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Merton's Correspondence with:

Maynard Shelly

Shelly, Maynard, 1925-2009  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1961-1963
Volume: 10 item(s); 14 pg(s)

Scope and Content

Merton included his November 27, 1961 letter to Maynard Shelly as letter four of the "Cold War Letters." Copies of other letters to and from Shelly have been added to the file in 2019 from the Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas.


Maynard Shelly was editor of The Mennonite, the weekly publication of the General Conference Mennonite Church. He published Merton's poem, "Chant to Be Used in Processions around a Site with Furnaces," in the November 21, 1961 issue of The Mennonite. Maynard visited Merton at Gethsemani in August of 1962 and wrote an editorial in The Mennonite about his visit.

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See also Cold War Letters #4 published in Witness to Freedom, pp. 22-23.

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1. 1961/08/28 TALS[x] from Merton The Catholic Worker passed on your request to use the poem I wrote about the extermination camps. «detailed view»
2. 1961/11/14 TL[x] to Merton We are using your poem "Chant to be Used in Processions Around a Site with Furnaces" in our issue of «detailed view»
3. 1961/11/21 other[x] by Merton Chant to be Used in Processions Around a Site with Furnaces [photocopy of a poem by Merton from The Mennonite / verso: magazine contents with a brief blurb about Merton (copy is blurry)] «detailed view»
4. 1961/11/27 (#01) transcript from Merton Thank you for your kind letter of Nov. 14. I am looking forward to receipt of the copy [Cold War Letters #4 - transcript from bound set] «detailed view»
5. 1961/11/27 (#02) TLS[x] from Merton Thank you for your kind letter of Nov. 14. I am looking forward to receipt of the copy «detailed view»
6. 1962/01/16 TL[x] to Merton Thank you so much for your kind letter of November 27. It was indeed a personal letter and it has «detailed view»
7. 1962/07/25 TL[x] to Merton In making my plans for my summer trip to the East, I recalled your invitation in our correspondence «detailed view»
8. 1962/09/22 TL[x] to Merton It was so good to be able to visit with you last month. Hardly a day has gone by that our family has «detailed view»
9. 1963/04/23 (#01) TL[x] to Merton Enclosed is a copy of a recent issue of our magazine in which we published a report on the Vatican «detailed view»
10. 1963/04/23 (#02) other[x] to Merton EDITORIAL [-] Last summer I sat for one hour under the trees in a Trappist monastery. It was the end [copy of an editorial from the March 23, 1963 issue of The Mennonite in which Shelly describes his meeting with Merton in August 1962 and which includes a photograph of Merton and Shelly (article and photo are blurry)] «detailed view»

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