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Merton's Correspondence with:

Edward Rice; Ed Rice

Rice, Edward, 1918-2001  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1940-1967
Volume: 91 item(s); 113 pg(s)

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Edward Rice was one of Merton's friends from Columbia University that also contributed to the university's satirical magazine The Jester. He was one of the only Catholics in Merton's circle (before the conversion of Lax and others), and he was chosen as Merton's godfather for Merton's baptism in 1938. Ed Rice became a freelance journalist and photographer. He founded the ecumenical and progressive Catholic magazine Jubilee, to which Merton was a contributor. As a journalist, he traveled throughout the world, sometimes getting into danger, including a threat of disembowelment by Bedouins in Jordan. (Sources: The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia, edited by William Shannon, Christine Bochen, and Patrick O'Connell, pp. 384-385; and Cummings, Mary. "Edward Rice '40: Traveling on Unbeaten Paths." Columbia College Today. May 2001. Online version. Accessed 22 Feb. 2006. ‹›.)

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See also Cold War Letters #33 and other letters from Merton to Rice published in The Road to Joy, pp. 283-293; see also the "Kazan, Basil". "Stone, Naomi Burton", and "Lax, Robert" files.

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1. 1940/04/no TLS[x] from Merton some Cuba, baby, some Cuba. Listen, I was in Havana a couple days and you never seen such a city. «detailed view»
2. 1940/12/03 other[x] from Merton [copy of envelope that Merton used to send Rice 4 poems (most currently unpublished) - see Section E.2 for copies of the poems: "The Minotaur's Picnic", "Watergap", "City's Spring" and "Lycidas"] «detailed view»
3. 1941/02/24 TLS[x] from Merton Your story of how you bought finegans wake reminds me of the time lax went into the same kind [addressed "Rous", like 1941/02/24 letter] «detailed view»
4. 1941/no/no? TLS[x] from Merton I have just sat in my chalet in the snow and corrected seventeen million english exams and only six [labeled Rice at Columbia, but mentions Rice in letter - addressed "Rous"] «detailed view»
5. 1950/06/23 TALS to Merton Lax just passed on a letter from you. I was going to write you about the magazine, but I see that «detailed view»
6. 1957/02/28 TL[c] from Merton I got permission to write to you because perhaps you can put me in touch directly or indirectly «detailed view»
7. 1959/02/09 TLS to Merton Hope this reaches you before the Iron Curtain falls on Wednesday. Yes, by all means, articles «detailed view»
8. 1959/02/28 TLS[x] from Merton Man I go to sharpen up this typewriter and write some time in a month a profound article «detailed view»
9. 1959/05/09 TLS[x] from Merton That beat generation man Lax he was down here o yes manmanman. Well and he brought back to you, [copied from Sub-Section H.7, Hart Working Files] sent "Boris Pasternak and the People with Watch Chains" / sending article on Mount Athos / Gethsemani cheese / Art and Worship - Robert Giroux and Farrar, Straus / James Laughlin and the desert fathers book (Wisdom of the Desert) / Robert Lax as beat and hermit «detailed view»
10. 1959/05/28 TLS to Merton Yes, we received Pasternak (and the insert) and Mt Athos. Many thanks for both. You have no idea «detailed view»
11. 1959/10/26 TALS to Merton I've read your books about the human spirit and I think they're peachy. My friend Hubert Larks does «detailed view»
12. 1960/01/05 TAL to Merton Yes, Eloise & I will come, will leave Jan 29 (Sunday) & arrive, I suppose, Monday night «detailed view»
13. 1960/03/31 TAL from Merton I write to you as to Mr Jubilee Ikon. Dear Mister Ikon (Jubilee). I have been imprisoned «detailed view»
14. 1960/04/08 TALS to Merton By separate mail we sent you an annunciation ikon, on paper, just like Uncle Ivan used to make. «detailed view»
15. 1960/06/16 TALS to Merton Listen , Jazzbo, you blow across the pipes, not into them. Never mind Swanee River. «detailed view»
16. 1960/06/20 TLS[x] from Merton Well I wish to declare that the Huge Book printed on ghost skins by Nestles Chocolate Inc, Vevey «detailed view»
17. 1960/06/27 TLS[x] from Merton The censors have passed Peter Damian and Herkleitos both. So they are ok, no corrections. «detailed view»
18. 1960/08/25 TL to Merton Laundry man say, run tzu, run three, run all nineteen pages of fortune cookie recipie. «detailed view»
19. 1960/08/30 TL to Merton By all means, an article on the monkey man (yes, my sister did marry one & the whole «detailed view»
20. 1960/08/no? TLS to Merton send quickly dolci. send quickly heraklitos. i will send dolci a five dollar prize even as you «detailed view»
21. 1960/11/12 TLS[x] from Merton Well, I now have the final supreme decision about the Teilhard de Chardin article. It is that this «detailed view»
22. 1961/01/10 TLS[x] from Merton Fine letter. I will be craning for the sails of the mercedes Jan 30 next day big birthday am five «detailed view»
23. 1961/02/13 TLS to Merton Some more clippings for background for the art book. The one on Janis will tell you something «detailed view»
24. 1961/09/03 TL[c] from Merton The letter will serve as an introduction for the Rt Rev. Archimandrite Basil Kazan. Providentially «detailed view»
25. 1961/10/08 TLS to Merton Hah, you thought I'd never write. No the Iron Curtain hasn't been holding up my letters, «detailed view»
26. 1961/10/13 TLS[x] from Merton Received yesterday yours of 8th. If the image woman was here she has been and gone without «detailed view»
27. 1961/11/02 TLS to Merton So you hid from the whiskey image woman. Too bad. She had pockets full of Old Crow, Old Grandad, «detailed view»
28. 1961/11/15 TL from Merton Letters from Jim Forest at the CW have given me a pretty confused picture of what has been going on «detailed view»
29. 1961/11/22 TLS to Merton Yes, do the article on God and the H Bomb. Perhaps rather than a review it could be a take-off «detailed view»
30. 1961/11/30 TLS to Merton Whatever happed to J.P. Morgan's midget? Have you heard about Enos, first American spaceman around «detailed view»
31. 1962/01/04 TLS to Merton Went into the fallout shelter for Christmas & just came out. Why didn't they drop the bomb? «detailed view»
32. 1962/01/08 TLS[x] from Merton What you need is Trappish fallup bisquix, with built in bourbon flavor and goats hair packages «detailed view»
33. 1962/01/23 TALS to Merton Receiving the Marissa M. material. Not yet decided about running it since H & H turned over «detailed view»
34. 1962/02/10 (#01) TALS[x] from Merton The article of Fr Michael Azkoul is quite good, and it touches on the main theme of eastern [handwritten annotations on xerox by William Shannon] «detailed view»
35. 1962/02/10 (#02) transcript from Merton The article of Fr. M.A. is quite good, and it touches on the main theme of eastern Christian [Cold War Letters #33 - transcript from bound set] «detailed view»
36. 1962/03/21 TALS to Merton Enclosed are galleys of your article. Sounds like the best you've done on the subject. «detailed view»
37. 1962/03/22 TLS to Merton I sent you galleys of the article yesterday, but I see not that the Catholic Worker has already run «detailed view»
38. 1962/03/27 TLS to Merton OK, write new lead for the article. The Worker crowd is sort of irresponsible at time and I think «detailed view»
39. 1962/04/26 TLS to Merton Glad you sent in the Stein Collage. I like it & think its good, although you (down there) don't «detailed view»
40. 1962/05/15 TLS to Merton I've got cold feet about the fall-out collage (but a warm heart, if that means anything). «detailed view»
41. 1962/07/05 HPCS to Merton Ravenna, city of my dreams [-] Ed [verso: color photograph of part of one of the mosaics from San Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy, depicting an imperial procession from the reign of Justinian] «detailed view»
42. 1962/09/06 TL to Merton You'd better take off Thataway. (Or I'd better.) Due to a complete misunderstanding of your «detailed view»
43. 1962/09/10 TLS[x] from Merton Never mind. Don't give it a thought, Foertg it I mean forget it. Pass it off with a wave «detailed view»
44. 1963/08/21 TLS to Merton Enclosed the LeClerq piece. Sorry it didn't work out, since I had some beautiful pictures of him. «detailed view»
45. 1963/10/26 TL[c] from Merton Long time ago I said I was going to do an article on the Shakers. Here it is . Under separate «detailed view»
46. 1963/no/no? TLS to Merton the abbot of erlach (h gold's prayergeschaft) of whom was taken some pictures last spring «detailed view»
47. 1964/08/03 TAL[c] from Merton Hold everything. Stop press. Jangle jangle. terrible mistake. That piece on Gandhi was, «detailed view»
48. 1964/09/03 TAL[c] from Merton I have not ceased to be sorry for my blunder about the Gandhi article. And I suppose New Directions «detailed view»
49. 1964/10/02 TLS to Merton have spent the summer thinking about the nature of man. Man is the only animal that wears clothes «detailed view»
50. 1965/07/26 TL[c] from Merton First, thanks for sending the book on Zen Monasticism back when. Holy Ghost and angels must have «detailed view»
51. 1965/08/12 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter. I am appalled by the things that seem to be happening around there. «detailed view»
52. 1965/09/03 TLS[x] from Merton Ok October. I am terribly sorry about your family trouble. I suppose that is one of the most [copied from Sub-Section H.7, Accession 2, Hart Working Files] «detailed view»
53. 1965/12/14 TLS to Merton Enclosed a letter someone wanted forwarded to you. (Not really sure of your address at the moment «detailed view»
54. 1966/01/05 TLS to Merton your introductions just arrived this morning. I think it's excellent--just what I wanted. «detailed view»
55. 1966/01/18 TALS to Merton that was a very pleasant weekend. I feel remiss about not having come down more often, «detailed view»
56. 1966/01/27 TL[c] from Merton Got your letter yesterday at end of retreat preached by guess who Bishop Sheen. I am exempt «detailed view»
57. 1966/02/04 (#01) TLS to Merton Enclosed a Xerox of the article about you in our March issue. I hope it is sufficiently vague. «detailed view»
58. 1966/02/04 (#02) TAL[c] from Merton Listen man, about the anguish. There are things you can intelligently do about it. Not easy, [no year listed - seemingly mislabeled 1967/02/04 in the published letters] «detailed view»
59. 1966/03/16 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter from Iraq. The trip sounds interesting. I wonder if you are going to be «detailed view»
60. 1966/03/no HLS to Merton have been out of the states for three weeks -- in Lebanon, Turkey & Jordan doing some stories «detailed view»
61. 1966/07/14 TLS to Merton if Cross Currents doesn't take the Buddhist article, we will. We have a nice piece by Nhat Hanh «detailed view»
62. 1966/07/20 TL[c] from Merton Thanks letter. I will tell you fast if Cross Currents rejects article, or you might call Cunneen «detailed view»
63. 1966/08/26 TLS to Merton checked Cunneen about the Buddhist article but he tells me he has just written you that it will be «detailed view»
64. 1966/08/29 TL[c] from Merton Other day when I wrote that note I mailed it just before I picked up your envelope with the Dylan «detailed view»
65. 1966/12/05 TLS to Merton By separate mail I am sending you a collection of photographs--some of yourself (the shots I took «detailed view»
66. 1966/12/09 TALS[x] from Merton Thanks for your letter of the 5th which I got today. And thanks for sending the pix. I will be «detailed view»
67. 1967/01/13 TL[c] from Merton Glad the introduction is ok. Since you say there is no wild rush, I will go over it and try «detailed view»
68. 1967/01/16 (#01) TLS to Merton got your compassionate note. Hope the crowd comes up with some ideas. Was in a deep depression «detailed view»
69. 1967/01/16 (#02) other[x]   DEATH OF A HOLY TERROR [-] On March 11, 1966, at one-thirty in the afternoon, Jean Bourgoint, [article by Denise Van Moppès on Jean Bourgoint and the novel loosely based on his life] «detailed view»
70. 1967/01/16 (#03) other[x]   LETTRE AUX AMIS ET COOPERATEURS [-] Merci d'abord à chacun de tous ceux auxquels «detailed view»
71. 1967/01/20 TLS to Merton I am reluctantly sending back the Camus piece because it is too long. At a rough guess it is about «detailed view»
72. 1967/01/30 TL[c] from Merton First, thanks for the book on Hinduism. I haven't touched it yet but will let you know more «detailed view»
73. 1967/02/01 (#01) TLS to Merton enclosed another letter & clipping about Bourgoint. No hurry about doing the article, «detailed view»
74. 1967/02/01 (#02) other to Merton DEMAIN, SALLE DROUOT [-] LA FIN DES ENFANTS TERRIBLE [-] par le P.-P. Michel RIQUET «detailed view»
75. 1967/02/02 TLS to Merton I wonder if you could send me a copy of the Camus piece before Lent closes in. I have my own «detailed view»
76. 1967/02/06 TL[c] from Merton Here are two copies of the Camus article. On one of them I have shown how it could be cut without «detailed view»
77. 1967/02/25 TLS to Merton Received both the revised version of the article on monastic renewal and the two copies of the Camus «detailed view»
78. 1967/03/18 TL[c] from Merton Here is the article on Frere Pascal. I hope you have some good pictures, for it needs illustration. «detailed view»
79. 1967/04/13 TLS to Merton I really should have written you immediately about the Bourgoint article. It's exceptionally good «detailed view»
80. 1967/04/15 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter: I was glad to get it. I didn't know if you were in Alaska or what. «detailed view»
81. 1967/07/07 (#01) TALS to Merton Thought it was time to give you the news about Jubilee. Herder and Herder is in the midst of buying «detailed view»
82. 1967/07/07 (#02) TL[c] from Merton Thanks for the latest Jubilee. The Bro Pascal article came out nicely with the Cocteau drawings. «detailed view»
83. 1967/07/12 TLS to Merton Got your letter of the seventh. Will send out the dozen June copies. I do have the Journal of My «detailed view»
84. 1967/07/18 TL[c] from Merton The Journalof [sic] my Escape has not got here yet, but I hope it will arrive safely. Expect also «detailed view»
85. 1967/07/20 TLS to Merton sent off "Journal of My Escape" to you this morning. Let me know if it arrives. After this could «detailed view»
86. 1967/07/31? TL[c] from Merton Thanks for yours of the 20 and for the Journal of my Escape which is here and looks pretty fair «detailed view»
87. 1967/08/04 TLS to Merton Glad the "Journal" arrives safely. Hadn't realized until after I mailed it that you wanted a Xerox «detailed view»
88. 1967/08/08 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for the latest: I am really glad you are finally off the Herder meathook. Sorry about «detailed view»
89. undated/no/no HN to Merton ED RICE [-] IS ALIVE [-] AND [-] WELL IN [-] HAVANA [-] CUBA «detailed view»
90. undated/no/no other   NEW & REVISED COPY---EDWARD RICE BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE «detailed view»

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