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Albert Camus' The plague; introduction and commentary
Attente dans le silence, L' : le père Marie-Joseph Cassant, O. Cist. S. O., by Etienne Chenevière. Preface.
Boom!!! Poema de Ludovico Silva. Prólogo de Thomas Merton.
Bread in the wilderness
Ch'an of Shen Hui, The. Introduction.
Christian looks at Zen, A. Introduction to The golden age of Zen, by Jingxiong Wu (John C. H. Wu).
Cortés, Alfonso, 1893-1969
Human way out, The. Preface.
In search of a Yogi, by Denys Rutledge, O.S.B. Preface.
Introducing a book
Journal of my escape from the Nazis
Last of the patriarchs, the : the recorded sayings of Shen-hui, by Richard See Yee Chi
Life and holiness. Preface to the Korean edition.
Marcel and Buddha : a metaphysics of enlightenment, by Sally Donnelly. Foreword.
Martha, Mary and Lazarus : Action and Contemplation in Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
Monastic peace
Monastic theology of St. Aelred, The
Mysticism of The cloud of unknowing, The : a modern interpretation; by William Johnston, S. J. Foreword.
Mystics and Zen masters
New man, The. Japanese.
No man is an island
No man is an island. Vietnamese. (Khong ai là mot hòn dáo). Translated into Vietnamese by Thanh-Bang.
No more strangers, by Philip Francis Berrigan
Non-violence and the Christian conscience, by Raymond Régamey, O. P.
Note on Victor Hammer, A
Notes from an ex novice. Preface to "A memo from monasticism's separated brethren," by Jack O'Neill
Notes on the Lord's Prayer, by Raïssa Omansoff Maritain. Foreword.
Plague of Camus, The : a commentary and introduction
Présence a Dieu et a soi meme, by Fr. François de Sainte-Marie, O.C.D. Introduction.
Rebirth and the new man in Christianity
Redeeming the time : the Catholic church after Vatican II
Reflections on the character and genius of Fénelon : an introduction to Fénelon's letters
Religion in wood : a book of Shaker furniture, by Edward Deming Andrews and Faith Andrews
Ruler's examination of conscience, A : some texts from François Fénelon. Preface.
Russian mystics, by Sergius Bolshakoff
Seeds of contemplation. Japanese.
Selections from Gandhi
Sermon of Isaac of Stella, A; Introduction by Thomas Merton, translated by Sr. Penelope Lawson, C.S.M.V.
Seven Storey Mountain, The. Preface to the Japanese edition.
Significance of the Bhagavad-Gita, The. Preface to The Bhagavad Gita as it is, by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupFada.
Sincerity in art and life : a letter of Owen Merton; edited and with an introduction by Thomas Merton
Solitary life, The : a letter of Guido [I, Prior of the Grande Chartreuse, 1083?-1136]
Vida en el amor, by Ernesto Cardenal
Vie érémitique d'après la doctrine du bienheureux Paul Giustiniani, La ; Seul avec Dieu. Préf. de Thomas Merton [par Dom Jean Leclercq].
Vietnam : lotus in a sea of fire, by Thich Nhat Hanh
Way of Chuang Tzu, The
Zen and the birds of appetite

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