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Merton's Correspondence with:

Anne Freedgood

Freedgood, Anne  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1951-1967
Volume: 15 item(s); 15 pg(s)

Scope and Content

This correspondence is a mix of personal details about Anne and Sy Freedgood and publishing matters.


Anne Freedgood was editor in the Anchor Books division of Doubleday publishing in New York. She was also the wife of Merton's Columbia friend Seymour Freedgood.

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1. 1951/11/12 TLS[x] from Merton I am so far gone that I cannot even remember whether or not I answered your letter of a month ago [addressed "Dear Anne," unclear if Freedgood - Giroux notes "Please return to A.F." - Merton notes, "best wishes to both of you" (maybe a reference to Seymore Freedgood)] «detailed view»
2. 1964/02/06 TAL[c] from Merton Thanks very much for the package of books, all of them very welcome. And thank Seymour also for his «detailed view»
3. 1964/08/19 TAL[c] from Merton I am returning this form for your permissions editor, for the CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN POETS, «detailed view»
4. 1964/09/23 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your good letter. I am sure everything is all right with Cappy. He does not write to me «detailed view»
5. 1964/09/28 TALS to Merton I have just finished talking long distance to Czeslaw Milosz in California who tells me he has just «detailed view»
6. 1964/10/10 TAL[c] from Merton Yes, I was talking to Milosz about his anthology. It has wonderful stuff in it, and I think I would «detailed view»
7. 1964/10/13 TALS to Merton Thanks very much for agreeing to give us a comment on the Polish poems. I have ordered a set «detailed view»
8. 1964/11/29 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter. It was good to have some sort of news. It shows however that much has «detailed view»
9. 1964/12/15 TL[c] from Merton Sorry I have taken so long to write back about the galleys of Czeslaw Milosz's anthology, POSTWAR «detailed view»
10. 1964/12/21 TLS to Merton Thank you so much for that splendid quote on POSTWAR POLISH POETRY. We will be able to make «detailed view»
11. 1965/05/03 TL[c] from Merton Rapid fire answer as I must make sure you don't send quotations with the typing errors of our «detailed view»
12. 1966/11/16 TLS to Merton I have had Mr. Todd, who is arranging Yevtushenko's tour, alerted that you would like to meet him, «detailed view»
13. 1967/01/17 TLS to Merton Sy appears to have answered you at length, if not decisively, so I will be brief. I was horrified «detailed view»
14. 1967/01/29 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter of the 17th. Of the things which you announce in it I have so far received «detailed view»
15. 1967/04/12 TL[c] from Merton I have a couple of poets you might be interested in. First there is a Japanese poet called Kusano «detailed view»

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