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Merton's Correspondence with:

Carolyn Reading Hammer; Carolyn Hammer; Carolyn R. Hammer; Hammer, Carolyn R.

Hammer, Carolyn Reading  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1956-1973
Volume: 154 item(s); 193 pg(s)

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Carolyn Reading married Victor Hammer in 1955. The Hammers became good friends of Merton, who received permission to visit them in Lexington. Merton would later write to Carolyn to obtain books because of her position at the King Library at University of Kentucky. This was a bond that help University of Kentucky establish a small collection of Merton's papers.

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1. 1956/04/17 TLS[x] from Merton Under separate cover I am returning the booklet on Japanese Buddhism, for which many thanks. «detailed view»
2. 1956/10/19 transcript from Merton Here are the extracts from Cassiodorus, and I hope you find them satisfactory. I think our man has [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
3. 1957/07/05 transcript from Merton How are you these days? I often think of you and Victor. My expectations of getting to Lexington [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
4. 1957/07/10 transcript from Merton I was very glad to get your letter and to hear that you and Victor would be over. I think the best [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
5. 1957/10/15 HPCS[x] to Merton This was a revelation, the perfect Cistercian architecture. Soon it will be restored and then [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in archives classification Sub-Section C.3, manuscript proofs of "Art and Worship" - verso: L'abbaye du Thoronet] after restoration will be "destroyed by the tourists" «detailed view»
6. 1958/01/28 transcript from Merton The Cassiodorus was a wonderfully pleasant surprise. It is splendid, and I think the initial is one [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
7. 1958/04/08? transcript to Merton we shall appreciate your returning this as soon as possible; please send to us at the library. [copied from published letters - no year, but placed in 1958 in the published letters] «detailed view»
8. 1958/04/10 transcript from Merton Many thanks for the first proof. Everything is fine. I like Prometheus better in uncials. The type [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
9. 1958/05/09 transcript from Merton I greatly enjoyed the visit yesterday, and thank you both for coming. I apologize for rushing off so [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
10. 1958/06/06 transcript from Merton First of all, my thanks to Victor for the picture of the crucifix which arrived and which I am very [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
11. 1958/06/26 transcript from Merton I have more and more to thank you for each time, and to make sure that I am not ungrateful I am [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
12. 1958/07/04 transcript from Merton I am celebrating the fourth of July by giving an exam to the novices, and while they are all busy [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
13. 1958/07/18 TLS[x] from Merton I have had some luck with the bindings of Prometheus here-- I think. A binder who frequently visits «detailed view»
14. 1958/09/no? transcript from Merton On second thoughts, I think I will include a few titles of books in this letter to Victor, [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
15. 1958/10/14 HPCS[x] to Merton We had to stay longer here than we expected. I had to do a cross much bigger than the one I brought [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file - verso: "La Cathédral - Pillier des Anges [-] L'Ange avec la Lance] Council of Europe «detailed view»
16. 1958/11/29 transcript from Merton Are you back? You must be, it is nearly December. I am writing with good news. You know we spoke [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
17. 1958/12/09 transcript from Merton Many thanks for your letter of last week. It is good to have you both back, and to know that you [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
18. 1959/01/10 transcript from Merton Thanks for your card - I will expect you and Victor next Saturday, a week from today. I will be [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
19. 1959/05/29 transcript from Merton Many thanks for your letter and for the slips. I thought the easiest thing would be simply be simply [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
20. 1959/06/12 transcript from Merton Here it is already more than a week since Laughlin and I were over there. The lunch in the shady [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
21. 1959/06/25 transcript from Merton I signed the sheet and sent them off yesterday. Thank you for the cards and suggested titles [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
22. 1959/07/30 transcript from Merton How are you, and especially how is Victor? Can we loo forward to seeing you soon? What I wanted [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
23. 1959/08/19 (#01) HLS[x] to Merton thank you for your very kind letter - which was rewarding. However, let us not forget that things [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
24. 1959/08/19 (#02) transcript from Merton J. Laughlin wants me to write to a certain Mina Loy about her poems. As I gave you her book, [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
25. 1959/09/no (#01) transcript from Merton If you and Victor come over on the 4th would you be able to bring some of these books? I would be [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
26. 1959/09/no (#02) transcript from Merton One or two more title, if you have them in the library, please: W. Barrett- Irrational Man. Blackney [copied from published letters - no date but between letter dated September 1959 and September 24, 1959 (to Victor) in the published letters] «detailed view»
27. 1959/09/no (#02) transcript from Merton One or two more title, if you have them in the library, please: W. Barrett- Irrational Man. Blackney [copied from published letters - no date but between letter dated September 1959 and September 24, 1959 (to Victor) in the published letters] «detailed view»
28. 1959/11/24 transcript from Merton Here is the ms. Of an article I wrote for a nun's magazine - to enlighten the teaching sisters. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
29. 1960/01/07 TALS[x] to Merton Thank you for your kind and good letter. I am - and of course Carolyn is too - very happy that [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
30. 1960/01/no? transcript from Merton I am just sending back the last two books of your that I had. Do you have these others: Haskins, C.H [copied from published letters - no date but placed after January 7, 1960 letter to Merton from Carolyn and Victor Hammer] «detailed view»
31. 1960/02/18 TLS to Merton V. thinks that in your last letter to him - or next to last letter - you gave some titles which you «detailed view»
32. 1960/02/19 transcript from Merton Yes, the snow is wonderful and I think it must really be especially wonderful in your warm little [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
33. 1960/03/04 transcript to Merton The following titles are on their way to you: Erasmus: Moriat Encomium (his Enchiridion Militis is [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
34. 1960/03/08 transcript from Merton Many thanks for your letter and for the books which I am expecting, and will receive gratefully. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
35. 1960/03/08 transcript from Merton Many thanks for your letter and for the books which I am expecting, and will receive gratefully. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
36. 1960/05/26 HLS[x] to Merton of course the poem is fine and we like it very much. We even want your permission to print it for [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
37. 1960/12/12 HLS[x] to Merton the red initial is quite freshly printed and the paper still a bit dampish, so air them (the cards) [typed signed note from Carolyn at the bottom of a handwritten letter of the same date from Victor - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
38. 1961/02/04 transcript from Merton I just came across a card of yours on Dec 12 in which you spoke of sending the Richard Rovere book [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
39. 1961/03/08 transcript from Merton Many thanks for the copies of the broadside. The one you asked for has been signed and sent [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
40. 1961/03/27? TLS to Merton This past week has been such a full one for me that I have had no time to gather together what we «detailed view»
41. 1961/03/28 transcript from Merton I am glad that the novitiate stamp on the Graves book does not matter. It went back to you the other [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
42. 1961/03/29 transcript from Merton Your letter arrived this morning after mine had gone out yesterday. I still have no definite word [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
43. 1961/03/30 TALS[x] to Merton Thank you for sending the New Directions edition of the Sayings. I was so touched by the kind words [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
44. 1961/04/02 transcript from Merton If Victor and you are able to get over here next Saturday - here are some books that I would [copied from published letters - dated Easter Sunday, which was April 2, 1961] «detailed view»
45. 1961/05/02 transcript from Merton I realized that the first Saturday in June would not be a good day for me to come over that way, as [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
46. 1961/05/23 transcript from Merton Unfortunately a man is coming down from New York on publishing business at the end of this week [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
47. 1961/05/26 HLS[x] to Merton Thank you for your letter and the poem. We can't say more for the moment, because we are so [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - previously mis-dated 1961/October/26 (Roman numeral looks like an X but seems to be a V) - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
48. 1961/06/18 HLS[x] to Merton This was a crowded week and I missed completely to tell you that we could not come yesterday. [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
49. 1961/08/10 transcript from Merton Were you able to find anything in the library on Mao Tse Tung? Have you anything especially good [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
50. 1961/08/19 HLS[x] to Merton I am now working on the drawing for the print of Hagia Sophia which will be on the first page. [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
51. 1961/09/01 transcript from Merton I am sorry the 9th is not too good for you. However I have so far no obstacle on any of the other [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
52. 1961/09/18 transcript from Merton Your card reached me this morning.. Do you have in the library a thorough and recent history of one [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
53. 1961/09/28 transcript from Merton I am sending over to the library some books and magazines which have got here somehow and which [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
54. 1961/10/16 transcript from Merton Today I am sending off a couple of packages to the library: one of books that I am finally returning [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
55. 1962/01/no? transcript from Merton Do you by any chance have one or other of the following - R. Niebuhr - The Irony of American History [copied from published letters - no date, placed between January 18th and 21st, 1962 in published letters] «detailed view»
56. 1962/05/09 TALS[x] to Merton enclosed find a proof of an unfinished metal-cut which I attempted to make for the poem because [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
57. 1962/07/18 transcript from Merton Today I remembered finally about the text for the cover. It had been gone from my mind for days. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
58. 1962/08/11 transcript from Merton You have already sent me the book from Columbia. It is the edition of Cassiodorus's "Divine [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
59. 1962/08/12 transcript from Merton Another possible reference - supposed to have good materials on Cassiodorus. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
60. 1962/08/20 HPCS to Merton Saturday the 25th is still convenient, we shall come then (not the 23d). You will here this «detailed view»
61. 1962/09/24 HPCS[x] to Merton Victor too is 'stunned' once again - CRH [note from Carolyn at the bottom of a postcard of the same date from Victor - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
62. 1962/10/27 HPCS[x] to Merton just out of the caves we are happy to be in God's Light again. But it was necessary for me to see [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
63. 1962/12/11 transcript from Merton Now that it snows and is cold, I think with pleasure our meeting last week and the little fire [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
64. 1963/04/07 transcript from Merton You probably realize the quandary I am in. I just got a letter from the President of the U. [to Victor and Carolyn Hammer - copied from published letters] «detailed view»
65. 1963/06/07 transcript from Merton Thanks for your note, and I am especially grateful for Victor's Trappistic exploit as my secret [to Victor and Carolyn Hammer - copied from published letters] «detailed view»
66. 1963/07/16 transcript from Merton Not having heard anything from J. I presume he is not going to come down in July, and I am going [to Victor and Carolyn Hammer - copied from published letters] «detailed view»
67. 1963/11/30 TLS to Merton we are so sorry to have kept this for such a long time; but, three people on the Shakertown «detailed view»
68. 1963/11/no? transcript from Merton Here is Victor's text [to Victor and Carolyn Hammer - copied from published letters - year only, but placed in published letters between October 31st and November 9th, 1963] «detailed view»
69. 1963/12/04 TAL[c] from Merton Jubilee has run off offprints in the past, on occasion, but they have not done so recently. «detailed view»
70. 1963/12/10 (#01) TLS to Merton we have written to Mr. Rice of Jubilee asking him about the offprints (and just a few minutes ago «detailed view»
71. 1963/12/10 (#02) transcript from Merton Here is the Shakertown piece for xeroxing. And I have added a couple of other things. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
72. 1964/06/no? transcript from Merton As I am today sending you some books on Yoga for the library I will also put in this note a word [copied from published letters - dated June and placed in the published letters as 1964] «detailed view»
73. 1964/08/05 TALS[c] from Merton Many thanks for the reprints. As I mentioned in Victor's letter, I could use half a dozen here, but «detailed view»
74. 1964/08/17 TLS to Merton of all your requests, only Waters, The Anglo-Norman Voyage of St. Brendan by Benedeit is available; «detailed view»
75. 1964/10/14 TAL[c] from Merton I have not heard from you or Victor for some time, and am writing to find out how Victor is getting «detailed view»
76. 1964/12/05? transcript from Merton Do you have this in the library and if so could I please borrow it. R.F. Goheen - The Imagery [copied from published letters - dated December 5th and placed in the published letters as 1965] «detailed view»
77. 1964/12/28 TL[c] from Merton My friends at Stanbrook Abbey say they are sending an exhibit of their printing to this country «detailed view»
78. 1965/01/20 TLS to Merton I also write to you regarding the short foreword which I hope you can find time to do «detailed view»
79. 1965/01/22 transcript from Merton Just a brief note to ask if you have any of these and if I might borrow them - E. Wood - Zen [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
80. 1965/02/01 HPCS to Merton We received your notes 'on' Victor. Thank you so sincerely. V. is writing, but I wanted to say [verso: photograph of a bas-relief in bronze of the Biblical flight of Joseph and Mary into Egypt - from Pisa, Italy] «detailed view»
81. 1965/03/06 TALS to Merton V. is back in the hospital with another heart attack as of Tues. morning; however, this one not so «detailed view»
82. 1965/03/10 TL[c] from Merton I am sorry that phrase is not clear. Commas around "oneself" might help. One might change it to «detailed view»
83. 1965/05/13 transcript from Merton See we are very American Uncial on our stationery. I was sorry to hear Victor was laid up again [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
84. 1965/05/30? transcript from Merton This Friday, June 4, I have to come to Lexington for some Ex. Rays and tests. If I am lucky I ought [copied from published letters - dated May 30th and placed in the published letters in 1965] «detailed view»
85. 1965/09/26 HLS[x] to Merton It seems to me strange that even you have missed the meaning of the passage in the Vulgate; [from Carolyn and Victor Hammer - see original in "Hammer, Victor" file] «detailed view»
86. 1965/12/29 TL[c] from Merton Today I am returning Peters, Rilke, Masks and the Man. As I mentioned in my card I would «detailed view»
87. 1965/no/no? transcript from Merton As I forgot to tell you the names of the two books on Rilke, I am sending this along right away. [copied from published letters - dated Saturday and placed in late 1965 in the published letters] «detailed view»
88. 1966/03/no? transcript from Merton I hope to get out of the hospital tomorrow (Saturday) - The operation was quite successful [to Victor and Carolyn Hammer - copied from published letters - no date but placed in published letters between March 1st and April 21st, 1966] «detailed view»
89. 1966/05/06? transcript from Merton I am sorry I could not come over with J and Nicanor Parra. Too much riding in a car is perhaps still [to Victor and Carolyn Hammer - copied from published letters - no year on letter but dated 1966 in published letters] «detailed view»
90. 1966/05/20 transcript from Merton If you have in the library Walker Percy's new novel The Last Gentleman - look at pages 26-28, [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
91. 1966/06/21 TLS to Merton the titles you wanted are being sent only in part - we have of Jean Grenier's work only: L'Esprit «detailed view»
92. 1966/07/30 TL[c] from Merton I will check down at the monastery to see if there was ever a message about you and Victor coming «detailed view»
93. 1966/08/05 transcript from Merton Thanks so much for your card. August 13th would be perfect for me, the 20th less so. Hence unless [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
94. 1966/08/22 TL[c] from Merton Many thanks for the Pavese books. I am well into one of them and he is a marvelous writer. «detailed view»
95. 1966/08/23 (#01) TPCS to Merton If the Harrington and Conze titles are available, we will send them; also, please keep the Briffault «detailed view»
96. 1966/08/23? (#02) transcript from Merton In my letter yesterday I forgot to ask about book of, or criticism of René Char. I have his Fureur [copied from published letters - dated August 23rd and placed in 1966 in the published letters] «detailed view»
97. 1966/10/08 TL[c] from Merton Many thanks for your note of the 3rd telling me of the exhibit of Stanbrook books there at «detailed view»
98. 1966/10/31 transcript from Merton November is upon us. I wonder if Victor and you will be able to get over on the 12th, 19th or 26th. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
99. 1966/11/17 transcript from Merton I have jotted down some references to things I need: doubtless some of them are in the library. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
100. 1966/12/08 transcript from Merton I was very sorry to hear Victor had to go to the hospital again. But I am glad he is recovering. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
101. 1967/01/03 TL[c] from Merton I find I have kept that Hernandez book of poems beyond the end of the year. As I don't suppose too «detailed view»
102. 1967/01/11 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your card and for the three books. Fine, they are very helpful. I will not keep them «detailed view»
103. 1967/02/13 TL[c] from Merton I address this to you as the ribbon is getting faint and Victor might not be able to read it easily. «detailed view»
104. 1967/04/25? transcript from Merton I already sealed my letter to Victor or I would have included this note. Do they have at the library [copied from published letters - dated April 25th and placed in the published letters in 1967] «detailed view»
105. 1967/05/28 TL[c] from Merton Bob Shepherd had the kindness to write to me and let me know that you not only have Victor «detailed view»
106. 1967/07/05 (#01) HNS to Merton Please note clipping sent by Lexi and the last paragraph at foot of page (this letter came the day [in published letters as July 15, 1967 (1967/07/15)] «detailed view»
107. 1967/07/05 (#02) HALS  from Lexi Joanelius / to Victor Hammer Mein liebe Victor, ich [two indecipherable words] schon lange einen Brief [after Victor's death, Carolyn passed a letter to Merton with a handwritten note and news clipping about the Shroud of Turin - unknown sender] «detailed view»
108. 1967/07/10 transcript from Merton This is just to let you know that word from Bob Shepherd reach me about Victor. I offered Mass [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
109. 1967/07/11 (#01) TAL[c] from Merton After my note of yesterday had been mailed I received this morning the message from Lexington «detailed view»
110. 1967/07/11 (#02) other   VICTOR HAMMER PORTRAITIST, DIES [-] Viennese Artist Had Taught at Transylvania College [newspaper clipping - obituary for Victor Hammer] «detailed view»
111. 1967/07/11 (#03) other   Requiem for Victor Hammer [-] July 11, 1967 [-] At four o'clock in the afternoon of Tuesday, July [photocopy of the eulogy and burial service for Victor Hammer] «detailed view»
112. 1967/07/11 (#04) other   Notes to Carolyn 1 Could and should these persons be named, perhaps on the back of the [photocopy of notes for Carolyn Hammer concerning the eulogy and burial service for Victor Hammer] «detailed view»
113. 1967/07/27 TAL[c] from Merton Victor's beautiful book-- surely his most beautiful in every way-- arrived this morning and I have «detailed view»
114. 1967/07/28? HLS to Merton a peace came to me when I rang the Abby [sic] the night of Victor's death and that kind voice [no date but placed in the published letters as 1967] «detailed view»
115. 1967/07/31? transcript from Merton I was very glad to get your letter today - Certainly I would like to see you. August 12 would be [copied from published letters - dated July 31st and placed in 1967 in published letters] «detailed view»
116. 1967/08/01? transcript from Merton As I mentioned in my note about you coming Aug 12- I am sending a list of things I would be grateful [copied from published letters - dated August 1st and placed in 1967 in published letters] «detailed view»
117. 1967/08/02? HLS to Merton Bob Shepherd can bring me on August 12th at 11:30 (Eastern S.T. - we did not go on day-light saving «detailed view»
118. 1967/08/17 HLS to Merton I cannot find a photograph other than this Kolbsheim one above the altar there and the two before «detailed view»
119. 1967/08/22 (#01) TL[c] from Merton Your note and the photos arrived today. I have to write to the Pope about some other business [see published version for a postscript not included on the carbon] «detailed view»
120. 1967/08/22 (#02) transcript from Merton Your note and the photos arrived today. I have to write to the Pope about some other business [copied from published letters - contains a postscript not included on the carbon] «detailed view»
121. 1967/08/24 transcript from Merton Bob wrote about coming Labor Day weekend sometime. I am tied up then. I will write to him about it. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
122. 1967/08/31 transcript from Merton I just heard from Jay that he most likely will not come by here in September after all. So - unless [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
123. 1967/09/04? HLS to Merton [Sir] Herbert Read has written and suggested that it might be possible for him to help in some way «detailed view»
124. 1967/09/05? transcript from Merton By all means come Saturday 9th if that is convenient. I hope this will get out immediately and reach [copied from published letters - dated Tuesday the 5th and placed as September of 1967 in the published letters] «detailed view»
125. 1967/09/11 transcript from Merton One thing I forgot to say the other day about Fiedler: perhaps still one of the best possibilities [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
126. 1967/09/18 transcript to Merton I think your idea to wait until James Laughlin comes to discuss the Niles songs is a good decision. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
127. 1967/09/22? transcript from Merton I am most grateful to the library for the xeroxes of articles. The Oceania one has come quick first [copied from published letters - dated September 22nd and placed in 1967 in the published letters] «detailed view»
128. 1967/10/09 TL[c] from Merton As a pretext for printing: I thought you might look at these early poems of mine. I just recently «detailed view»
129. 1967/10/23? transcript from Merton Sorry. I cannot manage Thursday, but I can get over to Lexington Saturday 28 and hope it is [copied from published letters - dated Monday the 23rd and placed in October 1967 in the published letters] «detailed view»
130. 1967/11/02 TALS to Merton the three titles requested: Du Bori, THE 1870 GHOST DANCE, Burridge, MAMBU, Barrera Vasquez, «detailed view»
131. 1967/11/23 TL[c] from Merton First of all, many thanks for the memorial book for Victor. It is as beautiful as anything you have «detailed view»
132. 1967/11/24? HLS to Merton Thurs., if you possibly can, do call me from 9-12 at the Library- 258-9000, Ext. 2734; at home [no date but likely November 24th or 25th of 1967] John Jacob Niles - "The Niles-Merton Song Cycles" «detailed view»
133. 1967/12/27 transcript from Merton More people are coming from Georgia and I won't be able to get together with you all on Saturday. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
134. 1968/01/02 transcript from Merton I'm very sorry. I have to change the signals again. At the end of this week a monk from Belgium is [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
135. 1968/01/21 TL[c] from Merton I have been laid out with flu, had a bad case of it, and have been pretty much out of touch for «detailed view»
136. 1968/01/23 TALS to Merton it was indeed good to have word from you at long last, for your friends here worry - so very sorry «detailed view»
137. 1968/01/25 transcript from Merton Thanks for your note. It turns out J. will not be here this week, but plans to try to get down [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
138. 1968/01/30 transcript from Merton I think I had better get this longish list off to you in the hope that you may find one or two [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
139. 1968/03/02? transcript from Merton Here at least is the first splash of the Pond. It is quite an education trying to edit a magazine, [copied from published letters - dated March 2nd and placed in the published letters in 1968] «detailed view»
140. 1968/03/19 TLS to Merton The articles for the library were received and will be turned over to the proper places after Bob «detailed view»
141. 1968/03/22 transcript from Merton Thanks for sending the J. Greene material. Glad to have it. And of course I do want to have a talk [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
142. 1968/05/20? HPCS to Merton I am just back (to Lond.) from Callow-End and two long grilled talks with Dame Hidelith - a really [verso: black and white aerial photograph of Stanbrook Abbey] «detailed view»
143. 1968/06/30 transcript from Merton Many thanks for your card from Stanbrook. I hope you enjoyed the whole trip, notwithstanding turmoil [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
144. 1968/07/31 transcript from Merton I was glad to get your note. I was thinking about the possibility of getting together in August. [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
145. 1968/08/05 transcript from Merton Fine - I'll expect you the 10th about 11.30 - and maybe the 31st but I am not too sure about that [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
146. 1968/09/06 transcript from Merton I have been lucky with gifts: yours, the kit for keeping ones toothbrush, shaving things and so on, [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
147. 1968/11/no transcript from Merton Here is a nice picnic space - though there are at present no picnics. Delhi is fine, and tonight [copied from published letters] «detailed view»
148. 1973/12/04 TL[x] from Center to Hammer, Carolyn Mr. Victor Kramer at Georgia State University has requested permission to look at Victor's «detailed view»
149. 1973/12/10 TL[x] from Center to Hammer, Carolyn It was nice talking to you last evening and I have found the mystery of why no letter «detailed view»
150. 1973/12/12 TLS to Center from Hammer, Carolyn The xerox copies of the letters (Merton/Hammer) have come together with your letters of Dec.4 and 10 «detailed view»
151. 1995/01/26 HLS to Betz, Margaret B. Your recent letter regarding the Hammer drawing of the crucifix (last seen by me in Fr. «detailed view»
152. undated/no/no HNS  from O'Callaghan, Tommie / to Charlaine and Betty I have spoken with C. Hammer - she had not rec. Bell. letter - with our rec. she will let those be [Charlaine Hays and Betty Delius from the Merton Center and Bellarmine Library] «detailed view»
153. undated/no/no HLS to Merton On Wednesday, the 25th, a good friend (and poet) from Dublin, Liam Miller, will be visiting us in «detailed view»
154. undated/no/no other   THE PEBBLES [-] I [-] The dictum: it is a pity that the New is not good and the Good is not new, «detailed view»

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