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Absurdity in sacred decoration
Action and contemplation in St. Bernard
Active and contemplative orders
Adaptation of the monastic life : some personal observations
Address on prayer by Pope Paul VI at his regular weekly general audience - November, 10, 1965 (translated by Thomas Merton)
Address to the Special General Chapter, Sisters of Loretto, August 1967
Advent mystery, The
Aestheticism : the "Highbrow" problem. Fragment on Eric Gill.
Aids to mental prayer
Alaskan journal of Thomas Merton
Albert Camus and the Church
Albert Camus' The plague; introduction and commentary
Alberti, Rafael, 1902-1999
Angel and the machine, The
Answer of Minerva, The : pacifism and resistance in Simone Weil
Answers for Hernan Lavin Cerda
Answers on art and freedom
Answers on non-violence : answers to World Campus on non-violence
Answers on prayer and action.
Answers to T. McDonnell.
Apologies to an unbeliever
Approach to creativity, An
Art and morality
Art and worship
Art of Richard Hughes, The
Articles du procès informatif de béatification et canonisation du serviteur de Dieu, Marie-Joseph Cassant : moine et prêtre de l'Abbaye Cistercienne Sainte-Marie du Désert, …
As man to man
Ascesis of sacrifice : Pasternak's letters to Georgian friends
Ascetic life, experience of God and freedom, The. Two tape-recorded conference transcribed by Robert MacGregor.
Ash Wednesday
Asian letter I. [November circular letter to friends. New Delhi, India, 1968.]
Athanasian creed, The; translated with an introduction by Thomas Merton
Atlas watches every evening
Attente dans le silence, L' : le père Marie-Joseph Cassant, O. Cist. S. O., by Etienne Chenevière. Preface.
Auschwitz : a family camp
Baptism in the forest : wisdom and initiation in William Faulkner
Baroque monasticism
Barth's dream
Barth's dream and other conjectures
Basic principles of monastic spirituality
Basics, The. Excerpt from The way of Chuang Tzu [beginning of "The need to win"].
Basis of Christian non-violence, The
Benedictine rule and active presence in the world, by Jean Leclercq. Translated from the Italian by Thomas Merton.
Benedictines, The. Review of The Benedictines; a digest for moderns, by David Knowles, O.S.B.
Bernard of Clairvaux
Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153
Between work and prayer, prayer and work. Excerpt from The waters of Siloe.
Biblical man (conferences). Notes.
Black magazines, The
Black revolution, The : letters to a white liberal
Blake and the new theology. Review of The new apocalypse : the radical Christian vision of William Blake, by Thomas J. Altizer.
Blessed are the meek : the roots of Christian non-violence
Blessed Eugenius III, Abbot of Tre Fontain, Pope
Blessed Ida of Leeuwen (of Léau)
Blessed Peter "Monoculus," Abbot of Igny, then of Clairvaux, France
Blessed Virgin compared to the air we breathe by Gerard Manley Hopkins with conference notes of Thomas Merton, Gethsemani 1954, The
Blessed William of Saint-Thierry : monk of Signy
Boris Pasternak and the people with watch chains. [The Pasternak affair, Part II.]
Brothers and aggiornamento
Buddhism and the modern world
Building community on God's love
Burning of papers, the human conscience and the peace movement, The; by Paul Salstrom, Thomas Merton, Mulford Q. Sibley, and George Lakey
Buyer's market for love, A
Called out of darkness
Calling of the monk, The. "De boodschap van de monnik."
Camus : journals of the Plague years
Camus and the Catholic church
Can we choose peace?
Can we survive nihilism? : Satan, Milton, and Camus.
Cargo cults of the South Pacific.
Cargo movements and their implications
Cargo theology. Transcription from tape, 1968.
Catholic and creativity, The
Cause of our joy, The
Cell, The
Centenary celebrations, June 1949 : Gethsemani
Challenge of responsibility, The
Character and spirit of St. Benedict from St. Gregory's Dialogue II, The
Christ in the desert
Christ of the desert
Christ, the way
Christian action in world crisis
Christian and the world, The. Conferences, Abbey of Gethsemani, 1966.
Christian as peacemaker, The : the theology of conviction
Christian contemplation. Edited with an introduction by Robert E. Daggy.
Christian ethics and nuclear war
Christian freedom and monastic formation
Christian humanism
Christian humanism and virginity in St. Ambrose. Transcribed from tape by Robert MacGregor and edited by Naomi Burton Stone.
Christian in time of change, The
Christian in world crisis, The
Christian looks at Zen, A. Introduction to The golden age of Zen, by Jingxiong Wu (John C. H. Wu).
Christian message in a changing world, The
Christian solitude : notes on an experiment
Christian worship and social reform
Christianity and defense in the nuclear age : notes for a conference to an ecumenical group
Christianity and Marxism. Necessity for dialogue.
Christianity and mass movements
Christianity and race in the U. S.
Christmas devotion, A
Christmas sermons of Bl. Guerric of Igny, The
Church and bishop
Church and the "Godless world", The
Church in a disillusioned world, The
Church in world crisis, The
Circular Letters to Friends (for mimeographing)
Cistercian fathers and their monastic theology, The. Novitiate, Abbey of Gethsemani, 1963.
Cistercian order from the death of St. Bernard to the reform of Benedict XII (1153-1335), The
Cistercians and study
Classic Chinese thought
Clement of Alexandria. Selections from the Protreptikos. Translated by Thomas Merton.
Climate of mercy, The; for Albert Schweitzer
Climate of monastic prayer, The
Cold War letters
Comments on article 79 of Constitution on church in modern world
Commonweal, to the editors of the
Community, politics, and contemplation
Concerning the Catholic Peace Fellowship : three letters and a statement
Concerning the collection in Bellarmine College Library
Conference on prayer for Conference of Religious of India, Feast of Christ the King, 1968 (Calcutta).
Conjectures of a guilty bystander
Conquest of France : speech and testimonials, 1941
Conquistador, tourist, and Indian
Constitutions of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance
Consuetudines, The. Edited with a commentary by Thomas Merton.
Contemplation and ecumenism
Contemplation and the priesthood
Contemplation in a rocking chair
Contemplation in a world of action
Contemplative and the atheist, The
Contemplative life in the modern world, The
Contemplative life today, The. Transcription of a tape made for the Savannah Carmel.
Contemplative life, The : its meaning and necessity
Contemplative life. Transcription from tapes for the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. September 1967.
Contemplatives and the crisis of faith [by J.-B. Porion, André Louf, and Thomas Merton]
Continuum, to the Editor of
Conversatio morum. Expanded from a talk given October 6, 1964, North American Novice Masters' Meeting.
Council and monasticism, The
Council and religious life, The
Council and sacred art, The
Creative silence
Cross fighters, The : notes on a race war
Cross in our lives, The
Cur Deus homo and other Anselmiana
Curriculum vitae
D. T. Suzuki : the man and his work
Dance of death, The
Danger signals : points for examination of conscience
Danish non-violent resistance to Hitler
Dans le desert de Dieu
Darío, Rubén, 1867-1916
Day of a stranger
Dear Henry : love, Thomas : the Thomas Merton-Henry Miller letters
Death of a holy terror, The : the strange story of Frère Pascal
Death of a Trappist
Death of God and the end of history, The
Declarations on the holy rule of Saint Benedict according to the Observance of the Brethren of Christian Unity; and, A suggested monastic horarium
Derniers souvenirs
Devout meditation in memory of Adolf Eichmann, A
Dialogue : freedom does not operate in a void
Dialogue about the hidden God
Dialogue and renewal in the contemplative life
Doctor M. B. Bramachari : a personal tribute
Doctrine of Saint Bernard
Dom Vital at Gethsemani
Drawings of Thomas Merton, The : a note by the artist
Dream at Arles on the night of the mistral, A
Easter : the new life
Easter homily
Ecological conscience, The
Ecumenism and monastic renewal
Edifying cables
Eight freedom songs
Enclosure and silence
Enemy of the state, An. Review of In solitary witness, by Gordon Zahn.
English mystics, The
Ernesto Cardenal
Essays by Thomas Merton : a Pax Christi reprint
Ethics and war : a footnote
Evagrius Ponticus : monk of Scete
Evaluation of his own books. 1967.
Events and pseudo-events : letter to a Southern churchman
Examination of conscience and conversatio morum
Exchange of letters on monastic questions, An; by Br. M. Louis, O.C.S.O. (Thomas Merton) and Ronald Roloff, O.S.B.
Extremists, black and white, The : a mystique of violence.
Face, The : Tertullian and St. Cyprian on Virgins
Faith and violence : Christian teaching and Christian practice
Father and son Cistercians of the twelfth century : Blessed Amadeus of Hauterive, "The Elder," and Saint Amadeus, Bishop of Lausanne
Father Louis' talk to the Novice Masters, 1968
Faulkner and his critics
Faulkner meditations : "The wild palms"
Feast of freedom : monastic formation according to Adam of Perseigne
Festival of rain, A. Excerpt from "Rain and the rhinoceros."
Few questions and fewer answers : extracts from a monastic notebook
Fighting cock, The. Excerpt from The way of Chuang Tzu.
First and last thoughts : an author's preface to A Thomas Merton reader
First Christmas at Gethsemani
Five important books for Catholic book annual. Reviews.
Five poems (PAX #4, 1957)
Five unpublished letters from Ad Reinhardt to Thomas Merton and two in return
Flannery O'Connor : a prose elegy
Florence, 1966.
Focus on religious life, General chapter, August 1967
For a renewal of eremitism in the monastic state
Form letter to "My dear Friend," c. 1963
Forty-three signatures : an exhibit of drawings
Franciscan eremitism
Freedom vs. creativity : the depth of the conflict
From a silent heart, a gift of thoughts
From pilgrimage to crusade
Function of a monastic review, The
Gallo Roman monasticism, Cassian and the background to the Rule of St. Benedict. Notes for conferences, Choir Novitiate.
Gandhi : the gentle revolutionary
Gandhi and the one-eyed giant [introduction to Gandhi on non-violence]
Gaudium et spes. Constitutio pastoralis de ecclesia in mundo huius temporis.
General dance, The
Genesis. Notes.
Gethsemani, Abbey of. Article for the New Catholic encyclopedia.
Gift of understanding, The
Godless Christianity
Godly behavior : the ways of God {De moribus divinis of St. Thomas Aquinas}.
God's will
Good news of the nativity : a monastic reading of the Christmas gospels
Good Samaritan, The
Growth in Christ
Guerric of Igny's Easter sermons
Guigo the Carthusian. Comment on "Le meditationes del Beato Guigo Certosino," by Maria Elena Cristofolini.
Herakleitos the obscure
Hermit life
Hidden ground of love
Historical consciousness, The
Holy Spirit, The
Homily at the Mass for Father M. Louis (Thomas Merton)
Homily for the funeral Mass of Father Louis Merton, O.C.S.O., December 17, 1968
Homily of Father Louis, O.C.S.O., on the occasion of his concelebrated Mass with Father Dan Walsh at Carmel, Louisville. Pentecost Tuesday, May 16, 1967.
Homily on light and on the Virgin Mother, A
Homily on Mary, A
Homily on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, A
Honest to God
Hot summer of 1967, The
House of Intellect, The; by Jacques Barzun. A study sheet and commentary by Thomas Merton.
How did Thomas Merton rate his own books?: Fr. Louis' own evaluation of his books
How it is : apologies to an unbeliever
Human way out, The. Preface.
Humanity of Christ in monastic prayer, The
I remember Friendship House. Excerpt from the Seven storey mountain.
Identity crisis and monastic vocation
Importance of sacred art, The. Excerpt from Art and worship [unpublished manuscript]
In acceptance of the Pax Medal - 1963
Inspirations of the Holy Ghost and discernment of spirits. Taken from some notes by Fr. Louis Merton on the Holy Spirit.
Interview at a closed meeting of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at Santa Barbara, California, October 3, 1968.
Interview with Thomas Merton, An; by Thomas P. McDonnell
Introduction to Christian mysticism, An (from the Apostolic Fathers to the Council of Trent)
Introduction to Cistercian theology, An
Introduction to the English mystics, An
Introduction to the life of the vows, An
Is Buddhism life-denying? [Appendix to Zen and the birds of appetite]
Is mysticism normal?
Is the contemplative life finished? Notes from a taped conference.
Is the world a problem?
Isaac of Stella : an introduction to selections from his Sermons
Jacob's war
Japanese tea ceremony, The
Jesuits in China, The : The case of the Chinese rites and the vernacular
Jesus in the Lenten Gospels
Journal of my escape from the Nazis
Jubilee, to the Editor of
Juvenilia : copies of early writings from numerous sources
Kingdom of God today, The; by Otto Karrer. Comment.
Lactantius. Transcribed, abridged and annotated from two taped conferences by Robert MacGregor.
Ladder of divine ascent, The
Last Mass in the hermitage
Last words of Thomas Merton, The; excerpts from The Asian journal with a foreword by Br. Patrick Hart.
Learning to live
Lectio divina
Let the poor man speak!
Letter of St. Anselm on stability, A
Letter on the hermit life, A (to Dom Anthony Chassagne, O.C.S.O., Mepkin Abbey)
Letter to a bishop
Letter to a papal volunteer
Letter to a poet about Vallejo
Letter to a priest [regarding "The monk in the diaspora"]
Letter to an innocent bystander
Letter to Bishop John J. Wright, Pittsburgh
Letter to Dr. R. H. Prince, McGill University, May 22, 1965
Letter to Leslie Dewart on the Church and revolution
Letter to Mr. L. T. Dickson, manager of the bookstore, University of Delaware
Letter to Pablo Antonio Cuadra concerning giants, A
Letter to Ramparts, A
Letter to Senator John Sherman Cooper
Letter to the Editor of Jubilee
Letter to the Editor of the New York Times Book Review, A
Life free from care, A; transcription of a taped conference on the occasion of Merton's retirement to the Hermitage, 20 August 1965
Life of faith [essay included in Life and holiness]
Life of St. Benedict, by St. Gregory the Great : selected texts. Compiled by Thomas Merton.
Life that unifies, The; edited from a taped conference
Life, works, and doctrine of St. Bernard, The
Liturgical feasts and seasons. Conferences given in the Choir Novitiate, Gethsemani Abbey.
Liturgical renewal : the open approach (a note in pastoral psychology)
Liturgy and spiritual personalism
Lord of love and light, by a contemporary Cistercian
Love and maturity
Love and need : is love a package or a message?
Love and person
Love and solitude
Love and the "Need for others"
Machine gun in the fallout shelter, The
Man as God's image and likeness. Excerpt from The new man.
Manifestation of conscience and spiritual direction
Marcel and Buddha : a metaphysics of enlightenment, by Sally Donnelly. Foreword.
Martha, Mary and Lazarus : Action and Contemplation in Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
Martin's predicament : or Atlas watches every evening
Martyr for peace and unity, A : Father Max Josef Metzger (1887-1944)
Martyr to the Nazis, A: The Prison Journals of Father Alfred Delp, S.J.
Marxist theory and monastic theoria. Conference delivered at Bangkok, December 10, 1968.
Mature conscience, The (in collaboration with John Eudes Bamberger, O.C.S.O.)
Me and the secular bookhouse
Meaning of Malcolm X, The
Meaning of our giving, The : an unpublished letter of Thomas Merton
Meaning of satyagraha, The
Meditation - action and union
Meditation in the woods
Meeting at Gethsemani. December 4-7, 1967. [Contemplative religious women, Sr. Elaine Bane, O.S.F. and others]
Memorandum : on monastic renewal
Memorandum on monastic theology, A
Merton : the silent singer (as broadcast over the CBS television network)
Merton on faith and violence. Excerpt from various writings.
Merton plea on nukes: 'Avoid fine moral distinctions.'
Merton view of monasticism : seeking God through total love is goal. Extemporaneous talk delivered at Spritiual Summit Conference, Calcutta, India, 22-26 October 1968.
Message aux amis de Gandhi, January 31, 1965
Message from contemplative monks to the synod of bishops on the possibility of man's entering into dialogue with the ineffable God, A
Message of contemplatives to the modern world
Message to poets [from Thomas Merton]
Modern biographical sketches of Cistercian Blessed and Saints, Book IV; edited by a monk of Gethsemani
Modern priest looks at his outdated Church, A; by James Joseph Kavanaugh. Statement.
Monastery of Christ in the Desert
Monastic attitudes : a matter of choice
Monastic courtesy
Monastic experience and the East-West dialogue : notes for a paper delivered at Calcutta, October 1968
Monastic formation according to Adam of Perseigne
Monastic formation; suggestions for experimental project
Monastic introduction to sacred scripture, A
Monastic life at Gethsemani
Monastic peace
Monastic reform : a memorandum
Monastic renewal : problems and prospects (for Ed Rice)
Monastic theology : a note
Monastic theology of St. Aelred, The
Monastic vocation and modern thought
Monastic vocation and the background of modern secular thought
Monastic vows : a memorandum
Monk and hunters
Monk and sacred art, The
Monk as marginal man, The
Monk today, The
Mount Athos
My campaign platform for non-Abbot and permanent keeper of present doghouse
My Lord God. Excerpt from Thoughts in solitude.
My visits to the secular bookhouse
Mystery of the church in St. Ignatius of Antioch, The
Mystics and Zen masters
Name of the Lord, The
Nativity kerygma
Nativity message, The : A monastic reading. For Bible Today. 1965.
Nature and art in William Blake : an essay in interpretation. Master's thesis, Columbia University, New York, February 1939.
Negro revolt, The
Negro violence and white non-violence : letter to Dr. Martin E. Marty
Nel deserto
Neurotic personality in the monastic life, The
New Christian consciousness, A?
News of the Joyce industry
Nhat Hanh is my brother
Nicholas of Cusa : dialogue about the hidden God
Night spirit and the dawn air, The
No man is an island
No more strangers, by Philip Francis Berrigan
Non-violence and the Christian conscience, by Raymond Régamey, O. P.
Non-violence does not— cannot— mean passivity. Note for Ave Maria.
Note on civil disobedience and non-violent revolution (submitted at the request of the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence)
Note on the new church at Gethsemani
Note on Vatican II Pastoral Constitution: Gaudium et Spes, Article 18.
Note on Victor Hammer, A
Notes by the artist for an exhibit of his drawings
Notes for a philosophy of solitude
Notes for a statement on aid to civilian war victims in Vietnam
Notes for an exhibit of drawings
Notes from meeting of contemplatives (notes taken by a nun from Thomas Merton's talk, December 1967)
Notes on art and worship
Notes on contemplation. Excerpts from New seeds of contemplation.
Notes on love and need - April 1966
Notes on prayer and action
Notes on priestly charity
Notes on sacred and profane art
Notes on sacred art
Notes on spiritual direction
Notes on the Earthly Paradise
Notes on the future of monasticism
Nuclear war and Christian responsibility
O'Connor, Flannery
On aid to civilian war victims in Vietnam
On remembering Monsieur Delmas
Opening the Bible. Introduction to the Time Life Bible.
Openness and cloister
Opposition to idea of a religious man who obtains inner peace at any price…
Other side of despair, The : notes on Christian existentialism
Our heritage of civil disobedience
Our prayer for God's guidance in construction
Output of poetry of permanent value during the present century has been negligible, The : an essay by Thomas Merton written at Oakham School
Ox mountain parable of Meng Tzu, The
Pasternak affair in perspective, The . [The Pasternak affair, Part III.]
Pasternak affair, The [Parts I through III].
Pasternak/Merton : six letters
Pasternak's letters to Georgian friends
Peace : a religious responsibility
Peace : Christian duties and perspectives
Peace and protest : a statement
Peace and revolution : a footnote from Ulysses (for Pax conference, Tivoli, 1968)
Peace on earth : a Christian responsibility
Perfection, Christian
Peril of nuclear hell spurs peace seekers
Place of obedience in monastic renewal, The
Plague of Camus, The : a commentary and introduction
Platform scripture of Hui Neng, The; translated by Wing-tsit Chan
Pleasant Hill : a Shaker village in Kentucky, 1806-1910
Plessy vs. Ferguson : theme and variations
Poetry and contemplation : a reappraisal
Poetry and the contemplative life
Poorer means, The : a meditation on ways to unity
Pope of the Virgin Mary, The
Prayer and conscience [transcript of a taped conference]
Prayer and identity [transcript of a taped conference]
Prayer and the priestly tradition
Prayer and wholeness [a homily given May 29th, 1968 at the Abbey of Gethsemani's small chapel]
Prayer for guidance (in art)
Prayer for peace
Prayer of Cassiodorus / preface and translation by Thomas Merton; from the treatise "De Anima"
Prayer of the Church, The : reflections on the theologie of the Divine Office. Essay by Armand Veilleux, O.C.S.O., translated by a Monk of Gethsemani.
Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Prayer, personalism, and the Spirit
Prayer, tradition, and experience
Pre-Benedictine monachism, series I : Rufinus, Cassian, Saint Pachomius, Saint Basil, etc.
Pre-Benedictine monachism, series I and II
Priest and worker : autobiography of Henri Perrin, by Henri Perrin. Review.
Primacy of contemplation, The
Primitive Carmelite ideal, The
Prison meditations of Father Alfred Delp, The
Problems and orientations of monachism, by Dom Jean Leclercq, O.S.B. [Etudes, May 1964]. Translated into English by Thomas Merton.
Project for a hermitage. Fall 1964.
Prometheus : a meditation
Prophetic ambiguities : Milton and Camus
Psalms and contemplation, The
Psychiatry and the problem of religion
Question of the beard, The
Race—peace and rights (miscellaneous papers 1963-1967)
Rafael Alberti and his angels
Rain and the rhinoceros
Reading as a path to contemplation (for the Christmas Book Section of the Chicago Tribune)
Readings from Ibn Abbad
Rebirth and the new man in Christianity
Recovery of paradise, The
Red or dead : the anatomy of a cliché
Redeeming the time : the Catholic church after Vatican II
Reflections on some recent studies of St. Anselm
Regain the old monastic charism : letter to the editors
Religion and race in the United States
Religion and the bomb
Renewal and discipline : afterthoughts
Renewal and discipline in the monastic life
Renewal in monastic education
Renewal in the contemplative life
Reply of Father Thomas Merton to Mr. Thomas Molnar
Reply to Martin Marty
Rites for the extrusion of a leper
Root of war, The
Rubén Darío [Tribute to]
Ruler's examination of conscience, A : some texts from François Fénelon. Preface.
Sacrament of Advent in the spirituality of St. Bernard, The
Sacred art and the spiritual life
Sacred theology : contemplation [article for the Catholic Encyclopedia for School and Home]
Sacred theology : hermit life
Sacred theology : perfection, Christian
Sacred theology : spiritual life
Saint Aelred of Rievaulx and the Cistercians
Saint Alberic : second Abbot of Citeaux
Saint Benedict and the contemplative life
Saint Bernard, monk and apostle
Saint Bernard's family
Saint Francis and peace
Saint Gertrude, nun of Helfta, Germany
Saint Hugh, Abbot of Bonnevaux near Vienne, France
Saint John of the Cross
Saint Lutgarde, nun of Aywières, Belgium
Saint Malachy "The Irishman"
Saint Maximus the Confessor on non-violence
Saint Peter Damian and the medieval monk
Saint Peter of Castelnau : monk of fontfroide, martyr
Saint Peter of Tarentaise, first abbot of Tamié, Archbishop of Tarentaise (now Moutiers), France
Saint Robert : founder of Cîteaux
Saint Stephen Harding : third Abbot of Cîteaux and founder of the Cistercian order
Saints Peter and Paul (notes for a sermon)
Salve Regina. Accompaniment, musical and historical notes; with a meditation on the text by Thomas Merton
Schema XIII : an open letter to the American hierarchy
Second coming, The. Excerpt from The living bread.
Seeking God
Seeking our Redeemer
Selections on prayer. Compiled by Thomas Merton. Gethsemani, 1961.
Self-denial and the Christian
September, 1949
Sermon of Isaac of Stella, A; Introduction by Thomas Merton, translated by Sr. Penelope Lawson, C.S.M.V.
Seven photographs by Thomas Merton
Seven qualities of the sacred
Seven words (for Ned O'Gorman)
Shakers, The : American celibates and craftsmen who danced in the glory of God
Sharing gives value : letter to Amiya Chakravarty
Shelter ethic, The
Signed confession of crimes against the state, A
Silence and sign language
Sincerity (omnis homo mendax)
Solitary life in the shadow of a Cistercian monastery
Solitary life, The
Solitary life, The : a letter of Guido [I, Prior of the Grande Chartreuse, 1083?-1136]
Solitary life, The. Transcription of a tape made for the Savannah Carmel.
Solitary ones, The : monks of the desert
Song for the death of Averroës (from Ibn Al Arabi, after the Spanish version of Asin Palacios)
Sonship and espousals
Spirited debate on poetry, A
Spiritual direction [article for the New catholic encyclopedia]
Spiritual direction [unpublished draft circa 1956]
Spiritual direction and meditation
Spiritual direction in the monastic setting
Spiritual doctrine of St. Ammonas, The; and The letters of Blessed Ammonas, translated by Brothers Methodius and Chrysostom.
Spiritual father in Christian monastic tradition, The
Spiritual father in the desert tradition, The
Spiritual life [encyclopedia article]
Spiritual roots of protest, The. Retreat, November 1964. Notes.
Spirituality of the age of overkill
Split in Christian consciousness, The
Statement : for Authors take sides on Vietnam
Statement concerning Thich Nhat Hanh, A
Statement for Catholic Peace Fellowship (CPF)
Statement for Der Christ in der welt
Statement on clerical celibacy
Statement on factory farming, A
Story of Fr. Dennis, The
Stranger, The : poverty of an anti-hero
Street is for celebration, The
Study of Zen, The
Sufis (introduction to Islam and Sufism). Transcript of a recorded conference.
Symbolism : communication or communion?
Target equals city
Teilhard's gamble : betting on the whole human species
Temperament and meditation
Terror and the absurd : violence and non-violence in Albert Camus
Testing of ideals, The
This is God's work. Transcription from a taped workshop, 1968.
Thomas Merton / 1915-1968 : excerpts from Commonweal - Contemplative life; Art; Nuclear war; The world.
Thomas Merton and Henry Miller : an exchange of letters
Thomas Merton on Cesar Vallejo
Thomas Merton on prayer at Darjeeling
Thomas Merton on spiritual direction. Transcript from taped conference, 1962.
Thomas Merton replies to a perceptive critic : letter to the editors [National catholic reporter]
Thomas Merton the Franciscan. Selections from the Seven storey mountain.
Thomas Merton today
Thomas Merton's last words
Thomas Merton's practical norms of sanctity in St. John of the Cross
Thoughts in solitude. Preface to the Japanese edition. Nihon gohan e no jobun; Kodoku no naka no shisaku/ Translated into Japanese by Yasuwo Kikama.
Thoughts on violence
Three founders of Cîteaux, The
Three saviors in Camus : lucidity and the absurd
Time and the liturgy
Time and the unburdening and the recollection of the lamb : the Easter service in Faulkner's The sound and the fury
Time of the end is the time of no room, The
To a severe nun
To live is to love
Toward a renewal of eremitism. Appendix III.
Toward a theology of prayer. Ed. with an introd. by Naomi Burton Stone; transcribed by Patrick Hart, O.C.S.O., from a talk delivered in India, 1968.
Transcendent experience
Transcripts of Thomas Merton
Transforming union in St. Bernard and St. John of the Cross, The
Trappist speaks on people, priests and prayer, A
Trappists go to Utah, The
Trappists make silent martyrs. Excerpt from The waters of siloe.
Tribute to Gandhi, A
Tribute to Rubén Darío
True legendary sound, The : the poetry and criticism of Edwin Muir. Review of Collected poems, Estate of poetry, and Essays on literature and society.
Truth and violence : notes on an interesting era
Two Chinese classics
Two Comments : "Sensitivity training" [by Charlotte Buhler] and "The avant garde in the arts" [by Henry Winthrop and Gerald Sykes]
Two early Cistercian abbots of the Isles : Blessed Christian O'Conarchy of Mellifont, Ireland, and Blessed Waltheof of Melrose, Scotland
Two letters of the late Thomas Merton : On the future of monasticism; Buddhist monasticism and meditation
Two letters on the race question
Two meditations for our members : the priest in union with Mary Immaculate
Two more Cistercian Idas : Blessed Ida of Louvain and Blessed Ida of Nivelles
Two tapes for the agencies. Section of Cables to the ace.
Varieties of unbelief, by Martin E. Marty. Review.
Vatican council and sacred art, The
Very early essay, A
Vietnam and pacifism: letter to the editors [of Commonweal]
Vietnam war: an overwhelming atrocity, The
Virginity and humanism in the Western fathers
Vision of peace, The : some reflections on the monastic way of life
Vow of obedience, The
Vows in Particular, The. The Benedictine vows.
War and the crisis of language
War and vision : the autobiography of a Crow Indian
Way of perfection, The; and The Church's questionnaire on perfection
We have to make ourselves heard
What think you of Carmel?
Where the religions dimension enters in
White pebble, The
Who is it that has a transcendent experience?
Why alienation is for everybody
William Congdon. Notes.
Wisdom in emptiness : a dialogue between Daisetz T. Suzuki and Thomas Merton
Wisdom of the desert, The
Woods, shore, desert : a notebook - May 1968
Writing as temperature. Review of Writing degree zero, by Roland Barthes and of On Racine, by Roland Barthes.
Your will and your vocation
Zen and the new Christians
Zen Buddhist monasticism
Zen insight of Shen Hui, The
Zen revival, The

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