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Merton's Correspondence with:

Alfred B. Hailparn; Alfred Hailparn

Hailparn, Alfred B., 1915-  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1936-1989
Volume: 11 item(s); 21 pg(s)

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Alfred B. Hailparn was a friend of Merton's while at Columbia University. Hailparn's father was a liquor distributor in Yonkers, to which Merton makes reference in the second letter. In 1936, Merton was the editor-in-chief of the Columbia yearbook, Columbian, and Hailparn was managing editor. They were working on the yearbook for May of 1937. (Source: Witness to Freedom, p. 156.)

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Originals of the letters are owned by the James S. Copley Library in La Jolla, California.

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See published letters from Merton to Hailparn in Witness to Freedom, pp. 156-157.

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1. 1936/06/18 HLS[x] from Merton Many thanks for the letter. I had been trying to think up some way of getting in touch but didn't «detailed view»
2. 1936/06/20 HLS[x] from Merton Fred Mackenthun & Bob Veitch came down to see me on the job today, & we had a little talk «detailed view»
3. 1936/07/06 TLS from Merton As you see, Silvers has come through with some stationery. I asked him to mail some to you and Al [two-page letter and blank envelope, all in stationery of "The Columbian of 1937"] «detailed view»
4. 1936/08/09 HLS from Merton Many thanks for the swell letter. I know exactly how it is. As a matter of fact we were a little «detailed view»
5. 1936/09/19 HLS from Merton We had a meeting Friday, to get started on the selling of subscriptions. The stationery arrived [on stationery of "Tom F. Merton.. Douglaston" / a class schedule written in pen on verso of envelope] «detailed view»
6. 1989/06/13 TL[c] from Center to Harris, Doris It was a disappointment to learn last week, by telephone, that the Thomas Merton items in your «detailed view»
7. 1989/06/20 (#01) TLS to Center from Reilly, Richard Doris Harris has forwarded your letter to me as it is this institution that purchased the Thomas «detailed view»
8. 1989/06/20 (#02) other   TWO LETTERS TO ALFRED B. HAILARN CONCERNING THE 1937 COLUMBIAN by Thomas [transcripts of the two handwritten copies of letters from 1936] «detailed view»
9. 1989/07/19 TL[c] from Center to Reilly, Richard I wish to thank you for your letter of June 20, 1989, and for graciously sending the copies «detailed view»
10. undated/no/no other   59 MERTON, THOMAS (1915-1968). American author. Two Autograph Letters Signed, 4 pages, sm. [description of two of Merton's letters for sale in the Doris Harris Distinguished Autographs Catalog No. 39 - photocopies of pertinent page and contact information] «detailed view»
11. undated/no/no other   Doris Harris Distinguished Autographs Catalog No. 39 [full catalog containing two of Merton's letters for sale] «detailed view»

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