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Anglican Devotion, by Charles James Stranks
Anglicanisme. Review of English Spirituality, by Martin Thorton.
Anthology of Islamic literature : from the rise of Islam to modern times
Art irlandais, L'; by Françoise Henry. Review.
Ascetismo e monachesimo prebenedittino
Awakening of a new consciousness in Zen, The; by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. Review.
Beyond the sacred : letter to the editors of Commonweal. Comment on "Politics and the sacred," by Terry Eagleton.
Blake and the new theology. Review of The new apocalypse : the radical Christian vision of William Blake, by Thomas J. Altizer.
Bulletin for Collectanea
Call of the desert, The; by Peter Frederick Anson
Canon law. Comment on "Proposed canon on monastic life," by Louis Meyer, O.S.B. American Benedictine Review 17 (1966).
Chrétiennes celtiques, Les; by Olivier Loyer
Christian commitment, The; by Karl Rahner. Review.
Christian failure, The; by Fr. Ignace Lepp. Review by Benedict Monk [pseudonym of Thomas Merton].
Christianisme Russe, by Divo Barsotti. Review.
Collected works of Ramana Maharshi, The; edited by Arthur Osborne
Comment on Charlotte Buhler, Tom Stonier, Walter A. Weisskopf
Comment on War within man, by Erich Fromm
Comments on Dr. Prince's and Dr. Savage's paper on mystical states and regression
Commonweal, to the editors of the
Concept of acedia, The. Review of The sin of sloth : acedia in medieval thought and literature, by Siegfried Wenzel.
Conflict without violence, by Jerome Frank. Comments by Ira Sandperl (corrections and comments by Thomas Merton).
Critic's choice. Five reviews.
Cuba project [letter to the editors of Liberation]
Cultural cold war, The : comments on "The cultural cold war" by Christopher Lasch
D. H. Lawrence who saw himself as a Messiah
Dialogues I, by Anselm of Havelberg, Texte latin, note préliminaire, traduction, notes et appendice par le P. Gaston Salet, S.J. Review and notes.
Doctrine spirituelle de Théophane le Reclus, La : le coeur et l'ecrit, by Thomas Spidlik, S. J.
Dream of the rood and Anglo-Saxon monasticism, The; by John Fleming
Ecclesiastical baroque
Ecrits spirituels, by Jules Monchanin, présentation d'Edouard Duperray. Review.
Enemy of the state, An. Review of In solitary witness, by Gordon Zahn.
Eremitism in Mallorca. Review of Mallorca eremitica, by un Ermitano.
Eremitism. Comment on L'Eremetisme a la Catalunya Nova, by Eufemià Fort I Cogul.
Faulkner and his critics
Final integration : toward a monastic therapy
Final integration in the adult personality, by A. Reza Arasteh. American Journal of Psychoanalysis 25 (1965) 61-73.
Five important books for Catholic book annual. Reviews.
Galician nuns. Comment on Los monasterios de monjas en Galicia, by Germán Valdés Martínez.
Gebete, by Anselm of Canterbury. Review.
Gloss on Chinese text
Grail the virgin and the divine woman, The. Comments on Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "The Blessed Damozel."
Grandmontines, The. Comment on The Grandmontines : a forgotten order, by Desmond Seward.
Guigo the Carthusian. Comment on "Le meditationes del Beato Guigo Certosino," by Maria Elena Cristofolini.
Hesychasm. Review of Hesychasme et prière, by Irénée Hausherr, S. J.
Holy camp. Review of Monks, nuns, and monasteries, by Sacheverell Sitwell.
Honest to God
Huxley and the ethics of peace
Huxley's pantheon
I sing of a Maiden; the Mary book of verse
Ibn Abbad de Ronda, by Paul Nwyia, S. J.
In praise of books
In tune with the world, by Josef Pieper. Review.
Isaac de l'Etoile. Review of Sermons, by Isaac of Stella.
Ishi : a meditation
John Skelton, scholar, poet and satirist
Kingdom of God today, The; by Otto Karrer. Comment.
Legend of Tucker Caliban, The. Review of A different drummer, by William Melvin Kelley.
Letter from Father Thomas Merton [excerpts from two letters]
Letter to the editor, Sewanee Review
Life is tragic : the diary of Nishida Kitaro, by Lothar Knauth. Comment.
Man is a gorilla with a gun : reflections on a best seller. Review of African genesis, by Robert Ardrey.
Manual de ermitanos, Un; by Garcia M. Columbás. Yermo 3 (1965).
Matter of Zen, The
Message of monastic spirituality, The; by André Louf, et al.
Mircea Eliade : a critical observer of the archetypal myth. Review of From primitives to Zen, by Mircea Eliade.
Modern war : letter to the editor
Moines et spirituels non Chrétiens II
Monachisme en Islam et chretienté, Le; by Jean Leclercq.
Monasterios de Benedictines de Galicia, Los; by Maximo Arias. Monastic Studies 8 (1966).
Monasterios y monjes en los 'Diarios' de Jovellanos, by Ildefonso M. Gomez. Yermo 4 (1966) 107-213.
Monasterium-carcer, by Gregorio Penco. Studia Monastica 8 (1966).
Monastic Christianity encounters spirit of Zen
Monk as a slave
Monk in the diaspora, The
Morte d'Urban : two celebrations
Moslem saint of the twentieth century, A : Shaikh Ahmad al-'Alawi
Mystical verse : a letter by Thomas James Merton
Mystics and Zen masters
Myth and machine : letter to the editor
Neither Caliban nor Uncle Tom
Noticias acerca de la vida eremitica en Hispano-America, by Mauro Matthei, O.S.B. Yermo 3 (1965) 171-188.
One hundred poems of Kabir, tr. by Rabindranath Tagore; assisted by Evelyn Underhill
Orthodoxy and the world. Review of "Ultimate questions" and "Sacraments and orthodoxy," by Alexander Schmemann.
Paradise bugged
Passivity and abuse of authority
Persian Sufis, The; by Cyprian Rice
Platform scripture of Hui Neng, The; translated by Wing-tsit Chan
Priest and his mission, A
Protestant monasticism. Review of Die Monastische Gedanke, by Friedrich Parpert.
Psychedelic "spirituality"
Psychedelic review. Comment (concerning new publication) on Editorial, The Psychedelic Review 6 (1965).
Psychological causes of war, The; by Erich Fromm. Comment.
Rain and the feast of the stars
Realism and adventure. Review of Laughter in the dark, by Vladimir Nabokoff [sic]
Rectitudo chez Sainte Anselme, La; by Robert Pouchet.
Relevancy of RB, The
Reply to Dom Kucera
Report to the stockholders and other poems
Restaging "the Republic"
Rise of protestant monasticism, The; by François Biot
Sacred city, The
Saint Anselm and his argument
Saint Anselm and his biographer
Saint Bruno, le premier des ermites de Chartreuse, by André Ravier
Saint Gertrude. Review of Oeuvres spirituelles : I, les exercices, by Gertrude d'Helfta.
Secular saint, The; by Michael Novak (Center magazine 1, July 1968)
Self-devoted friend, The; by Marvin Cohen
Seraphim von Sarow, by Valentine Zander
Settlement of the Celtic saints in Wales, The; by Emrys George Bowen
Shoshoneans, The (a review-article)
Singularly attractive scholar, A
Small rain, The; by Raymond Roseliep
Sounds are furious, The
Spiritual consciousness in Zen from a Thomistic theological point of view, by Augustin Hideshi Kishi
Spiritual dialogue of East and West, The
Standards for critics
Statement for Der Christ in der welt
Statement for the French TV on the "Black Revolution"
Statement on The Church and the second sex
Study of good, A; by Kitaro Nishida
Technique and personal devotion in the Zen exercise, by Heinrich Dumoulin, from Studies in Japanese culture (1963): pp. 17-40.
That old dilemma of good and evil
Third spiritual alphabet, The; by Fray Francisco de Osuna, translated by a Benedictine of Stanbrook
Thomas Merton talks about The small rain by Raymond Francis Roseliep
Three Muslim sages
To each his darkness : notes on a novel of Julien Green
Tradition occidentale. Comment on article, "Saint Augustine as psychotherapist," by Martin Versfield, in Blackfriars 45 (March 1964): 98-110.
Tragedy of a worker-priest, The. Review of priest and worker : autobiography of Henri Perrin
Transformation of man in mystical Islam, The; in "Man and transformation" (1964): 37-68.
Transformation of man, The : a study of conversion and community
Trial of Pope Pius XII, The. Review of The deputy (Der stellvertreter), by Rolf Hochhuth.
Tribute to greatness. Comment on Dr. Zhivago, by Boris Pasternak.
True legendary sound, The : the poetry and criticism of Edwin Muir. Review of Collected poems, Estate of poetry, and Essays on literature and society.
Twentieth century religious thought, by John Macquarrie
Two Comments : "Sensitivity training" [by Charlotte Buhler] and "The avant garde in the arts" [by Henry Winthrop and Gerald Sykes]
Two paragraphs from Pacem in terris
Unamuno. Comment on Unamuno y la vida monástica, by Jesus Alvarez Arroyo. Yermo 4 (1966) 1-50.
Universe as Epiphany, The : the spirituality of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Utilisation de l'Écriture Sainte chez Anselme de Cantorbéry, L'; by Réginald Grégoire, O.S.B. [Revue d‘Acétique et de Mystique (Toulouse) 39 (1963) 273-293]
Vallejo, César, 1892-1938
Varieties of unbelief, by Martin E. Marty. Review.
Who is Nat Turner? Review of The confessions of Nat Turner, by William Styron.
Why some look up to planets and heroes. Poem by Thomas Merton.
Why we can't wait, by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Wild places, The. Review of Wilderness and the American mind, by Roderick Nash.
Wilderness and paradise. Review of Christ in the wilderness, by Ulrich Mauser, and Wilderness and paradise in Christian thought, by George Williams.
Writing as temperature. Review of Writing degree zero, by Roland Barthes and of On Racine, by Roland Barthes.
Zen : sense and sensibility. Review of Zen Catholicism, by Aelred Graham, O.S.B.
Zen and Christian mysticism, by William Johnston, S. J.
Zen in Japanese art
Zen Koan, The
Zen, weg zur erleuchtung
Zukofsky : the paradise ear

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