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Miscellaneous Merton Center Collections

Sub-Section H.14: A.J. Flogge Collection

This Sub-Section includes papers collected by A.J. Flogge, a collector of books and manuscripts, who specialized in Hollywood memorabilia. He collected a valuable group of books and manuscripts related to Merton. A portion of his collection was on loan to the Thomas Merton Center beginning in 2001. In 2016, he donated the loaned collection and a larger group of Merton books and papers to the Center. Most items donated by Merton were intergrated into the collection and noted as donated by A.J. Flogge.

This Sub-Section is divided into records series by type of material.

1 Essays, news clippings, and ephemera related to Thomas Merton and Gethsemani Abbey
2 A.J. Flogge Correspondence related to his collection and acquisition of materials related to Thomas Merton
3 News clippings, exhibit catalogs, and information about A.J. Flogge