclosed makes sense to you as I think it will to Pollinger. For years he has toiled «detailed view»
195. 1963/12/03 (#02) TAL[c] to Pollinger, Laurence As I may have told you we have been acting informally - and I guess formally in fact - for Thomas [to Laurence Pollinger in London - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
196. 1964/01/14 (#01) TL[c] to Pollinger, Laurence I note that your have now received copies of EMBLEMS OF A SEASON OF FURY, THE BEHAVIOR [to Laurence Pollinger in London - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
197. 1964/01/14 (#02) TAL[c] to Editora y Distibuidora Hispano Americana Thank you very much for your two letters of 7th and 8th January, inquiring about EMBLEMS OF A SEASON [to Editora y Distibuidora Hispano Americana S.A. in Barcelona, Spain - copy to Merton - contains note from MacGregor to Merton: "No need to comment. These for your information"] «detailed view»
198. 1964/01/15 TL[c] to Llausás, A. López I have just yesterday had two letters from your colleagues at Editora y Distribuidora Hispano [to A. López Llausás of Editorial Sudamericana, S.A. - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
199. 1964/01/28 TLS[x] from Pollinger, Laurence I am sorry Eyre & Spottiswoode don't feel he is an author for them. Distinguished though he is [from Laurence Pollinger in London - copy to Merton with brief note to Merton] «detailed view»
200. 1964/02/07 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks for the carbons of those letters regarding foreign rights. They came at the right time «detailed view»
201. 1964/02/11 TALS to Merton Your post card came yesterday and today your good letter. Thanks very much for "Message to Poets" «detailed view»
202. 1964/03/30 TLS[x] from Llausás, A. López I thank you for your letter dated on January 15 and I apologize for having taken so long before [to A. López Llausás of Editorial Sudamericana, S.A. in Buenos Aires, Argentina] «detailed view»
203. 1964/04/15 TAL[c] from Merton In a way it is good that Sudamericana is not taking Emblems. I would rather see the book done «detailed view»
204. 1964/07/30 (#01) TALS to Merton It seems a long time since I have written you, but I know that you have been keeping in closer touch «detailed view»
205. 1964/07/30 (#02) TLS[x] from Internal Revenue Service We can advise you that the proposed tax treaty between the United States and India is not in effect. [from to the United States Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service] «detailed view»
206. 1964/08/03 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter of July 30th. I am getting down to it immediately, because I have a chance «detailed view»
207. 1964/08/06 TLS to Merton I am rushing to catch a plane for Toronto and our semi-annual sales meeting with the salesmen of our «detailed view»
208. 1964/08/11 TALS[c] from Merton In your letter of the 6th which arrived yesterday, you mention an enclosed letter evidently «detailed view»
209. 1964/08/12 (#01) TL[c] to Merton You will remember that we have corresponded, particularly in early 1961, about the rights [to Jivanji D. Desai from the Navajivan Trust of India - copy to Merton - handwritten note to Merton (1964/08/12[2]) on the same page] «detailed view»
210. 1964/08/12 (#02) HNS to Merton The [indecipherable words..] last week and [handwritten note to Merton on the same page as (1964/08/12[1])] «detailed view»
211. 1964/09/10 (#01) TL[c] to Editora y Distibuidora Hispano Americana Thank you for your August 28th letter telling us that you feel that because 80 pages out of the 150 [to Editora y Distribuidora Hispano Americana in Barcelona, Spain - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
212. 1964/09/10 (#02) TLS[x] from Editora y Distibuidora Hispano Americana Por la presente nos referimos a la obra EMBLEMS OF A SEASON OF FURY de T. Merton, [dated 1964/08/28, but copied and forwarded to Merton on 1964/09/10 - from Editora y Distribuidora Hispano Americana in Barcelona, Spain] «detailed view»
213. 1964/09/15 (#01) TL[c] to Desai, T. M. Thank you for your August 25th letter enclosing a "Letter of Authority" permitting us to publish [to T. M. Desai, Managing Trustee of the Navajivan Trust in India - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
214. 1964/09/15 (#02) other[x] from Desai, T. M. LETTER OF AUTHORITY [-] The Navajivan Trust hereby authorizes the New Directions, [originally dated 1964/08/25 - copied and forwarded to Merton - from T. M. Desai, Managing Trustee of the Navajivan Trust in India] «detailed view»
215. 1964/09/16 HNS to Merton I'm off to Scotland for 3 weeks and «detailed view»
216. 1964/10/01 HPCS to Merton Thought you'd enjoy this figure as much as we did. Perhaps you know him - as you know, Melrose [verso: black and white photograph from Melrose Abbey in Scotland - "Pig with bagpipes on south wall of nave."] «detailed view»
217. 1964/10/16 (#01) TL[c] from Merton I have continually had problems with foreign rights, especially since I have not had a proper New «detailed view»
218. 1964/10/16 (#02) TL[c] to Sanmiguel, Miguel Thomas Merton has told me of his communications with you particularly about an anthology [to Miguel Sanmiguel, Director General of Editorial Guadarrama in Madrid, Spain] «detailed view»
219. 1964/10/19 (#01) TL[c] to Tadié, Marie Thomas Merton has written me that you have had some negotiations with Garzanti in Italy [to Marie Tadié in Paris France - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
220. 1964/10/19 (#02) TLS to Merton Thanks for your October 16th letter which has just come, and I hasten to answer it. problems with French translator Marie Tadié - New Seeds of Contemplation «detailed view»
221. 1964/10/29 TALS from Tadié, Marie I have been Father Louis' Agent in France for seven Years, and have obtained, for him, conditions [copy of letter sent to MacGregor, but original signature and annotations] «detailed view»
222. 1964/11/03 TL[c] from Merton Marie Tadie has sent us here a copy of her recent letter to you, stating that she remains my agent «detailed view»
223. 1964/11/05 (#01) TANS to Merton On election day when Iwas [sic] here alone, an Argentine poet name Alberto Girri turned up here «detailed view»
224. 1964/11/05 (#02) TALS to Merton I had dictated a letter to Marie Tadié, which I had hoped would mollify her and to save you getting «detailed view»
225. 1964/11/05 (#03) TAL[c] to Raine, R. Thank you for your 5th October letter which came while I was on holiday in Scotland. [to R. Raine of Editions de l'Epi in Paris, France - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
226. 1964/11/18 (#01) TLS to Merton Thanks much for your note and the copy of your letter to Marie Tadié. How tiresome this is for you, «detailed view»
227. 1964/11/18 (#02) other[x] to Merton Report from Laurence Pollinger, Agent, London 2nd November, 1964. [-] REPORT ON NEW ["Report on New Directions' Books on Offer" (page 1 of 3 only) with 3 titles by Merton - dated 1964/11/02 and copy forwarded to Merton on 1964/11/18] «detailed view»
228. 1965/01/15 TLS[x] from Merton I think there is no harm at all in getting started on a possible Italian edition of Gandhi. possible paperback with "Behavior of Titans", "Atlas Watches Every Evening", "Early Legend", "A Devout Meditation on Adolph Eichmann", "Notes on Art and Freedom", and "Message to Poets" / music of Marco Pallis - "Consort of Viols" «detailed view»
229. 1965/01/18 (#01) TALS to Merton Your letter of last Friday catapulted me to the enclosed. J. will be back here at the end of this «detailed view»
230. 1965/01/18 (#02) TAL[c] to Linder, Erich I have just had a note from Thomas Merton about the possibilities of an Italian edition [to Erich Linder in Milan, Italy - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
231. 1965/02/12 HLS to Merton These proofs make a particularly merry - and right - Lincoln's Birthday. I'm sure you had faith, «detailed view»
232. 1965/03/15 TALS to Merton I take delight in assisting in any way I can with the work on Schema 13. I hope your book does have «detailed view»
233. 1965/03/22 (#02) TLS to Merton We have gotten to the point in our planning of your book, GANDHI ON NON-VIOLENCE where we want «detailed view»
234. 1965/03/22? (#01) HLS to Merton This is late Friday and the exhausting hebdomadaire is closing in. (One can keep going at the old «detailed view»
235. 1965/03/26 (#01) TL[c] to Leduc, Louis-B. I think that Thomas Merton had told us something about the plans for the translation by Mr. Kigama [to Fr. Louis-B. Leduc, O.P. of Veritas-Shoin in Kyoto, Japan] «detailed view»
236. 1965/03/26 (#02) TL[c] from Merton I think the index for the Gandhi book is an excellent idea, and I do not want to get involved «detailed view»
237. 1965/03/29 (#01) TLS to Merton Your March 26th letter is in just as I was about to dictate to Martin Luther King's secretary, «detailed view»
238. 1965/03/29 (#02) TL[c] to MacDonald, Dora Hermine Popper, who is an old friend of mine, thought it was all right for me to send you this set [to Dora MacDonald of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in Atlanta, Georgia, regarding sending the proofs of Gandhi on Non-Violence with an introduction by Merton to Martin Luther King, Jr.] «detailed view»
239. 1965/04/09 TAL[x] to Merton I trust that the enclosed letter to Michael Hoffman reflects our understanding about the situation Martin Luther King, Jr. and feedback to what MacGregor had sent on behalf of Merton - hoping for statement from King / Denise Levertov and Vietnam protest «detailed view»
240. 1965/05/01 (#01) TALS[x] from McKinney, John F. The Catholic Poetry Society of America, publishers of Spirit and producers of Spirit Records, «detailed view»
241. 1965/05/01 (#02) other[x] to Merton Poems of Thomas Merton [-] from Selected Poems of Thomas Merton, New Directions. «detailed view»
242. 1965/05/28 (#01) TLS to Merton I thought best to put this question up to you, although I could suggest certain essays from BEHAVIOR «detailed view»
243. 1965/05/28 (#02) TLS[x] from Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale Garzanti are now prepared to purchase THE WISDOM OF THE DESERT by Father Merton, [to Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale in Milan, Italy - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
244. 1965/06/01 (#01) TL[c] from Merton Thanks for the letter about Garzanti and Wisdom of the Desert. Frankly I don't see putting «detailed view»
245. 1965/06/01 (#02) TAL from RR Attached is copy of letter from Catholic Poetry Society of America re their project of recording [initials "RR" only, no name] «detailed view»
246. 1965/06/02 HNS to Merton Is this ok? Our contract for Emblems gives us authority to make agreement but not on «detailed view»
247. 1965/10/02 TLS[x] from Merton Yesterday I received a letter, in fact two letters, from Marie Tadié who has had offers for Chuang New Directions and the handling of foreign rights including The Way of Chuang Tzu «detailed view»
248. 1965/10/20 (#01) HPCS to Merton The farm looked pretty much like this - taken some years ago for a family Christmas card - [verso: color photograph of a landscape of a farm] «detailed view»
249. 1965/10/20 (#02) HLS to Merton Thought you might like to see this clipping, about happenings in this part of the world. «detailed view»
250. 1965/11/20 TL[c] from Merton An absurd complication has arisen with regard to the Japanese translation of Seeds of «detailed view»
251. 1965/11/24 (#01) TLS to Merton Immediately on receiving your November 20th letter about the two publishers in Japan and «detailed view»
252. 1965/11/24 (#02) HLS[x] from Tadié, Marie Thank you for your letter. If I deem so important to remain Father Louis' agent, whatever his [dated 1965/10/14 - to Marie Tadié, Merton's translator and foreign agent in Paris] «detailed view»
253. 1965/11/24 (#03) TALS[x] from Pollinger, Laurence Thank you for your letter of November 11th. It is my suggestion that I start afresh to market «detailed view»
254. 1966/01/27 (#01) HLS to Merton These were meant to go to you long ago - before the various city madnesses (Christmas, «detailed view»
255. 1966/01/27 (#02) TL[c] to Redefer, Frederick L. I am most impressed to see that the copy of THE WAY OF CHUANG TZU by Thomas Merton which I sent [originally dated 1965/12/02 - copy sent to Merton - to Prof. Frederick L. Redefer of the School of Education at New York University] «detailed view»
256. 1966/01/27 (#03) TLS[x] from Chu, Yu-kuang Thank you for sending me a copy of THOMAS MERTON: THE WAY OF CHUANG TZU. It is a delightful [originally dated 1965/12/22 - copy forwarded to Merton - from Yu-kuang Chu, a professor in the Program of Asian Studies at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York] «detailed view»
257. 1966/02/09 TALS to Merton Following on J.'s letter to you of January 26, I now have prices from a remainder house for the two «detailed view»
258. 1966/02/21 TL[c] from Tadié, Marie Would you kindly note, to avoid any misunderstanding, that when I was acting as sole agent for «detailed view»
259. 1966/03/31 TLS[x] from Pollinger, Laurence Ian Parsons and his colleagues at Chatto have now read and discussed the two volumes of Merton's «detailed view»
260. 1966/04/06 TAL[c] to Merton J. has told me that you have gone to the hospital for a spinal lumbar operation, and I hope that you «detailed view»
261. 1966/04/06 TL[x] to Merton J. has told me that you have gone to the hospital for a spinal lumbar operation, and I hope that you difficulties with Marie Tadié and French rights agreements - Gandhi and Non-Violence «detailed view»
262. 1966/04/20 TLS to Merton I've checked around the office and do not believe that anyone here at least has sent you a copy «detailed view»
263. 1966/04/21 TL[x] from Merton Many thanks for your letter of April 6th. I am glad it was a bit delayed though by the 6 «detailed view»
264. 1966/04/26 TL[x] to Merton Thanks much for your April 21st letter, and we are delighted here with the news that you are coming «detailed view»
265. 1966/04/26 TAL[x] to Tadié, Marie Without involving Michael Hoffman, writing to him or asking his side of the story, I have now I «detailed view»
266. 1966/05/06 TL[x] to Merton In answering Marie Tadié, as enclosed, and I am also enclosing a photocopy of her letter to me «detailed view»
267. 1966/08/30 TALS to Merton Your note came this morning, and we have ordered the copies of RAIDS and CHUANG TZU to be sent «detailed view»
268. 1966/10/31 (#01) TLS to Merton After a summer of a substitute secretary, I was without any secretary for a couple of weeks, «detailed view»
269. 1966/10/31 (#02) HLS[x] from Tadié, Marie Thank you for the two copies of Raids on the Unspeakable which arrived safely. However, I want you [originally dated 1966/09/30 - from Marie Tadié in Paris - copy forwarded to Merton] «detailed view»
270. 1966/10/31 (#03) telegram[x] from Tadié, Marie MY LETTER UNANSWERED HAVING SOLD BEHAVIOR IN 1961 CONFIRM AGREEMENT MY SELLING [originally dated 1966/10/28 - from Marie Tadié in Paris - copy forwarded to Merton] «detailed view»
271. 1966/10/31 (#04) TANS  from Br. Simeon to Merton For your information Rev. Father sent a letter to Marie Tadie on or about Oct 26 in which he canned [from Br. Simeon of Gethsemani Abbey to Merton regarding Marie Tadié] «detailed view»
272. 1966/11/03 TALS to Merton Our Copyright Department requires information about the original magazine publication of the essays «detailed view»
273. 1966/11/04 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter and the enclosures about Marie Tadie. It comes at an opportune time. «detailed view»
274. 1966/11/07 TLS to Merton I got your long, good letter of November 4th, concerned with Marie Tadie today, and although I have «detailed view»
275. 1966/11/08 (#01) TL[c] from Merton I am returning the list of essays with more or less usable information about where those essays «detailed view»
276. 1966/11/08 (#02) TL[c] to Tadié, Marie Please excuse our silence. We are waiting to hear from the Father Abbot James Fox who had not [to Marie Tadié, Merton's translator and former agent in France - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
277. 1966/12/23 TALS[x] from Mattesini, Francesco Vi saremo molto grati se vorrete farci pervenire a titolo di recensione per la nostra rivista "Vita [originally dated 1966/11/17 from Francesco Mattesini, editor of an Italian cultural journal in Milan, Vita e Pensiero - copy forwarded to Merton with the handwritten note from MacGregor, "What think thee? In haste but with wishes for peace on earth for more than Christmas."] «detailed view»
278. 1967/01/11 (#01) TALS to Merton I am delighted finally to be able to enclose four copies of a proposed contract between the Abbey «detailed view»
279. 1967/01/11 (#02) TL[c] to Mattesini, Francesco Thank you for your recent letter inquiring about the possibility of a reprinting in your magazine [originally dated 1967/01/03 to Francesco Mattesini, editor of an Italian cultural journal in Milan, Vita e Pensiero - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
280. 1967/02/01 other to Merton PUBLISHER BUYS BRITISH CONCERN [-] Two Major Catholic Presses Are Involved in Sale [newspaper clipping regarding the purchase of Burns & Oates by Herder and Herder] «detailed view»
281. 1967/02/03 (#01) TLS to Merton The enclosed explains itself I hope. Perhaps you know if anything went wrong with the project «detailed view»
282. 1967/02/03 (#02) TAL[c] to Ludovico, Fr., O.F.M. I am delighted to enclose four copies of the proposed contract for your publication of "The Way [to Fr. Ludovico, a Franciscan priest of Editora Vozes Limitada in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
283. 1967/02/20 (#01) TLS[x] from Mattesini, Francesco We are in receipt of your letter dated February 14th inst. and we thank you. We assure you that we [see "Mattesini, Francesco" file for copy of letter] «detailed view»
284. 1967/02/20 (#02) TNS  from MacGregor, Robert / to Merton Please be sure to let us see (borrow so's [sic ] we can copy for our files) when it comes. [see "Mattesini, Francesco" file for copy of letter - note on same page as other letter of the same date] «detailed view»
285. 1967/03/20 (#01) TALS[x] to Fox, James Thank you very much for your letter, and as you see, I am writing to Marie Tadié along the lines you [original letter in Sub-Section C.7 in a file labelled "French Rights"] «detailed view»
286. 1967/03/20 (#02) TL[x] to Tadié, Marie I have now heard from the Fr. Abbot of the Abbey of Gethsemane in regard to your proposal that since [original letter in Sub-Section C.7 in a file labelled "French Rights"] «detailed view»
287. 1967/04/01 HLS[x] to Tadié, Marie Before I got your letter of March 20, 1967, Dom James Fox had signed an agreement with Les «detailed view»
288. 1967/04/11 (#01) TLS to Fox, James I am enclosing the letter I received from Marie Tadié and my reply. It is good for us to have «detailed view»
289. 1967/04/11 (#02) TL[c] to Tadié, Marie Thank you very much for your April 1 letter enclosing a copy of the contract for "Behavior of Titans «detailed view»
290. 1967/06/16 TALS to Merton We've had a card from a James McMurray who lives near our offices at 94 Charles Street asking «detailed view»
291. 1967/06/19 TL[c] from Merton Yes, Jim McMurray is a former novice of ours. I knew him very well of course, and he spent four «detailed view»
292. 1967/07/10 HPCS to Merton It takes 2 hours, though snow and swollen streams to get in here, but it's an ideal place to recover [verso: color photograph of Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp at Yosemite National Park in California] «detailed view»
293. 1967/07/13 TL[c] to Brilliant, Alan Your letter addressed to Mr. Jerome Fried which arrived yesterday morning (July 12) was almost sent [to Alan Brilliant of Unicorn Press in Santa Barbara, California - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
294. 1967/07/14 TLS to Merton I trust you approve the enclosed to the group in Santa Barbara. I understand that Unicorn Press «detailed view»
295. 1967/07/17 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter of the 14 re Unicorn Press. I hope it is quite clear that they are not doing «detailed view»
296. 1967/07/19 (#01) TALS to Merton The enclosed is just in from our friends in Santa Barbara, and I thought also you might like to see «detailed view»
297. 1967/07/19 (#02) TALS[x] from Brilliant, Alan Thank you indeed for the permission of slides from Merton's ORIGINAL CHILD BOMB. They shall [from Alan Brilliant of Unicorn Press in Santa Barbara, California] «detailed view»
298. 1967/07/21 TLS to Merton J Laughlin saw my PS to you of July 19, after it had gone off. He asked if the poems «detailed view»
299. 1967/09/26 TL[c] from Merton Your note of the 24th reached me only this morning, and I have only just had a chance to answer, «detailed view»
300. 1967/11/22 TALS to Merton I trust you approve of the enclosed "rider" to the agreement with Garzanti in Italy to permit them «detailed view»
301. 1967/11/29 TL[c] to Livraria Morais Editora Your November 13th letter to the Reverend Father Thomas Merton about the possible publication of his [to Livraria Morais Editora in Lisbon, Portugal - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
302. 1967/12/01 (#01) TLS to Merton Thanks much for your card, and as you see, I am writing the Portuguese publisher as enclosed. «detailed view»
303. 1967/12/01 (#02) TLS[x] to Merton Evidently we had not previously completed a contract for "Cables to the Ace." [see Sub-Section C.6, Contracts, for the original in Series 23, "Cables to the Ace"] «detailed view»
304. 1968/03/22 TLS to Merton I am enclosing a photocopy of a note we have just received from Edizioni Morcelliana at Brescia «detailed view»
305. 1968/03/28 TL[c] from Merton I have no objection to Morcelliana looking at Cables but I think that this book is really «detailed view»
306. 1968/04/19 TL[x] to Merton As you'll see from the enclosed carbon to Erich Linder I wrote him the day I received your March difficulties with Marie Tadié / responding to Merton's request for advice about difficulties with Robert Williams, the vocalist performing Merton's "Freedom Songs" including some of the racial issues involved «detailed view»
307. 1968/06/18 (#01) TLS to Merton I seem not to have had an answer from you approving the Garzanti offer for an Italian edition «detailed view»
308. 1968/06/18 (#02) TLS[x] from Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale very many thanks for your letter of the 29th March on Thomas Merton and CABLES TO THE ACE. [originally dated 1968/04/27 - from Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale in Milan, Italy - copy forwarded to Merton] «detailed view»
309. 1968/06/18 (#03) TLS[x]  from Armstrong, Bonnie / to Burns & Oates We have in hand your recent royalty statement (No. B 3208) for "New Seeds of Contemplation" [from Bonnie Armstrong, Foreign Rights Manager for New Directions (with a short note by MacGregor) to Burns & Oates publishers in London, England] «detailed view»
310. 1968/06/20 TALS to Desai, T. M. Please excuse my not having answered earlier your letter about further royalties due you on a book [to T. M. Desai of the Navajivan Trust in India - copy to Merton] «detailed view»
311. 1968/07/03 TL[x] to Merton Your June 22nd letter came while I was in Kansas City for a week, but as you will see enclosed New Seeds of Contemplation / contract difficulties with Curtis-Brown and new parent company / attempt at making a paperback of Bread in the Wilderness / thoughts on Kansas City, Missouri - ugliness of downtown, attempt at beautification with fountains - very good museum of Chinese art «detailed view»
312. 1968/08/27 TL[x]  from Armstrong, Bonnie / to Merton Mr. Laughlin asked that I call the American Express here (Credit Card Department) regarding [Bonnie Armstrong was assistant to Robert MacGregor] delays in getting Merton's American Express credit card «detailed view»
313. 1968/09/20 TL[x] to Salinas, Jaime It is good to hear from you even in the form of a form inquiry about rights. And I am delighted [letter addressed to "Jaine Salinas" of Alianza Editorial in Madrid, but it is most certainly Jaime Salinas - from "Merton Subject Files" in the New Directions Publishing files at Harvard] «detailed view»
314. 1972/10/10 TLS to Center from MacGregor, Robert Please excuse my delay in answering your letter of August 7 requesting that I contribute my letters «detailed view»

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