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Sub-Section H.14: A.J. Flogge Collection

Record Series: 2: A.J. Flogge Correspondence related to his collection and acquisition of materials related to Thomas Merton

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This Sub-Section is divided into records series by type of material.

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Box#-FF#Item#DateNotesFirst Lines
1 - 15 1993-1994 Correspondence between A.J. Flogge and Br. Christian Leisy, O.S.B., who was at time of writing the Sub-Prior of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Contains five letters from Leisy regarding the sale of a signed Merton calligraphy owned by the monastery; two photographs of the calligraphy; a description of the "Monastery of Christ in the Desert" booklet with Merton's essay (transferred to Sub-Section D.1); and other brochures about the monastery «details»
1 - 16 1993 Correspondence, one hand-written letter, to A.J. Flogge from Br. Paul Quenon, O.C.S.O., of Gethsemani Abbey; and signed and named photographs (3 black and white, 8x10") by Quenon «details»
1 - 17 1989 Correspondence, one hand-written card, to A.J. Flogge from Marie Bellin, of Pittsburgh (verso of card: color photograph of the statue of Christ at the Garden of Gethsemane in the trails near Gethsemani Abbey) «details»
1 - 18 1981-1986 Correspondence: 22 typed and holograph letters from Paula Scott to David Arthur Callard, and two holograph letters from Denise Scott Fears to D. A. Callard. Denise Fears was eldest daughter of Creighton Scott and granddaughter of Evelyn Scott. Evelyn Scott had an affair with Owen Merton while Owen and Tom were living in Bermuda after the death of Ruth Merton and while Evelyn was still married to Cyril Kay-Scott. Paula Scott was the second wife of Creighton Scott, Evelyn's son. D. A. Callard wrote a biography of Evelyn Scott, "Pretty Good for a Woman" «details»
1 - 19 1992 Correspondence: letters, invoices, and catalogues from Henry E. Turlington, Jr. of H.E. Turlington Books, Carrboro, NC regarding the purchase of the letters of Paula Scott (see folder 19) and other books and manuscripts related to Thomas Merton «details»
1 - 20 1989-1999 Correspondence, photograph, and manuscript: first page of letter to Jonathan [Montaldo from Flogge?] and which has copied onto it a color photograph of John Paul Merton in Mexico (ca. 1940-41); photocopy of Merton's class at the LycĂ©e de Montauban (1926-27); and photocopy (with copied corrections) of a manuscript of "Mercy within Mercy: Thomas Merton and the Great Round Dance" by Paul Marechal presented at the 1989 meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society «details»
1 - 21 1975 Correspondence: holograph letter from John Howard Griffin to A.J. Flogge regarding signing a book «details»
1 - 22 1994 Correspondence: two typed signed letters from James W. Douglass to A.J. Flogge regarding the sale of the correspondence between Douglass and Thomas Merton, and one photocopy from Sojourners (May 1994), "Blood and Water in Sarajevo" by Jim Douglass «details»
1 - 23 1998-2001 Correspondence: one holograph letter to Jon [Montaldo?] from A.J. Flogge, and one typed and one holograph letter from Jonathan [Montaldo?] to A.J. Flogge, and one clipping from a newspaper related to Flogge's collection of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry memorabilia «details»

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