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Merton's Correspondence with:

Thomas Ferrier Burns; Thomas Burns; Thomas F. Burns; T.F. Burns; T. F. Burns; Burns, T. F.

Burns, Thomas Ferrier, 1906-1995  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1962-1966
Volume: 17 item(s); 20 pg(s)

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T. F. Burns was a founding director of the Tablet publishing company. He worked for, and later became chairman of Burns & Oates publishing company. Both the publisher and the publication were produced for a Catholic audience. However, Burns was not afraid to take some controversial views, such as criticizing Humanae Vitae after the Second Vatican Council. He writes to Merton from London. (Source: "The History of the Tablet - a summary of '1840-1990 A Commemorative History, The Tablet' by Michael Walsh" from The Tablet website.)

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1. 1949/11/15 TL[x] to Merton I hope you got my letter of 20th October safely? We are all ready to go ahead with the printing «detailed view»
2. 1956/02/01 TL[c]  from Burns, Tom / to Graham Watson This is just a formal acknowledgment of your letter of the 31st January about THE LIVING BREAD, [see "Stone, Naomi Burton" file for letter - to Graham Watson of Curtis Brown publishers] «detailed view»
3. 1962/03/29 TALS to Merton At long last New Directions have sent me a finished copy of NEW SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION. «detailed view»
4. 1963/03/04 TLS to Merton Betty Bartelme, of Macmillan, tells me that they are bringing out a book of yours this Fall, PRAYER forthcoming book by Merton - Prayer as Worship and Experience by Macmillan / Farrar, Straus - Bob Giroux «detailed view»
5. 1963/03/11 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your note. I am afraid I don't have a complete typescript of PRAYER AS WORSHIP complex relations with Farrar, Straus and Cudahy - Bob Giroux / dropping of Curtis Brown / The Merton Reader «detailed view»
6. 1963/03/22 TLS to Merton Many thanks for yours of the 11th and 13th March. I am afraid we shall just have to let the Chapman suggests that Naomi Burton Stone act as Merton's literary agent / relations with Farrar, Straus - statement from Roger Straus / book published by Macmillan / The Merton Reader «detailed view»
7. 1963/07/10 TL[c] from Merton The immediate purpose of this letter is to let you know that the Nuns of Stanbrook are printing Nuns of Stanbrook printing a translation of a letter of Guido the Carthusian / dropping book published by Macmillan - Prayer as Worship and Experience - foolishness of fighting with Farrar, Straus over book on prayer / J. Laughlin publishing Emblems of a Season of Fury «detailed view»
8. 1963/11/13 TAL[c] from Merton Forgive my long delay, perhaps no longer than usual, but I have been in the hospital, so I have some Merton's praise of the Ida Görres Diaries sent by Burns - Görres' response to Sign of Jonas / Görres' book on St. Thérèse of Lisieux / Görres' statement on the "ultra ultra Catholic mind, that tight, closed, prim, infallible, authoritarian, and highly aggressive mind" - death of Diem and Nhu «detailed view»
9. 1964/03/31 TLS to Merton Many thanks for yours of March 25th. I feel very ashamed of myself for not having written to you Ida Görres Diaries / Farrar, Straus - Bob Giroux - Seeds of Destruction / sending copy of Ancren Riwle «detailed view»
10. 1964/04/18 TAL[c] from Merton Glad to hear from you again, and thanks for the clippings. No we don't get the Tablet. But clippings from Tablet and Ramparts magazines / Merton Reader / visit in May to Gethsemani by the Hibakusha, survivors of Hiroshima «detailed view»
11. 1964/06/24 TAL[c] from Merton A copy of the Gorres journals arrived yesterday, and I want to thank you also for all the other meeting with D. T. Suzuki on Zen and Christianity / Seeds of Destruction / Bob Giroux «detailed view»
12. 1965/07/30 TALS to Merton Your very kind letter of July 17th only increases the sense of guilt I have had for weeks and months Illtud Evans - speaking to Merton about Seeds of Destruction - Burns suggests leaving out "Religion and Race in the U.S." and "Man is a Gorilla with a Gun" for publication in England «detailed view»
13. 1965/08/08 TAL[c] from Merton Many thanks for your letter. I am not sure I agree with your idea of leaving out the article on small book made in England out of "The Christian in World Crisis" and "Christian in Diaspora" / Bob Giroux has a proof of Merton's liturgy book Seasons of Celebration / New Directions - Gandhi and Chuang Tzu «detailed view»
14. 1965/10/08 TLS to Merton At long last I think that I have had a brainwave for a title to the book we agreed to make of the idea to call "The Christian in World Crisis" and "Christian in Diaspora" book Redeeming the Time «detailed view»
15. 1965/11/27 TL[c] from Merton I do not remember whether or not I answered your letter about writing a special preface for Merton would like to see a copy of the Second Vatican Council Encyclical "Gaudium et Spes", the Church in the Modern World, before writing preface to Redeeming the Time «detailed view»
16. 1966/02/15 TL[c] from Merton I am glad you have all the material for Redeeming the Time and happy that everything is now Merton asks Burns to send his friend, the Muslim scholar Abdul Aziz in Pakistan, a copy of Zaehner's Hindu and Moslem Mysticism «detailed view»
17. 1966/10/13 TL[c] from Merton Probably copies of REDEEMING THE TIME are on their way but I have not yet seen it. I would in any asking for some extra copies of Redeeming the Time be sent to him, to Dagmar Henne in Germany and to Jose Maria Valverde «detailed view»

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