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Merton's Correspondence with:

Adrian Cunningham

Cunningham, Adrian, d. 2012  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1961-1962
Volume: 3 item(s); 6 pg(s)

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Adrian Cunningham died at age 69 in March 2012. He spent the greatest part of his professional career at the University of Lancaster, helping to found the Department of Religious Studies in 1967. Merton writes to him in London. At the time, he was a student at Cambridge. He was involved in Catholic attempts to promote non-violence and to resist nuclear arms proliferation. He later was a co-founder the controversial publication Slant, which attempted to reconcile Marxism and Catholic thought. (Sources: Subtext [Lancaster, UK]: #88, 22 March 2012 ; and " Once again, farewell," The Tablet: 24 March 2012, p. 19 .)

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1. 1961/12/09 TLS from Merton Thank you for your very kind air letter, offering help with my project of a paperback collection book of essays on peace [Breakthrough to Peace] - Walter Stein collection / Lewis Mumford's criticism of NATO policy of deterrence / nuclear war's immorality - Christian resistance to war / CNDG and non-violence / Merton's fear of U.S. becoming the Nazis of the 1960's / bomb shelter scandal «detailed view»
2. 1962/01/17 TAL to Merton thank you so much for the copy of "Nuclear Weapons and Christian Ethics", as for being 'late in the [unclear whether this letter was sent to Merton and, if it was sent, whether a draft or a carbon copy of the letter possibly sent to Merton] PAX group forming in the U.S. - CNDG (could be a variant for CND, "Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) - Catholics and opposition to nuclear war / Communism / facts about Hiroshima / Catholics and support of SANE and CNVA / Walter Stein's book and a television discussion with Bishop Beck «detailed view»
3. undated/no/no other from Merton CHANT TO BE USED IN PROCESSIONS AROUND A SITE WITH FURNACES [mimeographed draft of Merton's poem - included with the correspondence but not mentioned in it] «detailed view»

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